James D. Davis

James D. Davis Filmography

movie 1929 The Big Shot
movie 1928 Behind the Counter
movie 1928 Call Again
movie 1928 Scrambled Weddings
movie 1928 Vacation Waves
movie 1927 Find the King
movie 1927 No Publicity
movie 1927 On Your Toes
movie 1927 Ain't We Got Fun?
movie 1927 Double Trouble
movie 1927 Mitt the Prince
movie 1927 The Bum's Rush
movie 1926 All Wet
movie 1926 Fighting Fools
movie 1926 Fire!!
movie 1926 Strictly Kosher
movie 1926 The Channel Swim
movie 1926 The Doughboy
movie 1926 The Yokel
movie 1925 High Hopes
movie 1925 On the Links
movie 1925 Salute
movie 1925 Tailoring
movie 1925 Three Wise Goofs
movie 1924 Trouble Brewing
movie 1924 Are Blonde Men Bashful?
movie 1924 Should Landlords Live?
movie 1924 The Sky Plumber
movie 1923 Horseshoes
movie 1923 Lightning Love
movie 1923 Sweet and Pretty
movie 1922 Bone Dry
movie 1922 Fair Week
movie 1922 Friday, the Thirteenth
movie 1922 Harvest Hands
movie 1922 I'll Take Vanilla
movie 1922 Out on Bail
movie 1922 Rough on Romeo
movie 1922 Shine 'em Up!
movie 1922 The Bride-to-Be
movie 1922 The Golf Bug
movie 1922 The Landlubber
movie 1922 The Truth Juggler
movie 1922 Touch All the Bases
movie 1921 Her Circus Man
movie 1921 On with the Show
movie 1921 Vamps and Scamps
movie 1921 A Chili Romance
movie 1921 Seeing Is Believing
movie 1921 Single and Double
movie 1921 Tee Time
movie 1921 The Unhappy Finish
movie 1921 Two Faces West
movie 1921 We Should Worry
movie 1921 We'll Get You Yet
movie 1920 A Birthday Tangle
movie 1920 Hearts and Clubs
movie 1920 Uncle Tom's Caboose
movie 1920 Let 'er Go
movie 1920 The Gingham Girl
movie 1920 The Star Boarder
movie 1919 A Puppy Love Panic
movie 1919 A Lion Special
movie 1919 A Roof Garden Rough House
movie 1919 Brown Eyes and Bank Notes
movie 1919 Good Night, Turk
movie 1919 The Spotted Nag
movie 1918 A Rural Riot
movie 1918 Barbarous Plots
movie 1918 Bawled Out
movie 1918 Cooks and Crooks
movie 1918 Danger Ahead
movie 1918 Fathers, Sons, and Chorus Girls
movie 1918 Gowns and Girls
movie 1918 Her Whirlwind Wedding
movie 1918 Hoot Toot
movie 1918 Nuts and Noodles
movie 1918 Pearls and Girls
movie 1918 Pretty Babies
movie 1918 Romance and Dynamite
movie 1918 The Belles of Liberty
movie 1918 The Blind Pig
movie 1918 The Merry Mermaids
movie 1918 Under False Pretenses
movie 1917 A Matrimonial Shock
movie 1917 A Rummy Romance
movie 1917 Freed by Fido
movie 1917 Hula, Hula Hughie
movie 1917 Lured and Cured
movie 1917 Sticky Fingers

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James D. Davis admits to Judge James Callahan he kicked Steven Utash "a couple of times," w/ lawyer Jason Malkiewicz By: Jamie Cook Published on: June ...

The Golf Bug,1922, directed by James D. Davis, starring James "Paul" Parrott and Jobyna Ralston, is a short silent comedy film. Jobyna Ralston (November 21, .

Surviving footage from the previously lost 1921 silent short film "A Chili Romance," directed by James D. Davis.

Paul's career as a shoeshine man is interrupted when he is mistaken for an escaped convict, but after the Station Master gives him a job at the train station...