Jack Lawton

Jack Lawton Filmography

movie 1945 Beyond the Pecos
movie 1937 Left-Handed Law
movie 1927 Uncle Tom's Cabin
movie 1925 The Phantom of the Opera
movie 1919 The Mystery of 13
movie 1917 The Trail of Hate as The Swede
movie 1916 Hang on Cowboy
movie 1916 Her Father's Son as Willard Gordon
movie 1916 The Desert Rat
movie 1915 A Desert Honeymoon as Bob - Jack's Friend
movie 1915 A Romance of Mexico as Jim French
movie 1915 A Western Governor's Humanity
movie 1915 Advertising Did It as Philip Humphries
movie 1915 From Champion to Tramp as The Other Man
movie 1915 Mr. Carlson of Arizona
movie 1915 Teasing a Tornado as Tornado Jack
movie 1915 When Souls Are Tried as Philip Heath

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