Jacqueline Filmography

video movie 2005 Chubby Babes
video movie 2005 The Great White North
video movie 2002 Eye Contact 18 as Crimson
video movie 1996 Sodomania Smokin' Sextions
video movie 1994 American Garter as Model
movie 1993 Housewife from Hell as Mary-Lou
video movie 1993 Trouble Times Two
movie 1992 'I Do...' as Arlene
video movie 1992 Another Dirty Western
video movie 1992 Blue Angel as Iris
video movie 1992 Blue Angel: Part II as Iris
video movie 1992 Blue Moon
video movie 1992 Bratgirl as Puss-Puss
video movie 1992 Business and Pleasure
video movie 1992 Guess Who's Coming to Dinner
video movie 1992 Head Again
video movie 1992 Heartbreaker as Dee Dee Hoover
video movie 1992 Ladies Lovin' Ladies Lovin' Ladies 1
video movie 1992 Ladies Loving Ladies Loving Ladies Part 2
video movie 1992 Layin' Down the Law
movie 1992 Licensed to Thrill
video movie 1992 Mad Maxine as Mad Maxine
video movie 1992 Quickies
video movie 1992 Rock & Roll Fantacies as Reporter
video movie 1992 Taylor Wayne's World
video movie 1992 The Bimbo
video movie 1992 The Goddaughter: Part II
video movie 1992 Tinsel Town Wives
video movie 1991 Babes with Attitudes
video movie 1991 Gere Up
movie 1991 Ground Zero L.A.
video movie 1991 No Boys Allowed
video movie 1991 Oh What a Night
video movie 1990 Addiction
video movie 1990 Bat Bitch 2: The Caped Bimbette as Bat Bitch
video movie 1990 Bimbo Bowlers from Boston as Dot
movie 1990 Black in the Saddle as Chrissie
video movie 1990 Heavenly Hyapatia as Joy
movie 1990 Jailhouse Blues
movie 1990 Legend as Lena
movie 1990 Masterpiece
movie 1990 Night at the Wax Works
video movie 1990 Performance
video movie 1990 Sex Charades
movie 1990 Swingers Ink
movie 1990 Tall Dark Stranger
video movie 1990 The Big Tease 2 as Jennifer
video movie 1990 The Night Temptress as Orgy Girl
movie 1990 Veil
video movie 1989 Bat Bitch as Renee
video movie 1989 Blazing Nova
video movie 1989 Body Music
video movie 1989 Born for Porn
video movie 1989 Class Act
video movie 1989 Date with the Devil
video movie 1989 Devil in the Blue Dress
video movie 1989 Flame
video movie 1989 Friday Night Fever
movie 1989 Heart Breaker
video movie 1989 Low Blows as Ellie
movie 1989 Nymphobrat as Penelope
movie 1989 Oral Addiction
movie 1989 Oral Support
movie 1989 Retail Slut
video movie 1989 Scandalous
movie 1989 Slumber Party as Party hostess
movie 1989 Swedish Erotica Featurettes 3
video movie 1989 This Bun's for You
movie 1989 Triangles
video movie 1989 Trouble
movie 1989 True Love
movie 1989 Virgin Busters
movie 1989 Wildfire
movie 1988 Hate to See You Go as Samantha

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