Ilka Urbach

Ilka Urbach Filmography

movie 2014 Love Thy Nature as Patient
movie 2013 Scarf as Toni
movie 2013 Taken for Granted as Martha Michaels
movie 2012 And Their Phantoms as Elizabeth
movie 2012 Kidnapped Souls as Mother
video movie 2012 Ocean of Memories as Apartment manager
movie 2012 The Mark as German President
movie 2011 Caged In as Marium Norant
movie 2011 Disdain as Mel
movie 2011 Picture Time as Anjelica
movie 2011 Synergy as Amelia Lockheart
movie 2011 That's Love! as Grace
movie 2011 Tilt, Fray. as Linda
movie 2011 Where Two Are Gathered as Sister Mary
movie 2010 5150 as Dr. King
video movie 2010 Cream Soda as Diana
movie 2010 Even Angels Cry as Dina
movie 2009 Birthday as Jane
movie 2007 Cannibal Suburbia as Wife

Ilka Urbach on Youtube

Trailer for my CalArts thesis film "Where Two Are Gathered." Music by Andrew Carroll!

(Brazil/USA, 2013, 11 min) -- This powerful psychological drama in documentary-style format traces the last day in the life of housewife Martha Michaels, unr...

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