Ivan Butcher

Ivan Butcher Filmography

movie 2012 The Gift as Young John
movie 2006 60 Seconds of Distance as J.T.
movie 2006 Making the Cut as Doctor
movie 2006 Shank 101 as Eddie Alonzo
movie 2005 Crown Heights as Elijah

Ivan Butcher on Youtube

A Tribute to the Contributions African Americans Have Made in America. by Ivan Butcher II.

Gas Guzzlers Extreme Online, Gameplay, CTF, DM, Team Play, Racing: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLGAQT2xWlq7RapcE7u_BlTxbbO2RSx02J 5 ...

Mix of some epic moments and funny staff kills and situations ^^ Thanks for: Tomislav (Deda Stojko), Dini (Grof), Andrej (LeveOpaki), Lucius, Dan (Geosmith),...

A commentary addressing littering in the Virgin islands. by Ivan Butcher II.