Israel Juarbe

Israel Juarbe Filmography

movie 2014 FUG Sweater
movie 2010 The Party Record as The Coach
movie 2010 A Million Spokes
tv movie 2005 Back to My Roots
video movie 2004 The Way of the Karate Kid as Himself
video movie 2004 He Say... She Say... But What Does GOD Say?
movie 2001 Adjustments
movie 2000 Five Wishes
tv series 1999 Los Beltrán
movie 1998 Cat's Cradle
movie 1997 Boogie Nights as Maurice's Brother
movie 1996 Dear God as Ernesto on Scaffold
movie 1996 Larger Than Life as Villager
tv movie 1995 If Someone Had Known as Bailiff
movie 1995 The Net as Thief
movie 1994 Angels in the Outfield as Jose Martinez
movie 1993 Indecent Proposal as Citizenship Student
movie 1989 Bert Rigby, You're a Fool as Bell Hop
tv movie 1989 Peter Gunn as Angel
movie 1988 The Night Before as Attendant
movie 1987 Hadley's Rebellion as Manuel Hernandez
movie 1987 Kandyland as Lumpy
movie 1987 Overboard as Engine Room Crewman
tv movie 1986 The George McKenna Story as Miguel
movie 1984 Beverly Hills Cop as Room Service Waiter
movie 1984 The Karate Kid as Freddy Fernandez
tv movie 1982 Dreams Don't Die as Kirk
tv movie 1982 Drop-Out Father as Jose

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Parkside is a movie soon to be completed. It's an urban drama about two friends who become enemies after one chooses greed over friendship. It stars Michael .

This is a documentary Sizzle Reel for a Doc Feature I edited and aired last year on the Documentary Channel. It was called "Spokes and Folks", The original t...

LOS BELTRAN, created by Carlos R. Bermúdez and Mike Milligan was the first original Spanish language sitcom produced in Hollywood between 1998 - 2001.