James Aaron Tecumseh Sinclair

James Aaron Tecumseh Sinclair Filmography

movie 2013 Broad Meadows as Judson
movie 2013 The Other Men in Black as Card Player 1
movie 2012 All Things Shining as Control
movie 2011 Demon Unbound as Demon
movie 2010 Sam I Am
movie 2009 Wicked Business as Rupert
movie 2009 Rifts
movie 2008 Accidents at Home and How They Happen as Russel
movie 2008 Waiting for the Sky to Fall as Troy Harding
movie 2008 Solitude of Love
movie 2007 Blink as Bartender #2
movie 2007 Cat Fight at OK and Corral as Sean
movie 2007 Eggnog and Cigars as The Milkman
movie 2007 Over Coffee as Cancer
movie 2005 Support an Indie Filmmaker as Director Dad

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Sam I Am - an Arch and Pillar production - Featuring Ralph Scott, John Michael Stubbins, Jen Stepp, Emily Hoffman, Don Erckert - Written by James Aaron ...