James Hong

James Hong (???; born February 22, 1929) is an American actor and former president of the Association of Asian/Pacific American Artists (AAPAA). ... more on Wikipedia

James Hong Filmography

movie 2015 Kung Fu Panda 3 as Mr. Ping
movie 2014 Patriot Act as Jin
movie 2014 Untitled James Hong Frankenstein Movie
movie 2013 A James Hong Film as Himself
movie 2013 Blunt Movie as Travel Hang
movie 2013 R.I.P.D. as Nick's Avatar
tv movie 2013 Summoned as Frank
movie 2013 The Lost Medallion: The Adventures of Billy Stone as Faleaka
movie 2012 Safe as Han Jiao
movie 2011 Junk as Yukio Tai
movie 2011 Kung Fu Panda 2 as Mr. Ping
movie 2011 No EV Trouble in Little China as James Hong
movie 2011 Tattoo as The Old Man
tv movie 2011 Trinity Goodheart as Mr. Kwon
movie 2010 Genghis Khan: The Story of a Lifetime
movie 2010 How to Make Love to a Woman as Sifu
tv movie 2010 Kung Fu Panda Holiday as Mr. Ping
movie 2008 American Grandmaster: The Life and Death of Mr. Parker as Himself
movie 2008 Kung Fu Panda as Mr. Ping
movie 2008 Man of a Thousand Faces as Himself
movie 2008 The Day the Earth Stood Still as Mr. Wu
movie 2007 Adventures of Johnny Tao as Sifu
tv movie 2007 An Accidental Christmas as Rico
movie 2007 Balls of Fury as Wong
video movie 2007 Balls Out: The Making of 'Balls of Fury' as Himself - 'Master Wong'
video movie 2007 Chill Out, Scooby-Doo! as High Lama
video movie 2007 Dangerous Days: Making Blade Runner as Himself
video movie 2007 Fashion Forward: Wardrobe and Styling as Himself
movie 2007 Hollywood Chinese as Himself
movie 2007 Shanghai Kiss as Mark Liu - Liam's Dad
video movie 2007 Under the Balls: The Life of a Ball Wrangler as Master Wong
video movie 2006 Choose Your Own Adventure: The Abominable Snowman as Monk
tv movie 2006 Dragon Dynasty as Gao
video movie 2006 Exit 38 as Dr. Shen
movie 2006 One Night with You as Freddy
video movie 2006 The Adventures of Johnny Tao: A Kung Fu Fable
tv movie 2006 Totally Awesome as Mr. Yamagashi
movie 2005 American Fusion as Dr. Wong
movie 2005 Forbidden Warrior as Muraji, The Warlord
movie 2004 Latin Dragon as Mr. Rhee
tv movie 2004 Sucker Free City as Kwok
movie 2003 Ghost Rock as Weng
movie 2003 Pray Another Day as General Hu Phlung Pu
movie 2002 L'idole as Zao
movie 2002 The Biggest Fan as 'Groucho' Larson
movie 2002 Ying xiong as Qin Emperor
tv movie 2001 Epoch as Ambassador Po
video movie 2001 Experience Jimi Hendrix as Old Man
movie 2001 The Ghost as Jing's Adoptive Father
tv movie 2000 On the Edge of 'Blade Runner' as Himself
movie 2000 The Art of War as Ambassador Wu
movie 2000 The Curio Trunk as Lu Chin
movie 1999 G2 as Parmenion
video movie 1999 Singapore Sling as Adam Chance
video movie 1999 Spawn 3: Ultimate Battle as Zhang Lao
tv series 1999 Zoe, Duncan, Jack & Jane as Mr. Chin
video movie 1998 Breakout as Mr. Wang
movie 1998 Broken Vessels as Mr. Chen
movie 1998 Mulan as Chi Fu
movie 1997 Catherine's Grove as Doctor Lee
movie 1997 McHale's Navy as Asian Leader
movie 1997 Red Corner as Lin Shou
movie 1996 Bloodsport 2 as Sun
video movie 1996 Bloodsport III as Master Sun
movie 1996 Infinity as Abacus Adder
movie 1996 Paper Dragons as Master Tsai
movie 1996 South Beach Academy as Johnny Staccato
movie 1996 The Secret Agent Club as Mr. Yamata
movie 1995 Bad Company as Bobby Birdsong
movie 1995 Cyber Bandits as Tojo Yokohama
video movie 1995 Encyclopedia of Martial Arts: Hollywood Celebrities as Host
movie 1995 Gladiator Cop as Parmenion
movie 1995 Guns and Lipstick as Mr. Song
movie 1995 Operation Dumbo Drop as Y B'ham
movie 1995 Tank Girl as Che'tsai
tv movie 1995 Triplecross as Old Chinese Man
tv movie 1994 Come Die with Me: A Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer Mystery as Nathan
movie 1994 Femme Fontaine: Killer Babe for the C.I.A. as Master Sun
movie 1994 Operation Golden Phoenix as Mister Chang
movie 1994 Silent Fury
movie 1994 The Shadow as Li Peng
movie 1993 L.A. Goddess as Edward
movie 1993 Merlin as Leong Tao
movie 1993 Wayne's World 2 as Jeff Wong
movie 1992 Body Trouble as Boomer
movie 1992 Gengis Khan
movie 1992 Missing Pieces as Chang
movie 1992 Talons of the Eagle as Mr. Li
video movie 1991 Crime Lords as Ling
movie 1991 Goodbye Paradise as Cook
movie 1991 Mystery Date as Fortune Teller
movie 1991 The Perfect Weapon as Yung
tv series 1991 Naked Hollywood as Narrator
movie 1990 Bethune: The Making of a Hero
movie 1990 Dragonfight as Asawa
tv movie 1990 Framed as Mr. Chew
tv movie 1990 Last Flight Out as Insp. Quang
tv movie 1990 Partners in Life as M.C.
movie 1990 Shadowzone as Dr. Van Fleet
movie 1990 The Two Jakes as Kahn
movie 1990 Too Much Sun as Frank, Sr.
movie 1989 Tango & Cash as Quan
movie 1989 Tax Season as Mr. Tagasaki
movie 1989 The Jitters as Tony Yang Sr.
tv movie 1989 The Karen Carpenter Story as Dr. Dentworth
tv movie 1989 The Rocket Boy as Mr. Wong
movie 1989 The Vineyard as Dr. Elson Po
tv series 1989 Brotherhood of the Rose as Col. Chan
video movie 1988 Deadlock
movie 1988 Hot to Trot as Boss
tv movie 1988 Leap of Faith as Li
movie 1988 Vice Versa as Kwo
movie 1987 Black Widow as H. Shin - Honolulu private investigator
movie 1987 China Girl as Gung Tu
tv movie 1987 Harry's Hong Kong as Mr. Yu
movie 1987 Revenge of the Nerds II: Nerds in Paradise as Snotty
movie 1986 Big Trouble in Little China as David Lo Pan
movie 1986 The Golden Child as Doctor Hong
tv movie 1985 Blade in Hong Kong as Key Tam
movie 1985 Caged Fury as Detective Randall Stoner
movie 1984 Missing in Action as Gen. Trau
movie 1984 Ninja III: The Domination as Miyashima
movie 1983 Breathless as Grocer
tv movie 1983 China Rose as Prof. Chen
movie 1982 Blade Runner as Hannibal Chew
tv movie 1982 The Letter as Old Man
movie 1982 Yes, Giorgio as Kwan
movie 1981 So Fine as Asian Man #1
movie 1981 True Confessions as Coroner Wong
movie 1980 Airplane! as Japanese General
tv movie 1980 The Hustler of Muscle Beach as Desk Clerk
tv movie 1980 The Return of Frank Cannon as Yutong
tv movie 1979 Mandrake as Theron
movie 1979 The In-Laws as Bing Wong
tv movie 1979 When Hell Was in Session as Nguyen
movie 1979 Teen Lust
tv movie 1978 Dr. Scorpion as Ho Chin
movie 1978 Go Tell the Spartans as The Old Man
tv movie 1978 Last of the Good Guys as Japanese Man
tv movie 1978 My Husband Is Missing as Quan Dong
tv movie 1977 Bethune as General Nieh
tv movie 1977 Panic in Echo Park as Larry Lee
movie 1977 The World's Greatest Lover as Sven, Yes Man #3
movie 1976 Bound for Glory as Chili Joint Owner
movie 1976 No Deposit, No Return as Ming Lo
movie 1975 China Girl as Y.C. Chan
movie 1974 Chinatown as Evelyn's Butler
movie 1974 Dynamite Brothers as Wei Chin
tv movie 1974 Judge Dee and the Monastery Murders as Prior
tv movie 1974 The Missiles of October as U.N. Secretary-General U Thant
movie 1973 Hot Connections as The Snooper
tv movie 1973 Pueblo as Super C
tv movie 1973 Sunshine as Dr. Wilde
movie 1972 The Carey Treatment as David Tao
tv movie 1971 A Tattered Web as Police Surgeon
tv movie 1971 Earth II
tv movie 1971 The Forgotten Man as Maj. Thon
tv movie 1971 Vanished as Ned Lee
movie 1970 Colossus: The Forbin Project as Dr. Chin
movie 1970 The Hawaiians as Ti Chong
movie 1968 The Bamboo Saucer as Sam Archibald
movie 1966 Destination Inner Space as Ho Lee
movie 1966 One Spy Too Many as Prince Phanong
movie 1966 The Sand Pebbles as Victor Shu
movie 1965 The Satan Bug as Dr. Yang
tv series 1965 Days of Our Lives as Col. Chengsu
tv series 1963 General Hospital as Sung Cho Lee
movie 1961 Flower Drum Song as Headwaiter
movie 1960 Gasu ningen dai ichigo as Narrator
movie 1959 Blood and Steel as Japanese Draftsman
movie 1959 Never So Few as General Chao
movie 1957 Battle Hymn as ROK Maj. Chong
movie 1957 China Gate as Charlie
movie 1957 The Seventh Sin as Chinese Officer
movie 1956 Godzilla, King of the Monsters! as Ogata
movie 1955 Blood Alley as Communist Soldier
movie 1955 Love Is a Many-Splendored Thing as Fifth Brother
movie 1955 Soldier of Fortune as Chinese Policeman

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