James Harris

James Harris Filmography

movie 1917 A Brass Monkey
movie 1917 A Contented Woman
movie 1917 A Day and a Night as Movie Actor
movie 1917 A Hole in the Ground
movie 1917 A Rag Baby
movie 1917 A Runaway Colt
movie 1917 Rosie O'Grady as Johnny Allen
movie 1917 The Barker as The Count DeGrasse
movie 1916 The Catspaw as Detective Burke
movie 1916 When Love Is King
movie 1915 A Ten-Cent Adventure
movie 1915 AKA Faith and Fortune as Jackson Laramee
movie 1915 Billie's Goat
movie 1915 Cartoons in the Country as Jim
movie 1915 Children of Eve as Mill Foreman
movie 1915 Clothes Make the Man as Mr. Clancey
movie 1915 For Love of Mary Ellen
movie 1915 Mary as 1st Artist
movie 1915 Ranson's Folly as Sergeant Clancey
movie 1915 Suspicious Characters as The Policeman
movie 1915 The Ashcan, or Little Dick's First Adventure
movie 1915 The Cook's Mistake as The Policeman
movie 1915 The Doll-House Mystery
movie 1915 The Hand of the Law as The Constable
movie 1915 The Land of Adventure
movie 1915 The Once Over as Tom Brown
movie 1915 The Pest of the Neighborhood
movie 1915 The Secret of the Cellar as Max - the Jeweler
movie 1915 The Test
movie 1915 The Widow's Breezy Suit
movie 1915 Tracked by the Hounds as The Overseer's 2nd Assistant
movie 1915 Waifs of the Sea
movie 1914 At Bay for a Day as The Policeman
movie 1914 Collecting the Rent
movie 1914 George Washington Jones
movie 1914 Handle with Care
movie 1914 He Who Laughs Last as The Policeman
movie 1914 It's a Bear
movie 1914 Such a Business
movie 1914 The Busy Man
movie 1913 Aunts, Too Many! as Rear of Horse

James Harris on Youtube

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