J.D. Cannon

John Donovan "J. D." Cannon (April 24, 1922 ? May 20 2005), was an American actor. An alumnus of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, he is probably best known for his co-starring role of Chief Clifford in the television series McCloud, with Dennis Weaver from 1970 until 1977, and for his role in Cool Hand Luke (1967). Cannon also played General Hampton on Call to Glory (1984). ... more on Wikipedia

J.D. Cannon Filmography

tv movie 1995 The Way West as Voice
tv movie 1989 The Return of Sam McCloud as Peter B. Clifford
tv movie 1989 The Road Raiders
movie 1987 Street Justice as Dante
tv movie 1982 Beyond Witch Mountain as Deranian
movie 1982 Death Wish II as New York D.A.
tv movie 1982 Rooster as Chief Willard T. Coburn
tv movie 1981 The Adventures of Nellie Bly as Boss James J. Palmer
tv movie 1980 Ike: The War Years
tv movie 1980 My Kidnapper, My Love as Kringlen
tv movie 1980 Pleasure Palace as Howland
movie 1980 Raise the Titanic as Captain Joe Burke
tv movie 1980 Top of the Hill as Frank Langrock
tv movie 1979 Walking Through the Fire as Dr. Goodwin
tv series 1979 Ike as Gen. Walter Bedell Smith
tv movie 1978 A Double Life as Frank Blaine
tv movie 1978 Killing Stone as Sheriff Harky
tv movie 1977 The Court-Martial of George Armstrong Custer
tv series 1977 Testimony of Two Men as Kenton Campion
tv movie 1974 Wedding Band as Herman
tv movie 1973 Lady Luck as Walter
movie 1973 Scorpio as Filchock
tv movie 1971 Cannon as Lt. Kelly Redfield
movie 1971 Lawman as Hurd Price
tv movie 1971 Who Killed the Mysterious Mr. Foster? as Mal Yeager
movie 1970 Cotton Comes to Harlem as Calhoun
tv movie 1970 Neither Are We Enemies as Pontius Pilate
tv movie 1969 D.A.: Murder One as Nicholas Devaney
movie 1969 Heaven with a Gun as Mace
movie 1969 Krakatoa: East of Java as Danzig
movie 1969 The Thousand Plane Raid as Gen. Palmer
movie 1967 Cool Hand Luke as Society Red
movie 1966 An American Dream as Police Sgt. Walt Leznicki
tv movie 1965 Memorandum for a Spy as Dr. Webb
tv movie 1964 Fanfare for a Death Scene
tv movie 1961 Romanticism in Music as Himself

J.D. Cannon on Youtube

1967 trailer for Cool Hand Luke starring Paul Newman, George Kennedy, J. D. Cannon, Strother Martin, Jo Van Fleet, Anthony Zerbe, Harry Dean Stanton, ...

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