Irving Cummings

Irving Cummings (October 9, 1888 - April 18, 1959), born Irving Camisky in New York City, New York was an American movie actor, director, producer and writer. ... more on Wikipedia

Irving Cummings Filmography

movie 1951 Double Dynamite
movie 1945 The Dolly Sisters
movie 1944 The Impatient Years
movie 1943 What a Woman!
movie 1943 Sweet Rosie O'Grady
movie 1942 My Gal Sal
movie 1942 Springtime in the Rockies
movie 1941 The Devil and Miss Jones as Undetermined Role
movie 1941 Belle Starr
movie 1941 Louisiana Purchase
movie 1941 That Night in Rio
movie 1940 Down Argentine Way
movie 1940 Lillian Russell
movie 1939 Everything Happens at Night
movie 1939 Hollywood Cavalcade
movie 1939 Jesse James
movie 1939 The Story of Alexander Graham Bell
movie 1938 Just Around the Corner
movie 1938 Little Miss Broadway
movie 1937 Merry Go Round of 1938
movie 1937 Vogues of 1938
movie 1936 Girls' Dormitory as Undetermined Role
movie 1936 Nobody's Fool
movie 1936 Poor Little Rich Girl
movie 1936 White Hunter
movie 1935 Curly Top
movie 1935 It's a Small World
movie 1934 Grand Canary
movie 1934 I Believed in You
movie 1934 The White Parade
movie 1933 Man Hunt
movie 1933 The Mad Game
movie 1933 The Woman I Stole
movie 1932 Attorney for the Defense
movie 1932 Man Against Woman
movie 1932 The Night Club Lady
movie 1931 A Holy Terror
movie 1931 The Cisco Kid
movie 1930 A Devil with Women
movie 1930 Cameo Kirby
movie 1930 On the Level
movie 1929 Behind That Curtain
movie 1929 Not Quite Decent
movie 1928 Dressed to Kill
movie 1928 In Old Arizona
movie 1928 Romance of the Underworld
movie 1928 The Port of Missing Girls
movie 1927 The Brute
movie 1926 The Country Beyond
movie 1926 Bertha, the Sewing Machine Girl
movie 1926 Rustling for Cupid
movie 1926 The Johnstown Flood
movie 1926 The Midnight Kiss
movie 1925 As Man Desires as Major Singh
movie 1925 Infatuation
movie 1925 Just a Woman
movie 1925 One Year to Live
movie 1925 The Desert Flower
movie 1924 Dancing Cheat
movie 1924 Fools' Highway
movie 1924 In Every Woman's Life
movie 1924 Riders Up
movie 1924 Stolen Secrets
movie 1924 The Rose of Paris
movie 1923 Rupert of Hentzau as Von Bernenstein
movie 1923 Screen Snapshots, Series 4, No. 8 as Himself
movie 1923 Broken Hearts of Broadway
movie 1923 East Side - West Side
movie 1923 The Drug Traffic
movie 1922 Campbell of the Mounted
movie 1922 Jules of the River
movie 1922 The Avenger
movie 1922 The Eternal Flame as Count de Marsay
movie 1922 The Man from Hell's River as Pierre de Barre
movie 1922 Trapped
movie 1922 Valley of the Missing
movie 1922 Environment
movie 1922 Flesh and Blood
movie 1922 Broad Daylight
movie 1922 Paid Back
movie 1922 The Jilt
movie 1921 Cameron of the Royal Mounted as Dick Raven
movie 1921 On the Trail
movie 1921 Patsy's Jim
movie 1921 The Blasphemer as Chinese Opium Den Operator
movie 1921 Tricked
movie 1920 Beautifully Trimmed as Count Bonzi
movie 1920 Harriet and the Piper as Anthony Pope
movie 1920 Old Dad as Sheridan Kaire
movie 1920 Sex as Dave Wallace
movie 1920 The Ladder of Lies as Ralph Brent
movie 1920 The Round-Up as Dick Lane
movie 1920 The Saphead as Mark Turner
movie 1920 The Thirteenth Commandment as Thomas Warwick Duane
movie 1920 The Tree of Knowledge as Loftus Roupelle
movie 1919 Don't Change Your Husband as Undetermined Role
movie 1919 Everywoman as Passion
movie 1919 Her Code of Honor as Jacques
movie 1919 Mandarin's Gold as Blair Cardon
movie 1919 Men, Women, and Money as Julian Chadwick
movie 1919 Ravished Armenia as Andranik
movie 1919 Secret Service as Benton Arrelsford
movie 1919 Some Bride as Henry Morley
movie 1919 The Better Wife as Comte de Cheveral
movie 1919 The Bluffer as Richard Vaughan
movie 1919 The Greater Sinner
movie 1919 The Scar as George Reynolds
movie 1919 The Unveiling Hand as Philip Bellamy
movie 1919 What Every Woman Learns as Dick Gaylord
movie 1918 Merely Players as Rodney Gale
movie 1918 The Debt of Honor as Chester Holbrooke
movie 1918 The Heart of a Girl as Brandon Kent
movie 1918 The Interloper as Paul Whitney
movie 1918 The Struggle Everlasting as Soul
movie 1918 The Woman Who Gave as Adrien Walcott
movie 1918 Toys of Fate as Greggo
movie 1917 A Man's Law as Jules La Clerc
movie 1917 A Royal Romance as Emperor Maximilian
movie 1917 An American Widow as Jasper Mallory
movie 1917 Rasputin, the Black Monk as Prince Felix
movie 1917 Sister Against Sister as Dunsmore
movie 1917 The Whip as Herbert Brancaster
movie 1917 Wrath of Love as Bob Lawson
movie 1916 The Feud Girl as Dave Bassett
movie 1916 The Gilded Cage as Prince Boris
movie 1916 The Hidden Scar as Dale Overton
movie 1916 The Saleslady as Bruce
movie 1916 The World's Great Snare as Bryan
movie 1915 A Polar Romance as Andrea Jennessen
movie 1915 Dreams Realized as The Old Actor
movie 1915 In the Mansion of Loneliness as Mr. Lane
movie 1915 The Diamond from the Sky as Arthur Stanley, II
movie 1915 The Doctor's Strategy as Jack Bedford
movie 1915 The First Stone as Dr. Hardy
movie 1915 The Happier Man as William Summer
movie 1915 The Haunting Memory as Roderigo Perragini aka Nicholas Celia
movie 1915 The Lure of the Mask as Prince Monte Bionca
movie 1915 The Once Over
movie 1915 When the Fire Bell Rang as The Fireman
movie 1915 His Brother's Debt
movie 1915 The Derelict
movie 1914 A Leech of Industry as Ivan Romanoff
movie 1914 A Sword of Damocles as Paul Hodgson - the Composer
movie 1914 Broken Lives as George Davis
movie 1914 Conscience as Jack Gleason - Bank Teller
movie 1914 For Her Child as Robert Harper - the Father
movie 1914 From the Shadows as Hesper Verne
movie 1914 In the Mesh of Her Hair as Harry Forbes
movie 1914 In the Nick of Time
movie 1914 Jane Eyre as Edward Rochester
movie 1914 Jane Eyre as Edward Rochester
movie 1914 Over the Ledge
movie 1914 Pamela Congreve
movie 1914 The Dawn of Romance
movie 1914 The Diamond of Disaster as The Englishman
movie 1914 The Last Volunteer as Prince Ludwig
movie 1914 The Leaven of Good as Harry , her brother
movie 1914 The Man Without Fear
movie 1914 The Messenger of Death as Jones
movie 1914 The Million Dollar Mystery
movie 1914 The Resurrection as Bruce - an Artist
movie 1914 The Three of Us as Louis Beresford
movie 1914 The Varsity Race as Jack Stimson
movie 1914 Uncle Tom's Cabin as George Harris
movie 1913 A Cruel Suspicion as Perry
movie 1913 A Hospital Romance as John Gilbert - the Rich Patient
movie 1913 Ashes as The Old Man
movie 1913 Duty and the Man as Philip Steele - the Deputy
movie 1913 For Love of Columbine as Pierrot
movie 1913 Held for Ransom as Gordon Grant
movie 1913 Her Rosary as The Boy
movie 1913 Italian Love as Luigi
movie 1913 London Assurance as Dazzle
movie 1913 Success as Allan Brooks
movie 1913 The Bawlerout as Dick Lewis - the Bank Clerk
movie 1913 The Bells as Christian
movie 1913 The Big Boss as Dick - the Reporter
movie 1913 The Birthday Cake as Jack Gladwin
movie 1913 The Fight for Right as John Ward - Mary's Sweetheart
movie 1913 The Finger of Fate as Dr. Wilbur
movie 1913 The Glow Worm as The Hero
movie 1913 The Good Within as Paul
movie 1913 The Grey Sentinel
movie 1913 The Higher Justice as Allen - the District Attorney - the Poor Son
movie 1913 The Judge's Vindication as The Young Reporter
movie 1913 The Madcap of the Hills as Phil Carey - Tess's Sweetheart
movie 1913 The Man from Outside as Burt - the Good Brother
movie 1913 The Master Cracksman as Robert Thatcher Jr. - the Master Cracksman
movie 1913 The Missing Ring as Dr. John Douglas
movie 1913 The Open Road as Tom
movie 1913 The Stolen Woman as Estien Randolph
movie 1913 The Strike Leader as Larry - the Strike Leader
movie 1913 The Tangled Web as Hugh Conway
movie 1913 The Vengeance of Heaven
movie 1913 The Woman Who Knew as Harry Beecher
movie 1912 Caleb West as Bill Lacey
movie 1912 Camille as Armand Du Val
movie 1912 Don Caesar de Bazan as Don Cesar De Bazan
movie 1912 For Home and Honor as Edward Stanton
movie 1912 Guy Mannering as Harry Bertram
movie 1912 Men Who Dare as Dr. Randolph
movie 1912 Mrs. Alden's Awakening as Young Alden
movie 1912 Sisters as Betty's Husband
movie 1912 The Brother of the Bat as The Bat's Brother
movie 1912 The Faith Healer as John Morton - the Faith Healer
movie 1912 The Fires of Conscience as Howard Wallis
movie 1912 The Gypsy Bride
movie 1912 The Life of Buffalo Bill
movie 1912 The Old Mam'selle's Secret
movie 1912 The Peddler's Find
movie 1912 The Poisoners as Count De Mel
movie 1912 Thelma as Phillip Erington
movie 1910 The Maid of Niagara
movie 1910 The Yankee Girl

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Filme ''That night in Rio'' de 1941, estrelado por Alice Faye, Don Ameche e Carmen Miranda. Dirigido por Irving Cummings.