J. Edward Bromberg

Joseph Edward Bromberg (December 25, 1903 ? December 6, 1951) was a Hungarian-born American character actor in motion picture and stage productions dating mostly from the 1930s and 1940s. ... more on Wikipedia

J. Edward Bromberg Filmography

movie 1950 Guilty Bystander as Varkas
movie 1949 I Shot Jesse James as Harry Kane
movie 1948 A Song Is Born as Dr. Elfini
movie 1948 Arch of Triumph as Hotel Manager at the Verdun
movie 1947 Queen of the Amazons as Gabby
movie 1946 Cloak and Dagger as Trenk
movie 1946 Tangier as Alec Rocco
movie 1946 The Walls Came Tumbling Down as Ernst Helms
movie 1945 Easy to Look at as Gustav
movie 1945 Pillow of Death as Julian Julian
movie 1945 Salome Where She Danced as Prof. Max
movie 1945 The Missing Corpse as Henry Kruger
movie 1944 Chip Off the Old Block as Blaney Wright
movie 1944 Voice in the Wind as Dr. Hoffman
movie 1943 Lady of Burlesque as S.B. Foss
movie 1943 Phantom of the Opera as Amiot
movie 1943 Son of Dracula as Prof. Lazlo
movie 1942 Half Way to Shanghai as Maj. U. Vinpore
movie 1942 Invisible Agent as Karl Heiser
movie 1942 Life Begins at Eight-Thirty as Sid Gordon
movie 1942 Reunion in France as Durand
movie 1942 Tennessee Johnson as Coke
movie 1941 Dance Hall as Max Brandon
movie 1941 Hurricane Smith as 'Eggs' Bonelli
movie 1941 Pacific Blackout as Pickpocket
movie 1941 The Devil Pays Off as Arnold DeBrock
movie 1940 Strange Cargo as Flaubert
movie 1940 The Mark of Zorro as Don Luis Quintero
movie 1940 The Return of Frank James as George Runyan
movie 1939 Hollywood Cavalcade as Dave Spingold
movie 1939 Jesse James as Mr. Runyan
movie 1939 Three Sons as Abe Ullman
movie 1939 Wife, Husband and Friend as Rossi
movie 1938 Four Men and a Prayer as Gen. Torres
movie 1938 I'll Give a Million as Editor
movie 1938 Mr. Moto Takes a Chance as Rajah Ali
movie 1938 One Wild Night as Norman
movie 1938 Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm as Dr. Hill
movie 1938 Sally, Irene and Mary as Pawnbroker
movie 1938 Suez as Prince Said
movie 1938 The Baroness and the Butler as Zorda
movie 1937 Charlie Chan on Broadway as Murdock
movie 1937 Fair Warning as Matthew Jericho
movie 1937 Second Honeymoon as Herbie
movie 1937 Seventh Heaven as Aristide the Astrologer
movie 1937 That I May Live as Tex Shapiro
movie 1936 Girls' Dormitory as Dr. Spindler
movie 1936 Ladies in Love as Franz Brenner
movie 1936 Reunion as Charles Renard
movie 1936 Sins of Man as Anton Engel
movie 1936 Star for a Night as Doctor Spelimeyer
movie 1936 Stowaway as Judge Booth
movie 1936 The Crime of Dr. Forbes as Dr. Eric Godfrey
movie 1936 Under Two Flags as Colonel Ferol

J. Edward Bromberg on Youtube

Son of Dracula Trailer - Directed by Robert Siodmak and starring Robert Paige, Frank Craven, J. Edward Bromberg, Samuel S. Hinds, Pat Moriarity. Carpathian ...

Trailer for 1943 Universal Pictures Technicolor horror drama Phantom of the Opera, remake of the seminal 1925 Lon Chaney original, starring Claude Rains, ...

Invisible Agent Trailer - Directed by Edwin L. Marin and starring Jon Hall, Peter Lorre, Cedric Hardwicke, J. Edward Bromberg, Albert Bassermann. The Invisib...

Theatrical trailer for the fourth Mr. Moto film, MR. MOTO TAKES A CHANCE, starring Peter Lorre, Rochelle Hudson, J. Edward Bromberg and Chick Chandler.