James Griffith

James Griffith (February 13, 1916 ? September 17, 1993) was an American character actor, musician and screenwriter. ... more on Wikipedia

James Griffith Filmography

tv movie 1981 The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn as Uncle Silas
tv movie 1980 The Legend of Sleepy Hollow as Squire Van Tassel
tv movie 1978 Desperate Women as Jonas Scurlock
movie 1977 Speedtrap as Wino
movie 1977 The Gift as Tav
tv movie 1976 Flood! as Charlie Davis
tv movie 1976 Law of the Land as Clerk
tv movie 1975 Babe as Hospital Spokesman
tv movie 1974 Hitchhike! as Sheriff Bentley
movie 1974 Seven Alone as Billy Shaw
movie 1971 Catlow
tv movie 1970 Dial Hot Line as Sam
movie 1970 Like It Is as Father
movie 1969 Hail, Hero! as Painter #2
movie 1969 Heaven with a Gun as Abraham Murdock
tv movie 1969 Seven in Darkness as Harlan Cabot
movie 1968 Day of the Evil Gun as Storekeeper
movie 1968 Shalako
movie 1966 A Big Hand for the Little Lady as Mr. Stribling
movie 1965 Motorpsycho!
movie 1964 Advance to the Rear as Hugo Zattig
movie 1964 Lorna as The Man of God
tv movie 1964 The Dog Troop as Garrett
movie 1962 How the West Was Won as Poker Player with Cleve
movie 1961 Pocketful of Miracles as Briscoe
movie 1960 North to Alaska as Salvation Army Leader
movie 1960 Spartacus as Otho
movie 1960 The Amazing Transparent Man as Maj. Paul Krenner
movie 1959 The Big Fisherman as Beggar
movie 1958 Bullwhip as 'Slow' Karp
movie 1958 Frontier Gun as Cash Skelton
movie 1958 Man from God's Country as Mark Faber
movie 1958 Return to Warbow as Frank Hollister
movie 1958 Seven Guns to Mesa as Papa Clellan
movie 1957 Domino Kid as Sam Beal
movie 1957 Omar Khayyam as Buzorg
movie 1957 Raintree County as Mr. Gray's Searching Companion
movie 1957 The Guns of Fort Petticoat as Kipper
movie 1957 The Vampire as Henry Winston
movie 1956 Anything Goes as Paul Holiday
tv movie 1956 Manhunt in Space as Ken, Cassa 7 Air Controller
movie 1956 Rebel in Town as Marshal Adam Russell
tv movie 1956 Renegade Satellite as LaVolga's Aide
movie 1956 The First Texan as Davy Crockett
movie 1956 The Killing as Mr. Grimes, Airline Supervisor
movie 1956 Tribute to a Bad Man as Barjak
movie 1955 Apache Ambush as President Abraham Lincoln
movie 1955 At Gunpoint as The Stranger
movie 1955 Count Three and Pray as Swallow
movie 1955 I Cover the Underworld as Smiley Di Angelo
movie 1955 Phantom of the Jungle as Dexter
movie 1955 Son of Sinbad as Arab Guide
movie 1955 The Kentuckian as Riverboat Gambler
movie 1955 The Night of the Hunter as District Attorney
movie 1954 Day of Triumph as Judas Iscariot
movie 1954 Dragnet as Jesse Quinn
movie 1954 Drum Beat as Veteran One-Legged Soldier at White House gate
movie 1954 Jesse James vs. the Daltons as Bob Dalton
movie 1954 Masterson of Kansas as Doc Holliday
movie 1954 Rails Into Laramie as Marshal Orrie Sommers
movie 1954 Ride Clear of Diablo as Henry - Train Conductor
movie 1954 The Black Dakotas as Warren
movie 1954 The Boy from Oklahoma as Joe Downey
movie 1954 The Law vs. Billy the Kid as Pat Garrett
movie 1954 The Shanghai Story as Carl Hoyt
movie 1953 A Lion Is in the Streets as Mayor's Clerk
movie 1953 Kansas Pacific as Joe Farley - Railroad Guard
movie 1953 No Escape as Peter Hayden
movie 1953 Powder River as Mac - Hotel Clerk
movie 1953 The Kid from Left Field as Newsstand Proprietor
movie 1952 Eight Iron Men as Pvt. Ferguson
movie 1952 Ma and Pa Kettle at the Fair as Medicine Man
movie 1952 Red Skies of Montana as Boise Peterson
movie 1952 Wait Till the Sun Shines, Nellie as Ollie
movie 1951 Al Jennings of Oklahoma as Slim Harris
movie 1951 Apache Drums as Lt. Glidden
movie 1951 As Young as You Feel as Cashier
movie 1951 Chain of Circumstance as Sid
movie 1951 Drums in the Deep South as Union Officer Reporting to Denning
movie 1951 Goodbye, My Fancy as Somers
movie 1951 Inside the Walls of Folsom Prison as Carl Gebhardt
movie 1951 Payment on Demand as Arthur - Poet
movie 1951 Rhubarb as Ogelthorpe 'Oggie' Meadows
movie 1951 The Blue Veil as Joplin's Agent
movie 1951 The Great Missouri Raid as Jack Ladd
movie 1951 The Lady Pays Off as Ronald
tv series 1951 The Living Christ Series as Herod's Servant
movie 1950 Bright Leaf as Ellery
movie 1950 Double Deal as Walter Karnes
movie 1950 Indian Territory as Apache Kid aka Johnny Corday
movie 1950 Stage to Tucson as Abraham Lincoln
movie 1950 The Breaking Point as Charlie, Bartender
movie 1950 The Cariboo Trail as Higgins
movie 1950 The Petty Girl as Royal Roof Orchestra Leader
movie 1949 Alaska Patrol as Operative Dale
movie 1949 Daughter of the West as Jed Morgan
movie 1949 Fighting Man of the Plains as Quantrell
movie 1949 Holiday Affair as Crowley's Floorwalker
movie 1949 Oh, You Beautiful Doll as Joe - Reporter
movie 1949 Search for Danger as Lt. Cooper
movie 1949 Special Agent as Candy Vendor on Train
movie 1948 Appointment with Murder as Detective
movie 1948 Blonde Ice as Al Herrick
movie 1948 Every Girl Should Be Married as Insurance Salesman

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Former U. S. Army major, Paul Krenner (James Griffith), plans to conquer the world with an army of invisible soldiers and will do anything to achieve that go...

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