James Lackaye

James Lackaye Filmography

movie 1918 Pals First as Dominie
movie 1916 The Upstart as Judge Mitchell
movie 1915 Strictly Neutral
movie 1915 The Battle Cry of Peace
movie 1915 York State Folks as Simon Peter Martin
movie 1914 A Pair of Frauds
movie 1914 Cupid Versus Money
movie 1914 Cutey's Wife as Judge Goodman
movie 1914 Fanny's Melodrama as Fatty
movie 1914 Goodness Gracious
movie 1914 Her Husband as Dora's Father
movie 1914 Mr. Bingle's Melodrama as Mr. Bingles
movie 1914 Our Fairy Play as Judge Masterson
movie 1914 The Christian as Archdeacon Wealthy
movie 1914 The Circus and the Boy as The Fat Lady
movie 1914 The Silver Snuff Box as Julian Strogoff
movie 1914 Timing Cupid
movie 1914 Wife Wanted as Emily's Father
movie 1913 A Millinery Bomb as Second Policeman
movie 1913 An Old Man's Love Story as Mark Marsham
movie 1913 Betty in the Lions' Den
movie 1913 Bingles and the Cabaret as Bingles
movie 1913 Bingles Mends the Clock as Bingles
movie 1913 Bingles' Nightmare; or, If It Had Only Been True as Bingles
movie 1913 Bunny for the Cause
movie 1913 Counsellor Bobby as Lionel Dough
movie 1913 If Dreams Came True; or, Who'd Have Thunk It? as The Fat Man's Chum
movie 1913 In the Shadow
movie 1913 That Suit at Ten as John - the Husband
movie 1913 The Coming of Gretchen as Hans
movie 1913 The Forgotten Latchkey
movie 1913 The Late Mr. Jones
movie 1913 The Troublesome Daughters as Mark Marsh
movie 1913 Three to One
movie 1913 Two Souls with But a Single Thought; or, A Maid and Three Men as Jim - First Elderly Bachelor
movie 1913 Two's Company, Three's a Crowd as Bingles
movie 1913 When Women Go on the Warpath; or, Why Jonesville Went Dry
movie 1913 Cutey's Waterloo
movie 1913 Our Wives
movie 1913 Which?