J.P. McGowan

John Paterson McGowan (24 February 1880 ? 26 March 1952) was a pioneering Hollywood actor, screenwriter, film director and stuntman. J.P. McGowan, as he was usually known, remains the only Australian to have been made a life member of the Screen Directors Guild. ... more on Wikipedia

J.P. McGowan Filmography

movie 2011 Stunt Love
movie 1951 The Lady and the Bandit as Old Man
movie 1939 Calling All Marines as Undetermined Role
movie 1939 Code of the Fearless as Undetermined Minor Role
movie 1939 Stagecoach
movie 1938 A Trip to Paris as Minor Role
movie 1938 Dick Tracy Returns as Kruger
movie 1938 Flaming Frontiers as Bartender [Chs. 8, 11, 15]
movie 1938 Hunted Men as Cop
movie 1938 Kennedy's Castle
movie 1938 Kidnapped as Clansman
movie 1938 The Buccaneer as Jailer
movie 1938 The Great Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok as Henchman Scudder
movie 1938 Where the West Begins
movie 1937 Borderland as El Rio Sheriff
movie 1937 Empty Holsters as U.S. Marshal Billy O'Neill
movie 1937 Heart of the Rockies as Ed Dawson
movie 1937 Hit the Saddle as Rance McGowan
movie 1937 In Old Chicago as Saloon Manager
movie 1937 Jungle Jim as Ship Captain J.S. Robinson [Ch.1]
movie 1937 Prairie Thunder as Colonel Stanton
movie 1937 Roaring Six Guns as Sheriff
movie 1937 Rough Riding Rhythm as Pete Hobart
movie 1937 She Had to Eat as Police Sergeant
movie 1937 Slave Ship as Helmsman
movie 1937 West Bound Limited as Freight Engineer
movie 1937 What Price Vengeance
movie 1936 Bulldog Edition as Radio Listener
movie 1936 Fury and the Woman as Anderson
movie 1936 Guns and Guitars as Dave Morgan
movie 1936 Little Lord Fauntleroy as Townsman at Church
movie 1936 Lucky Fugitives
movie 1936 Moonlight Murder as Medical Guard
movie 1936 Ride 'Em Cowboy as Jim Howard
movie 1936 Robin Hood of El Dorado as Danglong
movie 1936 Secret Patrol as Gang Leader Barstow
movie 1936 Silver Spurs as Webb Allison
movie 1936 Sinner Take All as Police Officer Murphy
movie 1936 Stampede as Matt Stevens
movie 1936 The Accusing Finger as Inner Guard-Prison Yard
movie 1936 The Prisoner of Shark Island as Ship's Captain
movie 1936 The Three Mesquiteers as Brack Canfield
movie 1935 Bar 20 Rides Again as Buck Peters
movie 1935 Border Brigands as Inspector Winston - RCMP
movie 1935 Calm Yourself as Detective Flanagan
movie 1935 Diamond Jim as Engineer
movie 1935 East of Java as Sergeant - Rescue Party
movie 1935 Goin' to Town as Cowboy
movie 1935 Les Misérables as Javert's Plainclothesman
movie 1935 Mississippi as Dealer
movie 1935 Murder in the Fleet as Chief of Police
movie 1935 The Call of the Savage as Freighter Captain
movie 1935 The Flame Within as Michael
movie 1935 The Outlaw Deputy as Boulder Creek Sheriff
movie 1935 The Outlaw Tamer as Sheriff Jim Porter
movie 1935 The Rustlers of Red Dog as Captain Trent - [Chs. 3-4]
movie 1935 The Silent Code as Commissioner
movie 1935 The Virginia Judge as Man in Hula Tent
movie 1935 This Is the Life as Troublesome Tramp
movie 1935 Whispering Smith Speaks as Caboose Passenger
movie 1935 The Lone Bandit
movie 1934 Evelyn Prentice as Detective Mack Clark
movie 1934 Fighting Hero as Morales
movie 1934 Have a Heart as Detective
movie 1934 Marie Galante as Foreman
movie 1934 No More Women as Captain of The Hawk
movie 1934 The Red Rider as Scotty McKee [Chs. 1, 15]
movie 1934 Wagon Wheels as Couch
movie 1934 When Lightning Strikes as Lafe Broderick
movie 1933 Deadwood Pass as The Chief
movie 1933 Flaming Gold as Mack
movie 1933 I Love That Man as Police Chief
movie 1933 Somewhere in Arizona
movie 1933 Somewhere in Sonora as Monte Black
movie 1933 When a Man Rides Alone as Hiram Jones
movie 1933 Drum Taps
movie 1933 War of the Range
movie 1933 Kiss of Araby
movie 1932 Lawless Valley as Big Mike Carter, aka El Lobo, aka Texas Rand
movie 1932 The Hurricane Express
movie 1932 Human Targets
movie 1932 Mark of the Spur
movie 1932 Tangled Fortunes
movie 1932 The Man from New Mexico
movie 1932 The Scarlet Brand
movie 1931 A Son of the Plains as Dan Farrell
movie 1931 Quick Trigger Lee as Brings note
movie 1931 Shotgun Pass as Ranch hand Tom
movie 1931 Cyclone Kid
movie 1931 Headin' for Trouble
movie 1931 Riders of the North
movie 1931 So This Is Arizona
movie 1930 Breezy Bill as Sheriff
movie 1930 Covered Wagon Trails as King Kincaid
movie 1930 O'Mally Rides Alone as Angus McGregor
movie 1930 The Canyon of Missing Men as Slug Sagel
movie 1930 The Parting of the Trails
movie 1930 Beyond the Law
movie 1930 Call of the Desert
movie 1930 Canyon Hawks
movie 1930 Code of Honor
movie 1930 Near the Rainbow's End
movie 1930 The Hunted Men
movie 1930 The Man from Nowhere
movie 1930 The Oklahoma Sheriff
movie 1930 Under Texas Skies
movie 1930 Western Honor
movie 1929 'Neath Western Skies as Dugan
movie 1929 A Texas Cowboy as Brute Kettle
movie 1929 An Oklahoma Cowboy
movie 1929 Bad Men's Money as Sheriff Bud Jennings
movie 1929 Below the Deadline as Taggart
movie 1929 Golden Bridle
movie 1929 Headin' Westward as Sneezer Clark
movie 1929 Pioneers of the West as Tom Dorgan
movie 1929 Plunging Hoofs as Jim Wales
movie 1929 Señor Americano as Maddox
movie 1929 The Clean-Up as Frank Lawrence
movie 1929 The Cowboy and the Outlaw as Pepper Hardcastle
movie 1929 The Fighting Terror
movie 1929 The Invaders
movie 1929 The Last Roundup as Hash
movie 1929 The Law of the Plains as Seagrue
movie 1929 The Lawless Legion as Matson
movie 1929 The Lone Horseman as The Swindler
movie 1929 The Oklahoma Kid as Gang Leader Petty
movie 1929 The Phantom Rider as Mr. Darling
movie 1929 The Wilderness Patrol
movie 1929 Wyoming Tornado
movie 1929 Riders of the Rio Grande
movie 1929 The Man from Nevada
movie 1929 Captain Cowboy
movie 1929 Riders of the Storm
movie 1929 Code of the West
movie 1928 Arizona Days as Ed Hicks
movie 1928 Devil Dogs as Capt. Standing
movie 1928 Dugan of the Dugouts as Capt. von Brinken
movie 1928 Lightnin' Shot
movie 1928 Manhattan Cowboy as Retrieves Stolen Jacket
movie 1928 On the Divide
movie 1928 Ships of the Night as Motilla
movie 1928 Silent Trail
movie 1928 Texas Tommy as Texas Tommy
movie 1928 The Black Ace
movie 1928 The Chinatown Mystery
movie 1928 The Code of the Scarlet as Blake
movie 1928 The Devil's Tower as George Stilwell
movie 1928 The Law of the Mounted
movie 1928 The Old Code as Raoul de Valle
movie 1928 Two Outlaws as Abner Whitcomb
movie 1928 West of Santa Fe as Rancher
movie 1928 Mystery Valley
movie 1928 Trail Riders
movie 1928 Trailin' Back
movie 1928 Painted Trail
movie 1927 Arizona Nights as Jeff Decker
movie 1927 Gun Gospel as Bill Brogan
movie 1927 Red Signals as Jim Twyler
movie 1927 The Lost Limited as Thomas Webber
movie 1927 The Red Raiders as Captain Ortwell
movie 1927 The Royal American as Capt. Burke
movie 1927 The Slaver as 'Iron' Larsen
movie 1927 Whispering Smith Rides as Whispering Smith
movie 1927 Aflame in the Sky
movie 1927 City of Shadows
movie 1927 Tarzan and the Golden Lion
movie 1927 The Outlaw Dog
movie 1927 Thunderbolt's Tracks
movie 1927 When a Dog Loves
movie 1926 Danger Quest as Col. Spiffy
movie 1926 Fighting Luck as Gang Leader
movie 1926 Moran of the Mounted as Sgt. Churchill
movie 1926 Perils of the Rail
movie 1926 Red Blood as Eagle Custer
movie 1926 Riding Romance as John Brandon
movie 1926 Senor Daredevil as Jesse Wilks
movie 1926 The Fast Freight
movie 1926 The Lost Express as Train Engineer
movie 1926 The Patent Leather Pug as James Curtis
movie 1926 The Brown Derby
movie 1926 The Iron Fist
movie 1926 Buried Gold
movie 1926 Crossed Signals
movie 1926 Cyclone Bob
movie 1926 Desperate Chance
movie 1926 Mistaken Orders
movie 1926 Silver Fingers
movie 1926 The Ace of Clubs
movie 1926 The Lost Trail
movie 1926 The Open Switch
movie 1926 The Road Agent
movie 1926 The Texas Terror
movie 1926 Unseen Enemies
movie 1925 Barriers of the Law as Steve Redding
movie 1925 Billy the Kid
movie 1925 Border Intrigue as Tough Tidings
movie 1925 Crack o' Dawn as Earle Thorpe Sr
movie 1925 Duped as 'Hard Rock' Ralston
movie 1925 Makers of Men as Sgt. Banks
movie 1925 Outwitted as Tiger McGuire
movie 1925 The Fear Fighter as James Curtis
movie 1925 The Gambling Fool
movie 1925 Ambushed
movie 1925 Blood and Steel
movie 1925 Cold Nerve
movie 1925 Dangerous Odds
movie 1925 Double-Barreled Justice
movie 1925 Lure of the Track
movie 1925 Peggy of the Secret Service
movie 1925 The Bandit Tamer
movie 1925 The Fighting Sheriff
movie 1925 The Train Wreckers
movie 1925 Webs of Steel
movie 1924 Crossed Trails as 'Pepper' Baldwin
movie 1924 The Whipping Boss as Livingston
movie 1924 Western Vengeance
movie 1924 A Desperate Adventure
movie 1924 Baffled
movie 1924 Calibre 45
movie 1924 Courage
movie 1924 Two Fisted Tenderfoot
movie 1923 One Million in Jewels as Burke
movie 1923 Stormy Seas as Capt. Morgan
movie 1922 Hills of Missing Men as Capt. Brandt
movie 1922 Reckless Chances as Terry Nolan
movie 1922 Captain Kidd
movie 1922 Perils of the Yukon
movie 1921 A Crook's Romance
movie 1921 Cold Steel as Steele Weir
movie 1921 Discontented Wives as John Gaylord
movie 1921 Do or Die as Capt. Alvarez
movie 1921 The Ruse of the Rattler as The Rattlesnake
movie 1921 Below the Deadline
movie 1921 The White Horseman
movie 1921 Tiger True
movie 1920 Elmo the Fearless
movie 1920 King of the Circus
movie 1920 The Vanishing Dagger
movie 1919 Elmo, the Mighty
movie 1919 For Life
movie 1919 The Missing Bullet
movie 1919 The Red Glove
movie 1918 The Lure of the Circus
movie 1917 The Lost Express as Undetermined Role
movie 1917 The Railroad Raiders as Thomas Desmond
movie 1916 Judith of the Cumberlands
movie 1916 Medicine Bend as Whispering Smith
movie 1916 Whispering Smith as Whispering Smith
movie 1916 A Lass of the Lumberlands
movie 1916 In the Web of the Grafters
movie 1916 Nancy's Birthright
movie 1916 The Sign of the Spade
movie 1916 The Stain in the Blood
movie 1916 The Diamond Runners
movie 1916 The Manager of the B & A
movie 1915 A Desperate Leap as Undetermined Role
movie 1915 A Railroader's Bravery as Thomas - the Chief of the Gang
movie 1915 The Broken Rail as Trow - of the Working Crew
movie 1915 The Broken Train as Warren - Railroad Employee
movie 1915 The Girl and the Game as Spike
movie 1915 The Girl Telegrapher's Peril as Blake - a Lineman
movie 1915 The Leap from the Water Tower as Rand - the Fireman
movie 1915 The Mettle of Jerry McGuire as Jerry McGuire
movie 1915 The Railroad Raiders of '62 as Lockwood - the old one-armed Flagman
movie 1915 A Deed of Daring
movie 1915 A Fight to a Finish
movie 1915 A Life in the Balance
movie 1915 A Race for a Crossing
movie 1915 A Wild Ride
movie 1915 Blackbirds
movie 1915 In Danger's Path
movie 1915 Near Eternity
movie 1915 The Box Car Trap
movie 1915 The Broken Circuit
movie 1915 The Death Train
movie 1915 The Engineer's Peril
movie 1915 The Fast Mail's Danger
movie 1915 The Fate of Number One
movie 1915 The Girl at Lone Point
movie 1915 The Girl Engineer
movie 1915 The Girl on the Engine
movie 1915 The Girl on the Trestle
movie 1915 The Human Chain
movie 1915 The Little Engineer
movie 1915 The Midnight Limited
movie 1915 The Open Drawbridge
movie 1915 The Pay Train
movie 1915 The Voice in the Fog
movie 1915 The Wild Engine
movie 1915 The Yellow Star
movie 1915 When Rogues Fall Out
movie 1914 A Man's Soul as Richard Carlton
movie 1914 From Peril to Peril as 'Spot' Malone - a Yeggman
movie 1914 Grouch, the Engineer as Grouch - the Engineer
movie 1914 Helen's Sacrifice as Benton
movie 1914 His Nemesis as Mammoth - Manning's Business Rival
movie 1914 Kaintucky Bill as Kaintucky Bill - a Moonshiner
movie 1914 The Black Diamond Express as Dan Haddon - a Cowboy
movie 1914 The Conductor's Courtship as Tom - the Freight Conductor
movie 1914 The County Seat War as Zeigler - a Politician
movie 1914 The Demon of the Rails as Olmstead - the Engineer
movie 1914 The Escape on the Limited as Brandt - a Defaulting Cashier
movie 1914 The Flying Freight's Captive as Rand - a Yeggman
movie 1914 The Hazards of Helen as Train controller
movie 1914 The Identification as Selwyn - Drug Addict
movie 1914 The Lost Mail Sack as Undetermined Role
movie 1914 The Oil Well Conspiracy as Langley
movie 1914 Under Desperation's Spur as Jack - a Moonshiner
movie 1914 A Million in Jewels
movie 1914 A String of Pearls
movie 1914 Explosive 'D'
movie 1914 Fast Freight 3205
movie 1914 Near Death's Door
movie 1914 Playing for a Fortune
movie 1914 The Car of Death
movie 1914 The Express Messenger
movie 1914 The Flaw in the Alibi
movie 1914 The Girl at the Throttle
movie 1914 The Operator at Black Rock
movie 1914 The Plot at the Railroad Cut
movie 1914 The Refrigerator Car's Captive
movie 1914 The Rival Railroad's Plot
movie 1914 The Stolen Engine
movie 1914 The Stolen Rembrandt
movie 1913 Gilt Edge Stocks as Detective Wallace
movie 1913 The Eighth Notch as Ed Grigg
movie 1913 The Wives of Jamestown as The O'Rourke
movie 1913 A Demand for Justice
movie 1913 A Fight to a Finish
movie 1913 Baffled, Not Beaten
movie 1913 Birds of Prey
movie 1913 Brought to Bay
movie 1913 In Peril of His Life
movie 1913 The Alibi
movie 1913 The Bandit's Child
movie 1913 The Battle at Fort Laramie
movie 1913 The Express Car Mystery
movie 1913 The Flying Switch
movie 1913 The Foot Print Clue
movie 1913 The Hermit's Ruse
movie 1913 The Monogrammed Cigarette
movie 1913 The Pursuit of the Smugglers
movie 1913 The Runaway Freight
movie 1913 The Silent Warning
movie 1913 The Smuggler
movie 1913 The Smuggler's Last Deal
movie 1913 The Stolen Tapestries
movie 1913 The Substitute Engineer
movie 1913 The Treachery of a Scar
movie 1912 Along the River Nile as Himself
movie 1912 An Arabian Tragedy
movie 1912 Ancient Temples of Egypt as Himself
movie 1912 Captain Rivera's Reward as Capt. Rivera
movie 1912 Captured by Bedouins as Lt. Greig
movie 1912 Conway, the Kerry Dancer
movie 1912 Down Through the Ages as Henry Morris
movie 1912 Dust of the Desert as Sheik Mohammad
movie 1912 Far from Erin's Isle
movie 1912 From the Manger to the Cross; or, Jesus of Nazareth as Wise Man 1
movie 1912 His Mother as John Foster
movie 1912 Ireland, the Oppressed as Lord Kilhannack
movie 1912 Jim Bludso as Jim Bludso
movie 1912 Making Photoplays in Egypt as Himself
movie 1912 Missionaries in Darkest Africa
movie 1912 My Hielan' Lassie
movie 1912 Shaun Rhue
movie 1912 The Ancient Port of Jaffa as Himself
movie 1912 The Belle of New Orleans as Comte de Breard
movie 1912 The Fighting Dervishes of the Desert as Father Moosa - Coptic High Priest
movie 1912 The Grit of the Girl Telegrapher
movie 1912 The Kerry Gow as Valentine Hay
movie 1912 The Mayor from Ireland as Shamus Foley
movie 1912 The O'Kalems' Visit to Killarney as Himself
movie 1912 The Poacher's Pardon as Wallace - the gamekeeper
movie 1912 The Shaughraun as Corry Kinchela
movie 1912 The Vagabonds as Big Jim
movie 1912 The Vengeance Mark
movie 1912 Tragedy of the Desert as The Arab Sheik
movie 1912 Victim of Circumstances as Meg's Father
movie 1912 Winning a Widow
movie 1911 A Saw Mill Hero
movie 1911 Arrah-Na-Pogue as Irish Secretary of State
movie 1911 By a Woman's Wit
movie 1911 In Blossom Time as Don Pedro - The Girl's Father
movie 1911 Last Day of School
movie 1911 Railroad Raiders of '62 as Federal Officer
movie 1911 Rory O'More as Commander of the English troops
movie 1911 Special Messenger as Royal - the Special Messenger
movie 1911 Tangled Lives
movie 1911 The Colleen Bawn as Hardress Cregan
movie 1911 The Fiddle's Requiem as Dolores' father
movie 1911 The Fishermaid of Ballydavid
movie 1911 The Secret of the Still
movie 1911 The Flash in the Night
movie 1911 A Prisoner of Mexico
movie 1910 A Lad from Old Ireland as Election agent
movie 1910 Seth's Temptation as Seth

J.P. McGowan on Youtube

In Danger's Path (1915) J.P. McGowan "In Danger's Path" directed by J.P. McGowan from a story by Edward T. Matlack, is a short action film from a serial by t...

The Leap from the Water Tower (1915) J.P. McGowan Rand, a vengeful discharged fireman, tampers with the airbrakes of a large freight locomotive making ...

Ken Maynard stars.

Australian filmmaker J.P. McGowan appeared in the Hopalong Cassidy film Bar 20 Rides Again (1935). Most of the exterior shots were filmed at Lone Pine, Calif.