Jack Edward Sawyers

Jack Edward Sawyers Filmography

movie 2011 Jim Marshall: Rock and Roll Legend
movie 2011 The Funk Brothers
video movie 2010 Creating BK3
movie 2010 Scorpions: RockWalk Induction
video movie 2009 When Two Worlds Collide
video movie 2009 Then & Now: The Making of Pull & Winger IV
movie 2008 Triloquist as Guy in Bar
video movie 2008 The Junkyard Willie Movie: Lost in Transit
video movie 2008 Winger Live
video movie 2008 Metal Shop, Vol. 5: Toxic Edition
video movie 2007 George Thorogood & the Destroyers: RockWalk Induction
video movie 2007 Metal Shop, Vol. 1: Extreme Rock
video movie 2007 Metal Shop, Vol. 2: Maximum Edition
video movie 2007 Stryper Live! In Puerto Rico
movie 2007 Munnie Baggs
video movie 2007 Metal Shop, Vol. 3: Adrenaline Edition
video movie 2007 Metal Shop, Vol. 4: Lethal Edition
video movie 2007 Slash: RockWalk Induction
movie 2006 An Ox's Tale: The John Entwistle Story
video movie 2006 Blondie: RockWalk Induction
video movie 2006 Metal Mania: Stripped Across America Live!
video movie 2006 Zakk Wylde: RockWalk Induction
video movie 2005 Ike Turner: RockWalk Induction
video movie 2005 Union: Do Your Own Thing Live!
movie 2005 Gotham Cafe
video movie 2004 AC/DC: We Salute You
video movie 2004 Amazing Motor Girls
video movie 2004 Johnny Winter: Live in Times Square
video movie 2004 Shock Rockers
video movie 2004 The Cure: RockWalk Induction
video movie 2004 Spin the Bottle: An All-Star Tribute to Kiss
movie 2003 The Art of Trash as Man in Restaurant
video movie 2003 Hall & Oates: RockWalk Induction
video movie 2003 Poison: Rock Legends
video movie 2003 Quiet Riot Live in the 21st Century
video movie 2003 Real Wild Child: Joan Jett Music Video Anthology
video movie 2002 Melissa Etheridge: RockWalk Induction
video movie 2002 Kiss: Live in Las Vegas
video movie 2001 The Black Crowes: RockWalk Induction
tv movie 2001 Kiss: Beyond the Makeup
video movie 2000 Tale of the Fox
video movie 2000 AC/DC: RockWalk Induction
video movie 2000 Def Leppard: RockWalk Induction
video movie 1998 K9 Patrol: Unleashed
video movie 1998 Cheap Trick: RockWalk Induction
video movie 1998 Kiss: The Second Coming
tv movie 1997 MTV News: Year in Rock 1997
video movie 1997 Mötley Crüe: RockWalk Induction
video movie 1997 Stephen Stills: RockWalk Induction
video movie 1996 Buddy Guy: RockWalk Induction
tv movie 1996 MTV News: Year in Rock 1996
tv series 1996 Fox News Live
tv series 1996 Fox News Sunday
movie 1995 Uninhibited as R. Gambino's Bodyguard #1
video movie 1994 KISS My A**: The Video
video movie 1993 Kiss: Konfidential
video movie 1992 Kiss: X-treme Close-Up
video movie 1991 Winger: In the Heart of the Young Part 2
video movie 1991 Céline Dion: Unison
video movie 1991 Guys Next Door
tv series 1991 KTLA Morning News
video movie 1990 Rock and Roll Legends: A Conversation with KISS
video movie 1990 Testament: Souls of Black
tv movie 1990 In the Director's Chair: The Man Who Invented Edward Scissorhands
tv movie 1990 MTV Video Music Awards 1990
movie 1990 Pretty Woman
video movie 1990 Sweatin' to the Oldies 2
video movie 1989 Bo Diddley - Willie Dixon: RockWalk Induction
tv movie 1989 Quiet Riot: '89 Live in Japan
video movie 1989 Bon Jovi: New Jersey, the Videos
tv movie 1989 The 16th Annual American Music Awards
tv movie 1989 The 3rd Annual Soul Train Music Awards
tv series 1989 Chicken Soup
tv series 1989 The Arsenio Hall Show
video movie 1988 Sweatin' to the Oldies
tv movie 1988 Tricks of the Trade
tv series 1988 Just the Ten of Us