J. Swain

J. Swain Filmography

movie 2013 The Get Away
movie 2012 Save Me from Love
video movie 2008 Belly 2: Millionaire Boyz Club as Jay Thug
movie 2008 Dorm Window
movie 2008 Kai
movie 2007 DeClasse
movie 2007 Girl!
movie 2006 CityCollege9.com: 9 Dead, One Story
movie 2006 City College 9
movie 2005 City Jewelz as Dirk Swain
video movie 2003 I Choose 2 Be Me

J. Swain on Youtube

Jeff Swain writes some of the prettiest and most subtle songs you'll ever hear. This is no exception. From the February 2014 PASA houseconcert.

Behind the scenes of the Filming of "City Jewelz" shot on location at City College in NY. These scenes were shot in Harlem and the Boy and Girls Club of Moun...

Mrs & Dr J Swain, Dr Nanda visit Dr pk Samantaray's house at Garden Reach on 3rd Feb 2013.

Kendra breaks up with James and goes on the Dating Game..