James Robertson Justice

James Robertson Justice (15 June 1907 - 2 July 1975) was a popular Anglo-Scottish character actor in British films of the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s. ... more on Wikipedia

James Robertson Justice Filmography

tv movie 2001 I Love Christmas
tv movie 1985 The Golden Gong
movie 1977 To See Such Fun as Sir Lancelot Spratt
movie 1971 The Massacre of Glencoe as MacIain
movie 1970 Doctor in Trouble as Sir Lancelot Spratt
movie 1970 Some Will, Some Won't as Sir Charles Robson
movie 1969 Zeta One as Maj. Bourdon
movie 1968 Chitty Chitty Bang Bang as Lord Scrumptious
movie 1968 Histoires extraordinaires as Countess' Advisor
movie 1968 Mayerling as Prince of Wales
movie 1968 Vienna: The Years Remembered as Himself
movie 1967 Hell Is Empty as Angus McGee
movie 1967 À coeur joie as McClintock
movie 1966 Doctor in Clover as Sir Lancelot Spratt
movie 1966 Lange Beine - lange Finger as Sir Hammond
tv movie 1966 Lucy in London
movie 1966 The Trygon Factor as Sir John
movie 1965 The Face of Fu Manchu as Sir Charles
movie 1965 Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines or How I Flew from London to Paris in 25 hours 11 minutes as Narration Spoken by
movie 1965 Up from the Beach as British beachmaster
movie 1965 You Must Be Joking! as Librarian
movie 1964 Father Came Too! as Sir Beverly Grant
movie 1963 Das Feuerschiff as Kapitän Freytag
movie 1963 Doctor in Distress as Sir Lancelot Spratt
movie 1963 Dr. Crippen as Captain McKenzie
movie 1963 Mystery Submarine as RAdm. Rainbird
movie 1962 A Pair of Briefs as Mr. Justice Haddon
movie 1962 Crooks Anonymous as Sir Harvey Russelrod
movie 1962 Guns of Darkness as Hugo Bryant
movie 1962 Le repos du guerrier as Katov, Sculptor
movie 1962 The Fast Lady as Charles Chingford
movie 1961 Murder She Said as Ackenthorpe
movie 1961 Raising the Wind as Sir Benjamin Boyd
movie 1961 The Guns of Navarone as Prologue Narrated by
movie 1961 Very Important Person as Sir Ernest Pease KBE FRS
movie 1960 A French Mistress as Robert Martin
movie 1960 Die Botschafterin as Robert Morrison
movie 1960 Doctor in Love as Sir Lancelot Spratt
movie 1960 Foxhole in Cairo as Capt. Robertson
movie 1959 Upstairs and Downstairs as Mansfield
movie 1958 Orders to Kill as Naval Commander
movie 1958 Thérèse Étienne as Anton Muller
movie 1957 Campbell's Kingdom as James MacDonald
movie 1957 Doctor at Large as Sir Lancelot Spratt
movie 1957 Seven Thunders as Dr. Martout
movie 1957 Souvenir d'Italie
movie 1957 The Living Idol as Doctor Alfred Stoner
movie 1956 Checkpoint as Warren Ingram
movie 1956 Moby Dick as Captain Boomer
movie 1956 The Iron Petticoat as Colonel Sklarnoff
movie 1955 Above Us the Waves as Adm. Ryder
movie 1955 An Alligator Named Daisy as Sir James Colebrook
movie 1955 Challenge of the North as Narrator
movie 1955 Doctor at Sea as Capt. Hogg
movie 1955 Land of the Pharaohs as Vashtar, the Master Architect
movie 1955 Out of the Clouds as Captain Brent
movie 1955 Storm Over the Nile as General Burroughs
movie 1954 Doctor in the House as Sir Lancelot Spratt
movie 1953 Rob Roy: The Highland Rogue as Duke Campbell, of Argyll
movie 1953 The Sword and the Rose as King Henry VIII
movie 1952 Les Miserables as Robert
movie 1952 Miss Robin Hood as The Macalister
movie 1952 The Story of Robin Hood and His Merrie Men as Little John
movie 1952 The Voice of Merrill as Jonathan Roche
movie 1951 Anne of the Indies as Red Dougal
movie 1951 Blackmailed as Mr. Sine
movie 1951 Captain Horatio Hornblower R.N. as Seaman Quist
movie 1951 David and Bathsheba as Abishai
movie 1951 Pool of London as Engine Room Officer Trotter
movie 1951 The Lady Says No as Matthew Hatch
movie 1950 My Daughter Joy as Prof. Keval
movie 1950 Prelude to Fame as Sir Arthur Harold
movie 1950 The Black Rose as Simeon Beautrie
movie 1950 The Magnet as Tramp
movie 1949 Christopher Columbus as Martin Alonso Pinzon
movie 1949 Poet's Pub as Prof. Benbow
movie 1949 Private Angelo as Feste
movie 1949 Stop Press Girl as Arthur Peters
movie 1949 Whisky Galore! as Dr. Maclaren
movie 1948 Against the Wind as Ackerman
movie 1948 My Brother Jonathan as Eugene Dakers
movie 1948 Quartet as Branksome
movie 1948 Scott of the Antarctic as Taff Evans
movie 1948 Vice Versa as Dr. Grimstone
movie 1947 Hungry Hill as Minor Role
movie 1946 Appointment with Crime as Prison Governor
movie 1944 Champagne Charlie as Patron
movie 1944 Fiddlers Three as Centurion of the 8th legion
movie 1944 For Those in Peril as Operations Room Officer

James Robertson Justice on Youtube

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Clip from the 1954 film: Doctor in the House.

Starring James Robertson Justice, Charles Hawtrey, Robin Hawdon, Dawn Addams, Valerie Leon, and Yutte Stensgaard (Hubba, hubba!). Directed (badly) by ...