J. Morris Foster

J. Morris Foster (September 9, 1881 ? April 24, 1966) was an American actor of the silent era. He appeared in 79 films between 1914 and 1923. ... more on Wikipedia

J. Morris Foster Filmography

movie 1924 Two Fisted Justice as Mort Landeau
movie 1923 Men in the Raw as Phil Hollis
movie 1923 The Gunfighter as Lew Camp
movie 1922 Nan of the North as Bruce Vane
movie 1922 The Silent Vow as Doug Gorson
movie 1921 The Blue Fox as John Densmore
movie 1920 Overland Red as Undetermined Role
movie 1920 Sundown Slim as Jack Corliss
movie 1920 The Parish Priest as James Welsh
movie 1920 What Happened to Jones as Bobie Brown
movie 1919 Blind Man's Eyes as Donald Avery
movie 1919 Who Cares? as Howard Oldershaw
movie 1919 You Never Saw Such a Girl as Gentleman Jack
movie 1918 A Daughter of the West as Allan
movie 1918 All the World to Nothing as Everard Peck
movie 1918 Money Isn't Everything as Henry P. Rockwell
movie 1918 The Fighting Grin as Harold De Vanderveer
movie 1918 The Voice of Destiny as John Lind
movie 1918 Winning Grandma as Will Reading
movie 1917 A Young Patriot as Janos
movie 1917 An Eight Cylinder Romance
movie 1917 Beloved Jim as Donald, His Nephew
movie 1917 High Speed as Count's Friend
movie 1917 It Makes a Difference as Jerry Holden
movie 1917 The Girl in the Limousine as The Crook
movie 1917 The Gray Ghost as Fred Olmstead
movie 1917 The Secret Man as Harry Beaufort
movie 1917 The Storm Woman
movie 1917 The Taming of Lucy
movie 1916 Bubbles in the Glass as The Glass Blower
movie 1916 In the Name of the Law as Philip Dryden - Secret Service Officer
movie 1916 The Innocent Lie as Pat O'Brien
movie 1916 The Spirit of the Game as The Left-over - a disconsolate substitute
movie 1915 A Maker of Guns as David Wright - the Son
movie 1915 A Yellowstone Honeymoon as Jack Benedict
movie 1915 Ambition as Wallace 'Friendship' Holmes
movie 1915 An Inside Tip as Jack Morrison - Police Reporter
movie 1915 Bianca Forgets as Jarvis
movie 1915 Crossed Wires as Will Drake
movie 1915 Dot on the Day Line Boat as Dick Way - Dorothy's Sweetheart
movie 1915 God's Witness as Bertie Darcy
movie 1915 Her Menacing Past as A Young Doctor
movie 1915 In the Hands of the Enemy as Albert - the Young Officer
movie 1915 Monsieur Nikola Dupree as Maurice - the Millionaire
movie 1915 Out of the Sea as The Detective
movie 1915 Sur la plage as Billy
movie 1915 The Adventure of Florence as John Travers
movie 1915 The Bowl-Bearer as American Traveler in Mexico
movie 1915 The Bridal Bouquet as Jim Randall
movie 1915 The Cycle of Hatred as Dr. Morrison
movie 1915 The Duel in the Dark as Ralph Morris
movie 1915 The Final Reckoning as Captain Ross
movie 1915 The Flying Twins as Peter Goddard, the clerk
movie 1915 The Game as Ralph Grove - Detective
movie 1915 The House Party at Carson Manor as Pritchard Moore
movie 1915 The Light on the Reef as David Dodd - Keeper of the Light
movie 1915 The Reformation of Peter and Paul as Peter
movie 1915 The Silent Co-Ed as The Coach
movie 1915 The Smuggled Diamond as Jack
movie 1915 The Spirit of Uplift as Muggs
movie 1915 The Vagabonds as Tim
movie 1915 Their Last Performance as Craig MacLean
movie 1914 A Denver Romance as Vincent Earl - the Eastern Clubman
movie 1914 A Leak in the Foreign Office
movie 1914 Beating Back as Frank Jennings - Al's Brother
movie 1914 Cardinal Richelieu's Ward as Chevalier Adrien de Mauprat
movie 1914 Deborah as Joseph
movie 1914 From the Flames as Jack - Gray's Son
movie 1914 Her First Lesson
movie 1914 His Reward
movie 1914 Jean of the Wilderness as Jean Ribot
movie 1914 Lucy's Elopement as Jack - Lucy's Sweetheart
movie 1914 Naidra, the Dream Woman as The Young Organist
movie 1914 Old Jackson's Girl as Bob Davis
movie 1914 Remorse as Jack Stearns - the son
movie 1914 The Barrier of Flames
movie 1914 The Emperor's Spy as Captain Davis
movie 1914 The Grand Passion as Boyd
movie 1914 The Guiding Hand as John Stevens - the Son
movie 1914 The Pendulum of Fate as A Lifeguard
movie 1914 The Strike as Jim Price
movie 1914 The Tell-Tale Scar as Pietro Lapon
movie 1914 The Terror of Anger as Young Rawlings
movie 1914 Their Best Friend as Jack - May's Sweetheart
movie 1914 When East Meets West
movie 1914 When the Wheels of Justice Clogged