James Urbaniak

James Christian Urbaniak (born September 17, 1963) is an American actor. One of his first noteworthy roles was in the avant-garde playwright/director Richard Foreman's The Universe, for which Urbaniak won an Obie. He has also been acclaimed for his acting in the films Henry Fool and American Splendor, playing legendary illustrator R. Crumb and the play Thom Pain (based on nothing), for which he was nominated for a Drama Desk Award. He provides the voice for Dr. Thaddeus Venture on The Venture ... more on Wikipedia

James Urbaniak Filmography

movie 2015 Ned Rifle as Simon Grim
movie 2014 Advantageous as Fisher
movie 2014 Happy Baby as Mr. Gracie
movie 2014 Such Good People as Dr. Cooper Whitehead, Ph.D.
movie 2014 The Occupants as Glen
movie 2013 Bitter Orange as Sweetie
movie 2013 iSteve as Bill Gates
movie 2013 Meme Comes to Life and Is Pissed! as Pervert Dad
tv series 2013 Law of the Land as Pierre Le Pieu
tv series 2013 The Office: The Farewells
movie 2012 From the Head as Danny
movie 2012 Manhattan Mixup as Ernst
movie 2012 Mr. Gracie as Mr. Gracie
video movie 2012 Topic A with James Urbaniak: Millennials as James Urbaniak
tv series 2012 Cleve Dixon: Terrible Detective as Henrik Habersteam
tv series 2012 Pop Culture Memory Lane as Himself
tv movie 2011 Cinema Verite as Dick Cavett
tv movie 2011 Circling the Drain as Jeremy Fetchit
movie 2011 Sound of My Voice as Mr. Pritchett
movie 2011 The Music Never Stopped as Mike Tappin
tv series 2011 Topic A with James Urbaniak as James Urbaniak
movie 2010 A Night of 140 Tweets: A Celebrity Tweet-A-Thon for Haiti as Himself
movie 2010 Beware the Gonzo as Principal Roy
movie 2010 Drones as Pete
movie 2010 Hello Lonesome as Gary
movie 2010 Human Centipede Anonymous as James
movie 2010 MindFlux as Himself
video movie 2010 Topic A with James Urbaniak: Jumping the Shark as James Urbaniak
tv movie 2010 You Don't Know Jack as Jack Lessenberry
tv movie 2009 Snake 'n' Bacon as Bacon
movie 2008 The Bentfootes as Jim Raritan
movie 2008 The Diagnosis as Dr. Besman
movie 2007 Across the Universe as Sadie's Manager
movie 2007 Chicago 10 as Rennie Davis
video movie 2007 The Making of 'Fay Grim' or: How Do You Spell Espionage? as Himself
movie 2007 The Nanny Diaries as Educational Consultant
movie 2006 Death of a President as Dr. James Pearn
movie 2006 Fay Grim as Simon Grim
movie 2006 The Last Romantic as Alex Scarvey
tv movie 2006 Wanderlust as Himself
movie 2005 Fortunes as Lewis Croshere
movie 2005 Road as The Ranger
movie 2005 The Girl from Monday as Funk
movie 2004 B Movie as Professor Friend
movie 2004 Boutique as Nick
movie 2004 Thanksgiving as Willy
tv series 2004 Hi no tori as Susanoo
movie 2003 American Splendor as Robert Crumb
movie 2003 Briar Patch as Druden Hunt
movie 2003 Grasshopper as James
movie 2003 Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde as Lab Technician
movie 2002 Confessions of a Dangerous Mind as Rod Flexner
movie 2002 Daypass as Simple Simon
movie 2002 Passengers as Man
movie 2002 Teknolust as Agent Hopper
movie 2001 No Such Thing as Concierge
movie 2001 Upheaval
movie 2000 The Intern as Olivier Di Santo
movie 1999 Ride with the Devil as Poker Player
movie 1999 Sweet and Lowdown as Harry
movie 1998 Aphrodisiac as Deli Assistant
movie 1998 The Book of Life as True Believer
movie 1997 Henry Fool as Simon Grim
movie 1997 The Sticky Fingers of Time as Isaac
movie 1994 NYC 3/94
movie 1994 Opera No. 1 as James
tv series Pig Goat Banana Cricket as Cricket

James Urbaniak on Youtube

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