J. Kristopher

J. Kristopher Filmography

movie 2014 Against the Grain as Joe the custodian
movie 2014 Breaking Tradition as Brother Jamal
movie 2014 Exit 13 as Pastor William Duncan
movie 2014 Fason Nou as Jack
movie 2014 Is Love Real? as Waiter
movie 2014 Killing Angels
movie 2014 LoveTouchHate as Sticks
movie 2014 Radio America as Sam the DJ
movie 2014 The Road Home as Sprints
movie 2014 Wheels as Leroy
movie 2013 5th Street as Bill
movie 2013 Champion of Glory as Principal #5
movie 2013 Ctadc as Jay
movie 2013 Hood Bruthas as Don
movie 2013 Insomniac Theatre as Sgt. Meyers
movie 2013 Solstice as Bouncer #2
movie 2013 The Boogeyman as Daryl McCoy
movie 2012 Book of 1000 Deaths as Mr. Lewis
movie 2012 Call to Action as Jay
movie 2012 Kay as Uncle Ron
movie 2012 Sleep Debt as Darren
movie 2012 The Grunts as Blue
movie 2012 Tragedy of a Mother and Son as Mr. Brown
tv series 2012 Finding My Obama as Xavier
movie 2011 Cornered as Big Daddy the Head Bouncer
movie 2011 Edgewood Drive as Officer Hodges
movie 2011 L.A. Paranormal as Television Bodyguard #1
movie 2011 Soap on a Rope as Maurice
movie 2011 Tomorrow's End as Jay
movie 2011 Turtle Town as Dr. Williams
movie 2011 When Noah Calls as Criminal 1
tv series 2011 Hollywood Chronicles as Diesel Duncan
tv series 2011 Make Love Not War as Moses Jefferies
tv series 2011 Moby's Coffee Shop as James
movie 2010 5150 as Cop 2
movie 2010 Anger Has a Secret as Lee
movie 2010 Ijé as Bald Rapper
movie 2010 No Leaf Clover as Mike
movie 2010 The Adventures of Noah Sife Movie as Stewart
movie 2010 The Parking Lot Massacre as Dad
movie 2010 The Rally as Pastor Rob
movie 2010 The Spiritual Divide as Robert
movie 2009 Always with You as Trent
movie 2009 Boxing Will as Jefferson
movie 2009 The Janky Promoters as Mondo's Crew
video movie 2008 L.A. Hit as SWAT
movie 2008 Ocean's 7-11 as Bernard
movie 2008 Seven Pounds as Recital Guest
movie 2007 It's Christmas as Benny
video movie 2007 Pastor Jones: Sisters in Spirit as Mr. Jackson
movie 2006 Repentance: Thugz ll as Bodyguard
movie It's Good to be a Gangster as Jacob's Father
movie Serial Dater as Big Hurt

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Everyone is driven to madness as two families on a weekend retreat are haunted by ghosts who have their own terrifying agenda. A Romane Simon Production ...

Originální název: Seven Pounds, Informace o filmu na http://www.sms.cz/film/sedm-zivotu Drama, USA, 2008, 123 min. Režie: Gabriele Muccino Hrají: Will Smith, ...