James Leo Meehan

James Leo Meehan Filmography

movie 1930 Across the World with Mr. and Mrs. Johnson
movie 1930 Campus Sweethearts
movie 1930 Old Bill's Christmas
movie 1930 The Fair Deceiver
movie 1929 Hunt the Tiger
movie 1929 Hunting Tigers in India
movie 1929 The Bridegroom
movie 1928 Freckles
movie 1928 The Devil's Trademark
movie 1928 The Little Yellow House
movie 1928 Wallflowers
movie 1927 The Magic Garden
movie 1927 Judgment of the Hills
movie 1927 Little Mickey Grogan
movie 1927 Mother
movie 1927 Naughty Nanette
movie 1927 The Harvester
movie 1926 Laddie
movie 1925 The Keeper of the Bees
movie 1924 A Girl of the Limberlost
movie 1923 Michael O'Halloran
movie 1922 The Devil's Ghost
movie 1922 The Masked Avenger
movie 1922 Silver Spurs
movie 1922 Trapped in the Air
movie 1921 The Ranger and the Law

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In the March Episode of the Stratton Foundation's GS-P series, we meet Monica Meehan Berg at the 150th Birthday Celebration Gene Stratton-Porter Gala (held ...