Jamie Gillis

Jamie Gillis (born James Ira Gurman; April 20, 1943 ? February 19, 2010) was an American pornographic actor, director and member of the AVN Hall of Fame. ... more on Wikipedia

Jamie Gillis Filmography

movie 2013 The Sarnos: A Life in Dirty Movies as Himself
movie 2008 American Swing as Himself
movie 2008 Wrangler: Anatomy of an Icon as Himself - Adult Film Star & Producer
video movie 2006 8mm Madness!
video movie 2006 Eurotrash Collection: 8mm Madness Part 3 as Second Man in 'Pizza' Loop
movie 2005 Die You Zombie Bastards! as Stavros
video movie 2004 Best Scenes of Dirty Debutantes 2 as Himself
video movie 2004 Teenage Christy Canyon
video movie 2003 Deep Inside Ginger Lynn
video movie 2003 Sorority Sluts, Vol. 1
movie 2003 The Night We Called It a Day
video movie 2002 Sunset Stripped as Rocklyn Davis
video movie 2001 Edge Play as Doctor
video movie 2001 Virgin Kink 17
video movie 2000 Bad Intentions
video movie 2000 Humiliation of Heidi
video movie 1999 Dark Garden
video movie 1999 Devious Old Gillis
video movie 1999 Secrets of the Flesh as Narrator
video movie 1999 Swedish Erotica Four Hour, Vol. 19
video movie 1999 The Top 25 Adult Stars of All Time
video movie 1999 Torment 1
video movie 1998 Back on the Prowl
video movie 1998 Back on the Prowl 2
video movie 1998 Back on the Prowl 3
video movie 1998 Forever Night as Lothar
video movie 1998 Freak as Squirt
video movie 1998 Masseuse 3
video movie 1998 Screw My Wife Please 4: Harder as Himself
video movie 1998 Screw My Wife Please 5: Deeper as Himself
video movie 1997 New Wave Hookers 5 as Julius
video movie 1997 Power Play
video movie 1996 Bobby Sox
video movie 1996 Deep Inside Brittany O'Connell
video movie 1996 Dirty Bob's Xcellent Adventures 27 as Himself
video movie 1996 Dirty Dirty Debutantes 2
video movie 1996 GoldenRod as Gen. Cortez
video movie 1996 Inner City Black Cheerleader Search 6
video movie 1996 Sex for Hire
video movie 1996 Virgin Dreams
video movie 1996 Wacky World of Ed Powers
video movie 1995 Fresh Meat: A Ghost Story as Inspector La Rue
video movie 1995 Hot Crotch Coochies
video movie 1995 Kink: Police Chronicles
video movie 1995 More Dirty Debutantes 41 as Jamie Gillis
video movie 1995 More Dirty Debutantes 47
video movie 1994 Bloopers
video movie 1994 More Bad Girl Handling
video movie 1993 Anal Annie and the Men in Her Life
video movie 1993 Deep Inside Dirty Debutantes 4 as Himself
video movie 1993 Dog Walker
video movie 1993 Double Trouble Spanking
video movie 1993 Gangbang Girl 9
video movie 1993 Hollywood Exposed 2
video movie 1993 Slave to Love as The Priest
video movie 1993 Taboo XI
video movie 1993 The Rehearsal
video movie 1992 Anal Extasy
video movie 1992 Anal Inferno
movie 1992 Anal Madness
video movie 1992 Angels as Jerk-Off Sam
video movie 1992 Bad as Father
video movie 1992 Blue Angel as Detective Jim Turner
video movie 1992 Blue Angel: Part II as Jim Turner
video movie 1992 Bruised Buns
video movie 1992 Captain Butt's Beach
video movie 1992 Domestic Training
video movie 1992 Gangbang Girl 6
video movie 1992 Hard-line Sessions
video movie 1992 Leather Belt, Red Cheeks
video movie 1992 Sin City: The Movie as Sinello Mentor
video movie 1992 Teaching Her a Lesson
video movie 1992 The Best of Talk Dirty, Vol. 1
video movie 1992 True Legends of Adult Cinema: The Erotic 80's
video movie 1992 Uncle Jamie's Double Trouble as Uncle Jamie
video movie 1992 On the Prowl in Paris
video movie 1991 Anal Starlets
video movie 1991 Curse of the Cat Woman as Franklin
movie 1991 Daddy Gets Punished
video movie 1991 Dances with Foxes as Tony
video movie 1991 Dr. Butts
movie 1991 Fixation
video movie 1991 More Dirty Debutantes 7
video movie 1991 On the Prowl II
movie 1991 Playin' Dirty
movie 1991 Postcards from Abroad
video movie 1991 Pretty Peaches and the Quest. as Televangelist
movie 1991 Second Skin as Vincent Dante
video movie 1991 She Had It Coming
video movie 1991 Slick Honey as Mr. Smith
video movie 1991 Stars Who Do Deep Throat
video movie 1991 Taboo IX
video movie 1991 Talk Dirty to Me: Part Six as Ray
video movie 1991 The Tasting
movie 1991 Punished Sex Offenders
movie 1990 Abused Husband
video movie 1990 Backdoor Desires
video movie 1990 Backdoor to Paradise
movie 1990 Diaries of Fire & Ice, Part II
video movie 1990 Fantasy Nights
video movie 1990 Ginger Then and Now
movie 1990 Hot Scalding as Philip
movie 1990 Juicy Lucy
movie 1990 Live Bi Me
movie 1990 Meltdown
movie 1990 Midnight Woman
movie 1990 Mummy Dearest
movie 1990 Nothing But Contempt
video movie 1990 Princess of the Night
video movie 1990 Silver Tongue and Hot Rod as Hot Rod
movie 1990 The Casting Whip
video movie 1990 The Last Resort as Mr. Shapiro
video movie 1990 The Naked Truth
video movie 1990 The Violation of Tori Welles
movie 1990 The Whore as Don Lucano
video movie 1990 Tori Welles Exposed
video movie 1990 Vogue as The Voyeur
video movie 1990 Walking Toilet Bowl 1
video movie 1990 Takeout Torture
movie 1989 Alien Space Avenger as Businessman
video movie 1989 All the Best, Barbara as Jamie
movie 1989 At the Pornies
video movie 1989 BlackMan as Poker
movie 1989 Clinique
movie 1989 Diaries of Fire & Ice
video movie 1989 Dirty Debutantes as Himself
video movie 1989 Dirty Lingerie
movie 1989 Enrapture as James
video movie 1989 Girls of the Double D 13
movie 1989 Head Lock as Joe Morrison
movie 1989 Honey Buns
movie 1989 Journey Into Bondage
movie 1989 Last Rumba in Paris
video movie 1989 Leather and Lace
movie 1989 Loose Ends VI
movie 1989 Midnight Baller
video movie 1989 More Dirty Debutantes
video movie 1989 More Dirty Debutantes 5 as Himself
video movie 1989 On the Prowl as Himself
movie 1989 Phantom X
video movie 1989 Superstars of the '80s
video movie 1989 Taboo VII: The Wild and the Innocent as Liz's Friend
video movie 1989 Tales of Taija Rae
video movie 1989 The Adventures of Buttman as Eddie
video movie 1989 The Bitter End as Theodore 'Top Cat' Ginsberg
video movie 1989 The Hottest Ticket
movie 1989 The Phantom of the Cabaret
movie 1989 The Phantom of the Cabaret II as The Phantom
movie 1989 They Call Me Sugar Candie
movie 1989 Trans Europe Express
video movie 1989 Trouble as Judge
movie 1989 Up Up and Away as Mr. Margold
movie 1989 Young Nurses in Love as Dr. Spencer
movie 1988 A Taste of Money as Himself
movie 1988 A Thousand and One Erotic Nights Part II: The Forbidden Tales as The Judge
movie 1988 Baby Face 2 as Male stripper
video movie 1988 Backdoor Summer
video movie 1988 Black Widow as Beam
video movie 1988 Blue Vanities 34
video movie 1988 Blue Vanities 46
video movie 1988 Blue Vanities 48
movie 1988 Cab-o-lay
movie 1988 Celebrity Presents Celebrity
video movie 1988 Classic Seka as Harold
movie 1988 Dy-nasty
video movie 1988 Forbidden Worlds
video movie 1988 Ginger: The Movie
movie 1988 L'Amour as Jerry
video movie 1988 Limousine's Escort Girls as Guy on Couch
movie 1988 Mrs. Robbins
video movie 1988 Only the Best of Breasts
video movie 1988 Only the Best of Oral
movie 1988 Oral Ecstasy 4
video movie 1988 Outrageous Orgies 1
video movie 1988 Outrageous Orgies 2
movie 1988 Pretty Peaches 2 as Granny
movie 1988 Rhine Waltz
video movie 1988 Robo Fox II: 'The Collector' as The Collector
video movie 1988 Romeo and Juliet Part II as Bill
video movie 1988 Seka as Franco Frenorelli
movie 1988 Sex and the Secretary
movie 1988 Showdown as Alvin
movie 1988 Who Dun Who
video movie 1987 Afro Erotica 17
video movie 1987 Babes in Joyland as Seducer
movie 1987 Bad Attitude
video movie 1987 Classic Swedish Erotica 27
video movie 1987 Classic Swedish Erotica 28
video movie 1987 Dangerous Women as Photographer
video movie 1987 Deep Throat II as Sen. Liplock
movie 1987 Deranged as Eugene
video movie 1987 DreamGirls as Parking Law Violator
movie 1987 Ecstasy Girls II as Jerry Martin
video movie 1987 Ginger & Spice as Male Prostitute
video movie 1987 Golden Gate Girls
video movie 1987 Legends of Porn
movie 1987 Let's Get It On
movie 1987 Lifestyles of the Blonde and Dirty as Thug
movie 1987 Lust on the Orient Xpress
video movie 1987 Oral Majority 3: The Lust Continues...
movie 1987 Oral Majority 4
video movie 1987 Porn in the U.S.A. II
movie 1987 Pure Honey
movie 1987 Raw Talent II as Union Man
movie 1987 San Fernando Valley Girls as Max
video movie 1987 Sex Maniacs
movie 1987 Street Heat as Rick Du Par
movie 1987 Too Hot to Touch as Danny
video movie 1987 Toys 4 Us
video movie 1987 Woman in the Window
movie 1986 52 Pick-Up as Party Goer
movie 1986 Bad Girls IV as Jamie Hunt
video movie 1986 Behind Blue Eyes
movie 1986 Beverly Hills Cox as Bob Belson
video movie 1986 Blame It on Ginger as Warren
movie 1986 Classic Swedish Erotica 8
movie 1986 Debbie Does 'em All as Antone
movie 1986 Erotic City as Fred Kingsley
movie 1986 Famous Ta-Tas
video movie 1986 Getting L.A.'d
video movie 1986 Ginger's Greatest Boy/Girl Hits as Jamie
video movie 1986 Girls of Paradise
video movie 1986 Good to the Last Drop
movie 1986 If Looks Could Kill as Jack Devonoff
video movie 1986 Please Don't Stop as Pierce
movie 1986 Secret Loves
video movie 1986 Sex Asylum II
movie 1986 Sexy Delights
video movie 1986 Sweat
movie 1986 Sweet Revenge
video movie 1986 Taboo V as Dr. Jeremy Lodge
video movie 1986 Taxi Girls Part II: In Search of Toni as Commander
movie 1986 Terms of Endowment
movie 1986 The Bigger the Better
video movie 1986 This Stud's for You
video movie 1986 Three Faces of Angel
movie 1986 Trinity Brown
movie 1986 Turkish Delight
video movie 1986 W-PINK II
video movie 1986 With Love, Lisa
video movie 1986 Women in Uniform
video movie 1986 WPINK-tv 2
movie 1985 A Coming of Angels: 'The Sequel' as Senator Campbell
video movie 1985 A Night for Legends: First Annual XRCO Adult Film Awards as Himself
video movie 1985 Adult 45 as Jamie
movie 1985 Anal Annie Just Can't Say No
movie 1985 Awesome Assets
movie 1985 Blue Ice as Big Man
movie 1985 Blue Ribbon Blue as Mark
video movie 1985 Centerfold Celebrities 5
movie 1985 Cock-Tales
movie 1985 Corporate Assets as Dan
video movie 1985 Cumshot Revue 2
movie 1985 Diary of a Bad Girl
video movie 1985 Erotic Gold as Jamie
video movie 1985 Erotic Gold 2
video movie 1985 Erotic Zone as Ellis
movie 1985 Golden Girls: The Movie
movie 1985 Hot Nights at the Blue Note Cafe
video movie 1985 Hot Wire
movie 1985 How Do You Like It?
video movie 1985 Illusions of Ecstasy as Merlin
video movie 1985 Jawbreakers
movie 1985 Joys of Erotica 113
video movie 1985 Nasty
movie 1985 New Wave Hookers as Jimmy
video movie 1985 Perfect Partners as Stud No. 1
video movie 1985 Physical II as Guy #14
movie 1985 Private Practice
movie 1985 Slip Into Silk as Harry
movie 1985 Squalor Motel as Doorman
movie 1985 Super Seka
movie 1985 Taboo IV: The Younger Generation as Dr. Jeremy Lodge
movie 1985 Ten Little Maidens as Renfro
movie 1985 The Erotic World of Crystal Lake
video movie 1985 The Lusty Adventurer as Guy with Amber Lynn
movie 1985 Thought You'd Never Ask as Bernie Schulz
video movie 1985 Thrill St. Blues as Leroy Morris
movie 1985 Too Naughty to Say No as Sex Maniac
movie 1985 Wild Things as Mr. Luigi
movie 1985 With Love, Annette as Host
movie 1985 With Love, Loni
movie 1985 Working Girls as Hooker
movie 1984 A Little Bit of... Hanky Panky as Dirk
movie 1984 Ball Busters as Officer #1
video movie 1984 Blue Voodoo as Waiter
video movie 1984 Breaking It... A Story About Virgins as Mr. Brown
video movie 1984 Centerfold Celebrities 2
video movie 1984 Centerfold Celebrities 4
video movie 1984 Cherry-etts for Hire
movie 1984 Chocolate Cream
movie 1984 Dirty Girls as Jamie
movie 1984 Fooling Around
movie 1984 For Your Thighs Only
movie 1984 Girls on Fire as Danny Roberts
video movie 1984 Hot Ones
movie 1984 Insatiable II as Steven
movie 1984 Nasty Lady as Bar Owner
video movie 1984 Night of Loving Dangerously as Greg Harrison
video movie 1984 On Golden Blonde as Janet's Boyfriend #1
movie 1984 One Night at a Time as Mitchell
video movie 1984 Oriental Temptations as Visitor in White Suit
video movie 1984 Running Wild as Jake
movie 1984 Samurai Dick
movie 1984 Soft as Silk Sweet as Honey
movie 1984 Stocks and Blondes
movie 1984 Talk Dirty to Me Part III as Marty
video movie 1983 Babylon Gold
video movie 1983 Captives as Daddy
movie 1983 Coffee, Tea or Me as Capt. Hoppy Schwartz
movie 1983 Corruption as Williams
movie 1983 Eighth Erotic Film Festifal
movie 1983 Feels Like Silk as Jamie
movie 1983 Flesh and Laces as Harry
movie 1983 Flesh and Laces: Part II as Harry
video movie 1983 Flight Sensations
movie 1983 Girlfriends as 'Suck-off' announcer
movie 1983 Hot Dreams as John Van Zandt
video movie 1983 Lusty Ladies
movie 1983 Midnight Heat as Alan
movie 1983 My Sinful Life
movie 1983 Naughty Girls Need Love Too as Dr. Kern
movie 1983 Pleasure Zone as Paul
movie 1983 Sex in Public Places
movie 1983 Snow Honeys
video movie 1983 Super Sex as Simon Black
movie 1983 Sweet Alice as Bearded Actor in Adult Film
movie 1983 That's Outrageous as Paul
movie 1983 The Dark Angel
movie 1983 Virginia as Artist
movie 1983 Wine Me, Dine Me, 69 Me as Sugarman
movie 1982 All About Annette as Himself
movie 1982 Marathon
movie 1982 Swedish Erotica 43
movie 1982 The Starmaker as Himself
movie 1982 Wanda Whips Wall Street as Lou Perrini
movie 1981 Amanda by Night as Friday
movie 1981 Beauty as Martin Gross
movie 1981 Blonde Ambition as G.W.T.W. Director
movie 1981 Love Goddesses as Jamie Gillis
movie 1981 Neon Nights as Robert
movie 1981 Night of the Zombies as Nick Monroe
movie 1981 Nighthawks as Designer
movie 1981 Pandora's Mirror as Peter
movie 1981 Physical as Guy in Blazing Buns
movie 1981 Roommates as Joel
movie 1981 Sexual Heights as Ron
movie 1981 Swedish Erotica 11
movie 1981 Swedish Erotica 12 as Bartender
movie 1981 Swedish Erotica 14
movie 1981 Swedish Erotica 7
movie 1981 Tara Tara Tara Tara as Photographer
movie 1981 Undulations as Himself
movie 1981 Vista Valley PTA
video movie 1981 Wet Shots
movie 1981 World of Henry Paris
movie 1980 A Woman's Dream as Bubba
movie 1980 Aunt Peg as Franco Frenorelli
movie 1980 Blue Ecstasy in New York as Mark
movie 1980 Chained
movie 1980 Co-Ed Fever as Jamie
movie 1980 Dracula Exotica as Count Dracula
movie 1980 High School Memories as Coach Salinas
movie 1980 Hot Love
movie 1980 Midnight Blue 2
movie 1980 Night Flight
movie 1980 Rockin' with Seka or... Seka's Cruise as Franco
movie 1980 Serena: An Adult Fairytale as Mr. Thomas
video movie 1980 Submission of Serena
movie 1980 The Seduction of Cindy as Richie
movie 1980 The Sensuous Detective
movie 1980 Ultra Flesh as Sugarman
movie 1979 800 Fantasy Lane as Vic Derges
movie 1979 Bang Bash
movie 1979 Bound
movie 1979 Extreme Close-Up as George Farr
movie 1979 For the Love of Pleasure as Simon
movie 1979 French Wives as Marcel in Hat
movie 1979 Fulfilling Young Cups as Police Officer Smith
movie 1979 Heavenly Desire as Harold
movie 1979 Little Blue Box as Stacy
movie 1979 More Than Sisters as Dr. Alan Bannister
movie 1979 N.Y. Babes as Mr. O'Kalley
movie 1979 Pleasure Palace as Joe Goodson
movie 1979 Screwples as Larry
movie 1979 Sensual Fire as Roy
movie 1979 Steam Heat as Faith's Slave
movie 1979 Summer Heat as Patrick
movie 1979 Taxi Girls as Sam
movie 1979 That's Erotic as Second Guy in Plaid Shirt
movie 1979 That's Porno
movie 1979 The Ecstasy Girls as Jerry Martin
movie 1978 All About Gloria Leonard as Himself
movie 1978 Dracula Sucks as Dracula
movie 1978 Fiona on Fire as Steven Forneau
movie 1978 Hollywood Goes Hard as Guy with Transsexual
movie 1978 Hot Honey as Michael
movie 1978 Manhole
movie 1978 People as Carl
movie 1978 Skin-Flicks as Norman
movie 1978 Slave of Pleasure as Henri Picard
movie 1978 The Final Test as Gordon
movie 1978 The Ganja Express as Tony
movie 1977 A Coming of Angels as Mark
movie 1977 Barbara Broadcast as Curley
movie 1977 Big Thumbs as Porn Star
movie 1977 Captain Lust as Captain Surecock
movie 1977 French Postcard Girls as 'Cowboy'
movie 1977 Invasion of the Love Drones as Drone Mass Leader
movie 1977 Little Orphan Sammy as Dah the Chauffeur
movie 1977 Lustful Feelings as Tony
movie 1977 Obsessed as The Secretary's Fantasy Man
movie 1977 Sharon as Party Guy in Third Bedroom
movie 1977 Sweet Wet Lips as Abuser with Gun
movie 1977 Teenage Bikers as Lee
movie 1977 The Violation of Claudia as Kip
movie 1977 Water Power as Burt - The Enema Bandit
movie 1976 Blowdry as Percy
movie 1976 Dominatrix Without Mercy as Walter
movie 1976 Midnight Desires as Martin Van Nostrand
movie 1976 Misty as Edgar
movie 1976 One Last Fling as Bert
movie 1976 Patty
movie 1976 Saturday Night Special as Frank
movie 1976 Seduction as Derrick
video movie 1976 Street Girls of New York as Gus
movie 1976 That Lady from Rio as Mr. Shelby
movie 1976 The Double Exposure of Holly as Archie
movie 1976 The Opening of Misty Beethoven as Dr. Seymour Love
movie 1976 Through the Looking Glass as Demon
movie 1976 Winter Heat as Stevie
movie 1975 Abigail Lesley Is Back in Town as Gordon Howe
movie 1975 Baby Oil as Sexalvanian Ambassador
movie 1975 Boy-napped as Durell
movie 1975 Couples as Bob
movie 1975 Every Inch a Lady as 1st Customer
movie 1975 Heavy Load as Faith's Guy
movie 1975 Illusion of Love
movie 1975 Kathy's Graduation Present as Jim
movie 1975 Keep on Truckin'
movie 1975 Night After Night as Sam
movie 1975 Oriental Blue as Brock
movie 1975 Sex Fantasies
movie 1975 Sexteen as Jay
movie 1975 Slip Up as Dr. Charles Cherrypopper
movie 1975 Sometime Sweet Susan as Rapist #1
movie 1975 Teenage Playmates
movie 1975 The Big Con as Customer
movie 1975 The Defiance of Good as Dr. Gabriels Patient
movie 1975 The Fireworks Woman as Orgy Guy
movie 1975 The Hot Oven as Herbie
movie 1975 The Mount of Venus as Jupiter Stormbringer
movie 1975 The Passions of Carol as The Hatchets
movie 1975 The Story of Joanna as Jason
movie 1975 The Vixens of Kung Fu (A Tale of Yin Yang) as Hunter - Tan Jacket
movie 1975 To Man, from Woman
movie 1975 Too Many Pieces as Dominating Guy
movie 1975 Two Senoritas as Husband
movie 1975 Wet Rock
movie 1975 When a Woman Calls as Michael Conway
movie 1975 Wild Girls as Buck
movie 1975 Wild Pussycats
movie 1974 Angel Number 9 as Jeff Williams
movie 1974 Barbie's Fantasy as Alan
movie 1974 Come Fly with Us as Lord Kitchener
movie 1974 Deep Throat Part II as American Agent
movie 1974 Fantasy Girls as Submissive Customer
movie 1974 Hotel Hooker
movie 1974 Illusions of a Lady as Stuart
movie 1974 Lady on the Couch as Psychiatrist
movie 1974 Los banditos as Pancho
movie 1974 Portrait as Guy in Yellow Tank Top
movie 1974 South of the Border as Pancho
movie 1974 Sweet & Sour as Photographer
movie 1974 Teenage Cheerleader as Injured Player
movie 1974 Teenage Nurses as Patient Next to Joe
movie 1974 Teenage Step-mother as Harvey Guildenstern
movie 1974 The Birthday Ball as Roger
movie 1974 The Blowhard as Guy on Rug in Blue
movie 1974 The Likes of Louise as Pete
movie 1974 The Love Bus as Dr. Scheisekopf
movie 1974 The Private Afternoons of Pamela Mann as Rapist
movie 1974 The Seduction of Lyn Carter as Sean
movie 1973 All in the Sex Family as Uncle Clyde
movie 1973 Come and Be Purified as Father Sexus
movie 1973 Curious Women
movie 1973 Devil's Due as Cult Member
movie 1973 Flying Acquaintances as Max Dizzy
movie 1973 High Rise as Jack
movie 1973 Hypnorotica
movie 1973 It Happened in Hollywood as Photographer
movie 1973 Joe Rock Superstar as Drummer
movie 1973 Linda Can't Stop as Daniel
movie 1973 Madame Zenobia as John - The Ghost
movie 1973 Over Sexposure as Phil
movie 1973 Prurient Interest
movie 1973 Road Service as Stranded Motorist
movie 1973 Sleepy Head as Model
movie 1973 The New Comers
movie 1973 The Porn Brokers
movie 1972 Deep Sleep as Guy in Hammock
movie 1972 Dynamite as Mr. Converse
movie 1972 Fongaluli as Orgiast
movie 1972 Forbidden Under Censorship of the King as Ted Mitchell
movie 1972 Like Mother... Like Daughter
movie 1972 Rosebud as Don
movie 1972 Sexual Customs in Scandinavia as Male Model
movie 1972 The Trials of Chickie Tetrazzini as The Detective
movie 1971 Love in the Rain as Steve
movie The Gent as Himself

Jamie Gillis on Youtube

Jamie Gillis stars as Burt, The Enema Bandit, in Shaun Costello's notorious adult feature film WATERPOWER.

Adult Cinema and New York Grindhouse legend Jamie Gillis passed away this past February. He was 66 years old, a native New Yorker and one of the stars of ...

Before he became one of the most famous and important horror filmmakers of the 1980s, Bill Lustig directed this X rated rarity. In HOT HONEY, young Honey (He ...

Watch the unabridged version here: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xtt90a_the-ecstasy-girls-1979-trailer_sexy Edited trailer for a US adult film. Director: ...