James C. Morton

James C. Morton (August 25, 1884? October 24, 1942) was an American character actor. He appeared in 187 films between 1922 and 1943. ... more on Wikipedia

James C. Morton Filmography

tv movie 1992 A Tribute to the Boys: Laurel and Hardy
movie 1953 Kelly Finds a Fighter as First Cop
movie 1947 The Good Bad Egg as Horseshoe Man
movie 1944 Gold Is Where You Lose It
movie 1943 Let's Have Fun
movie 1943 Murder in Times Square as Policeman
movie 1942 A Tragedy at Midnight as Chubby Detective
movie 1942 Boston Blackie Goes Hollywood as Al - Police Operator
movie 1942 Butch Minds the Baby as Policeman
movie 1942 In Old California as Red - Sacramento Bartender
movie 1942 Laugh Your Blues Away as Actor
movie 1942 Lucky Legs as Pat
movie 1942 My Heart Belongs to Daddy as Policeman at Intersection
movie 1942 Pardon My Stripes as Jake
movie 1942 Street of Chance as Bartender
movie 1942 The Boogie Man Will Get You as Trooper Fred Quincy
movie 1942 To the Shores of Tripoli as Bartender
movie 1942 Westward Ho as Stage Agent
movie 1942 Yokel Boy as Sign Painter
movie 1941 A Polo Phony
movie 1941 A Quiet Fourth as Policeman
movie 1941 Appointment for Love as Doorman
movie 1941 Bad Man of Deadwood as Store Owner
movie 1941 Bedtime Story as Conventioneer
movie 1941 Dutiful But Dumb
movie 1941 Johnny Eager as Card Player
movie 1941 Lady from Louisiana as Littlefield
movie 1941 Lucky Devils as Exposition Guard
movie 1941 Mr. District Attorney in the Carter Case as Conductor
movie 1941 Mr. Dynamite as Cop
movie 1941 Public Enemies as Detective
movie 1941 Road Show as Sheriff
movie 1941 The Iron Claw as Casey
movie 1941 Wild Geese Calling as Mack
movie 1940 Bad Man from Red Butte as Baldy
movie 1940 Black Diamonds as Joseph Aloysius Stacey
movie 1940 Colorado as Stagecoach Station Manager
movie 1940 Danger on Wheels as Police Sergeant
movie 1940 Earl of Puddlestone as Officer Brannigan
movie 1940 Free, Blonde and 21 as Proprietor
movie 1940 I Can't Give You Anything But Love, Baby as Policeman
movie 1940 Lillian Russell as Bartender
movie 1940 My Little Chickadee as Train Conductor
movie 1940 Saps at Sea
movie 1940 The Courageous Dr. Christian as Bailey
movie 1940 The Fatal Hour as Policeman Clancy
movie 1940 The Return of Frank James as Liberty Bartender
movie 1940 Those Were the Days! as Conductor
movie 1940 When the Daltons Rode as Ed Pickett - Juror
movie 1939 Blackmail as Second Policeman Arresting John
movie 1939 Call a Messenger as Policeman
movie 1939 Clock Wise as Joe--Janitor
movie 1939 Four Girls in White as Policeman at Drug Store
movie 1939 It Could Happen to You as Detective
movie 1939 Meet Dr. Christian as City Council Member
movie 1939 Miracles for Sale as Blackie the Electrician
movie 1939 Moving Vanities
movie 1939 Mutiny on the Blackhawk as Ship's Cook
movie 1939 News Is Made at Night as Bartender
movie 1939 Rose of Washington Square as Speakeasy Bartender
movie 1939 Sergeant Madden as Fight Announcer
movie 1939 Swanee River as Bartender
movie 1939 Tell No Tales as Crowd Control Policeman
movie 1939 The Arizona Kid as Bartender Joe
movie 1939 The Housekeeper's Daughter as Policeman
movie 1939 Three Little Sew and Sews as Admiral H.S. Taylor
movie 1939 We Want Our Mummy as Prof. Wilson
movie 1939 When Tomorrow Comes as Bill, the Chef
movie 1939 You Can't Cheat an Honest Man as Judge
movie 1938 A Doggone Mixup as Insurance salesman
movie 1938 Alexander's Ragtime Band as Bartender at Scarbie's
movie 1938 Block-Heads as James - the Porter
movie 1938 California Frontier as Bartender Hank
movie 1938 City Streets as Drunk
movie 1938 Healthy, Wealthy and Dumb as Hotel Manager
movie 1938 His Exciting Night as Policeman
movie 1938 International Crime as Radio Listener
movie 1938 International Settlement as Bartender
movie 1938 Josette as Bartender
movie 1938 Kentucky as Bartender
movie 1938 Letter of Introduction as Cop at Fire
movie 1938 Prairie Moon as Bald Tenement Man
movie 1938 Secrets of a Nurse as Bartender
movie 1938 Speed to Burn as Bartender
movie 1938 Stablemates as Bartender
movie 1938 Straight Place and Show as Bald Man
movie 1938 The Nightshirt Bandit as Dr. Gideon Pruitt
movie 1938 The Soul of a Heel as Deputy
movie 1938 Three Missing Links as B.O. Botswaddle
movie 1938 Topper Takes a Trip as First Bailiff
movie 1938 Up the River as Hap
movie 1937 Brothers of the West as Cattle Man's Protective Assoc. Chief
movie 1937 Calling All Doctors
movie 1937 Dancing on the Ceiling as Dental Patient
movie 1937 Dizzy Doctors as Man on Street
movie 1937 Every Day's a Holiday as Bartender
movie 1937 Flying Fists as Referee
movie 1937 Join the Marines as Policeman
movie 1937 Knee Action as Homeowner Hit with Horseshoe
movie 1937 Mama Runs Wild as Adams
movie 1937 Merry Go Round of 1938 as Waiter
movie 1937 My Little Feller
movie 1937 Pick a Star as Bartender
movie 1937 Public Cowboy No. 1 as Eustace P. Quackenbush
movie 1937 Rhythm in the Clouds as Cop
movie 1937 September in the Rain as Various
movie 1937 She's Dangerous as Lunch Room Proprietor
movie 1937 Slave Ship as Waiter
movie 1937 The Lady Escapes as Doorman
movie 1937 The Shadow Strikes as Kelly
movie 1937 The Sitter Downers as Mr. Bell
movie 1937 Two Wise Maids as Sergeant Abbot
movie 1937 Way Out West as Bartender
movie 1936 A Pain in the Pullman as Paul Pain
movie 1936 Ants in the Pantry as Guest w
movie 1936 Arizona Mahoney as Bald-Headed Man
movie 1936 Caught in the Act as Sewer Worker
movie 1936 Disorder in the Court as Court Clerk
movie 1936 Easy to Take as Police Sergeant
movie 1936 Hill-Tillies as Cop
movie 1936 It Had to Happen as Bartender
movie 1936 Kelly the Second as Policeman Mike
movie 1936 King of Burlesque as Jim - the Bartender
movie 1936 Modern Times as Assembly Line Relief Man
movie 1936 Our Relations as Beer Garden Bartender
movie 1936 Share the Wealth as Mr. Gypson
movie 1936 Song of the Saddle as Man
movie 1936 The Accusing Finger as Bill Poster
movie 1936 The Bohemian Girl as Constable
movie 1936 The Brain Busters as Herman P. Ferguson
movie 1936 The Champ's a Chump as Dean
movie 1936 The Lucky Corner as Officer
movie 1936 Ticket to Paradise as Bartender
movie 1936 Two in a Crowd as Policeman
movie 1935 A Night at the Opera as Opera Spectator
movie 1935 Beginner's Luck as Piano player
movie 1935 Do Your Stuff
movie 1935 Frisco Kid as Undetermined Role
movie 1935 Gum Shoes
movie 1935 Gypsy Sweetheart as Second Detective
movie 1935 Hoi Polloi as Party Guest wearing toupée
movie 1935 Hot Off the Press
movie 1935 Naughty Marietta as Herald
movie 1935 O'Shaughnessy's Boy as Man on Train Who Wants to Sleep
movie 1935 Oh, My Nerves
movie 1935 Old Sawbones as Dr. Oak E. Doak
movie 1935 Pardon My Scotch as J.T. Walton
movie 1935 Poker at Eight as Second Taxi Driver
movie 1935 Public Hero #1 as Road House Patron
movie 1935 Thanks a Million as Frank Slocum
movie 1935 The Captain Hits the Ceiling as Mr. Turner
movie 1935 The Fixer Uppers as Policeman
movie 1935 The Payoff as Bartender
movie 1935 The Timid Young Man as Helen's Father
movie 1935 Times Square Lady as Bartender
movie 1935 Tit for Tat as Policeman
movie 1935 Uncivil Warriors as Union General
movie 1935 Yoo Yoo Hollywood
movie 1934 Another Wild Idea as Milkman
movie 1934 Benny, from Panama as Morton, the Landlord
movie 1934 Circus Hoodoo
movie 1934 Death on the Diamond as Husband
movie 1934 House of Mystery as Englishman
movie 1934 I'll Take Vanilla as The Druggist
movie 1934 It Happened One Day as Man on Train with Toupee
movie 1934 Maid in Hollywood as Grip
movie 1934 Mike Fright as Mr. Morton - Station Manager
movie 1934 Movie Daze
movie 1934 One-Horse Farmers as Paradise Acres Promoter
movie 1934 Operator 13 as Secret Service Man
movie 1934 Sing and Like It as Tied Up Mug
movie 1934 Something Simple as Conventionaire
movie 1934 Super Stupid
movie 1934 The Chases of Pimple Street as Bouncer
movie 1934 Washee Ironee as Policeman
movie 1934 Wild Gold as Mine Owner
movie 1934 You Said a Hatful! as Train Passenger
movie 1934 You're Telling Me! as George Smith - Gossip
movie 1933 Bring 'Em Back a Wife as Archie, Taxi Cab Superintendent
movie 1933 Fallen Arches as The Auto Driver
movie 1933 His Silent Racket as Capt. Wafflebottom of the Bomb Squad
movie 1933 Hokus Focus
movie 1933 Hold Your Temper
movie 1933 Me and My Pal as Traffic Cop
movie 1933 Rhapsody in Brew as Waiter
movie 1933 Snug in the Jug as Wilbur's Father
movie 1933 The Devil's Brother as Woodchopper
movie 1933 The Midnight Patrol as Policeman
movie 1933 The Nuisance as Motorist
movie 1933 The Rummy as Taxidermist
movie 1933 Wreckety Wrecks as Patrolman
movie 1932 A Lad an' a Lamp as Officer
movie 1932 Alum and Eve as Policeman
movie 1932 Hot Spot
movie 1932 Pack Up Your Troubles as Policeman
movie 1932 Sneak Easily as Presiding Judge
movie 1932 Taxi for Two as The Judge
movie 1932 The Imperfect Lover
movie 1932 The Soilers as Judge J.A. Morton
movie 1931 Batter Up! as Irate Motorist
movie 1931 Hot News Margie as Stadium Policeman
movie 1931 In the Family as Prospective stepfather
movie 1931 What Price Pants as Henchman
movie 1930 Follow the Leader as Mickie
movie 1922 The Barnstormers
movie 1918 A Daughter of Uncle Sam
movie 1912 A Grocery Clerk's Romance as Brown - the Husband

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