Ian Robison

Ian Robison Filmography

tv movie 2014 Flowers in the Attic as Police Officer
tv movie 2013 Restless Virgins as Coach Carr
movie 2013 Scammerhead as Dr. Herman Dantine
movie 2012 Maximum Conviction as Warden Samuels
movie 2010 Altitude as Mr. Taylor
movie 2010 Daydream Nation as Jenny's Dad
tv movie 2010 Smoke Screen as Pat, Sr.
tv movie 2006 Long Lost Son as Steve
tv movie 2005 14 Hours as MICU Doctor
video movie 2003 Belly of the Beast as Tom Blake
tv movie 2002 Video Voyeur: The Susan Wilson Story as Dr. Brockway
movie 2001 Antitrust as Lawyer
movie 2001 Dark Water as Young Officer
movie 2001 Replicant as Stan Reisman
movie 2000 Duets as Sales Guy
movie 1998 I'll Be Home for Christmas as Mayor Wilson
tv movie 1998 Voyage of Terror as Ship's Officer #1
tv movie 1997 Medusa's Child as Young Naval Officer

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Originální název: AntiTrust, Informace o filmu na http://www.sms.cz/film/elita-2001 Thriller / sci-fi, USA, 2001, 108 min. Režie: Peter Howitt Hrají: Ryan Ph...

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