Isabel Rea

Isabel Rea Filmography

movie 1917 The Siren as Rose Langdon
movie 1916 Pique as Lucille Renfew - Mabel's Stepmother
movie 1915 A Triple Winning as Mary - the Sheriff's Daughter
movie 1915 Among Those Killed
movie 1915 Arline's Chauffeur as Arline - the Banker's Daughter
movie 1915 At the Road's End
movie 1915 Behind the Mask as Mrs. Rathbone's Maid
movie 1915 Destiny Decides as The Girl
movie 1915 Dora as Dora Allen
movie 1915 Dora Thorne as Valentine Charteris
movie 1915 Fate's Healing Hand as Hallie Calvert - Jack's Daughter
movie 1915 Heart's Hunger as The Publisher's Wife
movie 1915 Her Renunciation as Lucy Joyce
movie 1915 Just a Lark as Lucille Bond
movie 1915 Life's Changing Tide as Pearl - the Fisherman's Daughter
movie 1915 Love's Rescue as Rebecca Winthrop
movie 1915 Masked Fate as The Banker's Daughter
movie 1915 Milady's Boudoir as Nellie - the Poor Girl
movie 1915 Stronger Than Love as Ann Corey
movie 1915 Tess of the Hills as Tess Binford
movie 1915 The Avenging Sea as Elsie - the Old Fisherman's Granddaughter
movie 1915 The Banker and the Thief as The Banker's Wife
movie 1915 The Barrier Between as Ethel Ware
movie 1915 The Beautiful Lady as Mrs. De Puyster
movie 1915 The Brooding Heart as Mrs. George Warren
movie 1915 The Cowboy's Conquest as Edith Van Pelt
movie 1915 The Dawn of Courage as Ruth
movie 1915 The Heart of an Actress as The Actress
movie 1915 The Man from Town as The Country Girl
movie 1915 The Mystery of Henri Villard as Grace De Bevoise
movie 1915 The Old and the New as The Expert's Sweetheart
movie 1915 The One Forgotten as John's Daughter - Marie Orten
movie 1915 The Sheriff's Trap as The Schoolteacher
movie 1915 The Stray Shot as The Wife
movie 1915 The Summoning Shot as Carson's Daughter
movie 1915 The Tear on the Page as 'Frank' Forbes
movie 1915 The Village Friend as Effie
movie 1915 The Wanderer's Pledge
movie 1915 To Have and to Lose as The Wife
movie 1915 Toys of Destiny as Madge White
movie 1915 When the Tide Turned as Mordaunt's Wife
movie 1914 A Bunch of Flowers as The Wife
movie 1914 A Mother's Way as The Son's Sweetheart
movie 1914 Blacksmith Ben as Daisy
movie 1914 By the Old Dead Tree
movie 1914 Fire and Sword as Helen
movie 1914 For the Cause
movie 1914 Gwendolin as Gwendolin
movie 1914 Hearts of Gold as The Gardener's Wife
movie 1914 Her Doggy as The Doctor's Wife
movie 1914 Her Old Teacher as The Wife
movie 1914 His Change of Heart as The railroad president's daughter
movie 1914 Martin Chuzzlewit as Mary Graham
movie 1914 The Billionaire as Rich Woman
movie 1914 The Burglar's Sacrifice
movie 1914 The Counterfeiter's Daughter as The Counterfeiter's Daughter
movie 1914 The Fleur-de-Lis Ring as The Peasant's Sweetheart
movie 1914 The Science of Crime
movie 1914 The Sheriff of Willow Gulch as The Prospector's Daughter
movie 1914 The Way Home as The Female Crook
movie 1914 Under the Gaslight as Mrs. Courtland
movie 1913 The Blind Composer's Dilemma as Florence Wilson
movie 1913 The Prodigal Brother
movie 1913 The Wrong Road to Happiness
movie 1912 After Many Years as The Mother, Mrs. Chilton
movie 1911 A Manly Man
movie 1911 By Registered Mail as Mrs. Amos Grantley - the Mother
movie 1911 Executive Clemency as Mrs. Dan Fuller
movie 1911 For the Queen's Honor as Queen Amelia
movie 1911 In the Sultan's Garden
movie 1911 King, the Detective as Edna Armstrong - the Banker's Daughter
movie 1911 Over the Hills
movie 1911 The Fair Dentist as The Maid
movie 1911 The Minor Chord as Gretchen - the Dying Sweetheart
movie 1911 The Penniless Prince as Dolores
movie 1911 The Rose's Story as Undetermined Role
movie 1910 For the Sunday Edition
movie 1910 Unreasonable Jealousy as The Wife