James Nam

The Vietnamese Martyrs, also known as the Martyrs of Tonkin, Martyrs of Annam (Vietnamese: Cac Thanh T? ??o Vi?t Nam), Andrew Dung-Lac and Companions (Anre D?ng-L?c va Cac b?n t? ??o), or Martyrs of Indochina, are saints on the Roman Catholic calendar of saints canonized by Pope John Paul II. Their memorial is 24 November (although several of these saints have another memorial, as they were beatified and on the calendar prior to the canonization of the group). ... more on Wikipedia

James Nam Filmography

video movie 2002 Secret of the Five Fingers as Mr. Park
movie 1996 Fist of Legend 2: Iron Bodyguards as Nam
movie 1979 Da Mo wu ying quan
movie 1978 Mao quan as Boss with glasses
movie 1978 Si wang mo ta as White haired master at red level
movie 1978 Zhong lie Jing wu men as Goateed killer
movie 1977 Bai ma hei qi as Service charge captain
movie 1977 Da mo tie zhi gong as Korean Master
movie 1977 Jaws of the Dragon as Junior
movie 1977 Jing wu men xu ji as Souto Jyo
movie 1977 Qiao tan nu jiao wa as Hsu Cha
movie 1976 Jin lian as Sailor
movie 1976 Li Xiao Long yu wo as Bartender
movie 1976 Nan quan bei tui as Lung Lun
movie 1976 Wen nuan zai qiu tian
movie 1975 Da jiang nan bei as Man Hung Fat's son
movie 1975 Do ren tou as Ho
movie 1975 Jin mao shi wang as Lu Min Yip
movie 1975 Sheng long huo hu xiao ying xiong as Colonel Keno
movie 1975 Zhan cao chu gen
movie 1974 Chi dan hao han
movie 1974 Du gui
movie 1973 Hei lu as Scarface Wu Hsu
movie 1973 Hei ren wu
movie 1973 Hei ye guai ke as Boss with blue sunglasses
movie 1973 Wu qing jie
movie 1973 Xiao ba wang as Man Ho
movie 1973 Yao qian shu as Ho Lung
movie 1973 Yi wang da shu as Wong Kai Tai
movie 1973 Ze sha ze as Cousin Chi Yu
movie 1973 Zhui sha as Chou - Kuang
movie 1972 Pi li quan as Takashi Tani
movie 1972 Shi si nu ying hao as 2nd Prince
movie 1972 Shui hu zhuan as General Wen Ta
movie 1972 Tian xia di yi quan as Han Lung
movie 1972 Yu zhong hua as Night club manager
movie 1971 Feng Fei Fei as Jin Lian Bai
movie 1971 Leu ci ke as Fu Cheng
movie 1971 Qi ren le as Kiang Lung
movie 1971 Qian kun da zui xia
movie 1970 Long hu feng yun
movie 1970 Shi san tai bao as Li Tsun Hsin
movie 1970 Xue fu men as Blood Master Ling-Wu Lui

James Nam on Youtube

必殺ドラゴン鉄の爪/生龍活虎小英雄/Little Super Man /Karate Superman (1975) 導演:呉思遠、動作設計:梁小龍、演員:梁小龍・南宮勲・黄元申.

James Nam Collection vol.1 『追殺(Deadly Chase/Flying Wheels)』(1973) 導演:蕭榮、演員:秦祥林・南宮勲.

Deadly China Doll 黑路 (1973) AKA The Opitum Trail Director: Wong Fung Starring: Angela Mao, James Nam, Lung Fei.

Double Double Crosser 大江南北 (1976) AKA A Deadly Rivalry Director: Tien Peng Starring: Jimmy Wang Yu, Chia Ling, Chang Yi, Tien Peng, Lung Fei, James ...