James Daly

James Daly Filmography

movie 1916 Sorrows of Happiness as Hotel Proprietor
movie 1915 Comrade Kitty
movie 1915 His Soul Mate
movie 1915 In Love's Own Way as The Farmer - Mary's Father
movie 1915 Indiscretion
movie 1915 It All Depends
movie 1915 No Other Way
movie 1915 Patsy in a Seminary
movie 1915 Sweeter Than Revenge as Kansas Pete
movie 1915 The Mirror
movie 1915 The Nameless Fear as Dr. Ferguson
movie 1915 The Ogre and the Girl as The Father
movie 1915 The Road o' Strife
movie 1915 The Sporting Duchess as Mr. Aylmer
movie 1915 The Stroke of Fate as Morris
movie 1915 The White Mask
movie 1915 The Winthrop Diamonds as John Winthrop - the Father
movie 1914 A Desperate Chance as The Doctor
movie 1914 A Pack of Cards as The Commandant
movie 1914 A Strange Melody as John Colt
movie 1914 Patsy at School
movie 1914 The Fortune Hunter as Blinky Lockwood
movie 1914 The Inscription as James Phelan
movie 1914 The Mountain Law
movie 1914 The Struggle Everlasting as James Dawson - the Father
movie 1913 An Enemy's Aid as Old King - Jess's Father
movie 1913 Before the Last Leaves Fall as Old Man Stone
movie 1913 The Battle of Shiloh as Col. Samson
movie 1913 The Girl and the Gambler as Darrick - Marion's Father
movie 1913 The Love Token as Simpson - Mary's Father
movie 1912 The End of the Feud

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This is the latest promo trailer for one of Greenhouse Media Investments latest film productions "Young Perez" co-produced by James Daly and Nick Munday. It ..

Director: Franklin J.Shaffner With. Charlton Heston, Roddy mcdowall, Kim Hunter, Maurice Evans, James Whitmore, James Daly, Linda Harrison, Robert ...

James is a very consistent rider and is always looking for challenges in new tricks. He is only 11 years old from Perth, WA. "I do not own the copyright to t...

Work Experience is a short comedy film starring James Cotter as Daniel Langdon and is written and directed by James Daly. It was shot on location in Bournemo ...