Jamie Smith-Jackson

Jamie Smith-Jackson Filmography

movie 1994 Seers & Clowns
movie 1989 Yes We Can
tv movie 1986 The Right of the People as Angela
tv movie 1981 Life, Liberty and Pursuit on the Planet of the Apes as Girl
tv movie 1978 Having Babies III as Marnie Bridges
tv movie 1978 Night Cries as Peggy Barton
tv movie 1977 Having Babies II
movie 1976 All the President's Men as Post Librarian
tv movie 1976 Stalk the Wild Child as Andrea
movie 1975 Bug as Norma Tacker
tv movie 1974 House of Evil
tv movie 1974 Remember When as Joanna
movie 1973 Breezy as Marcy
tv movie 1973 Go Ask Alice as Alice
tv movie 1973 Lisa, Bright and Dark as Betsy Goodman
tv movie 1973 Satan's School for Girls as Debbie
tv movie 1973 The Affair as Jennifer

Jamie Smith-Jackson on Youtube

Clip(first few minutes)from the 1973 TV movie. Based on the best-selling book, GO ASK ALICE recounts a young girl's ultimately fatal experiences with drugs i...

"Alice" was the pseudonym of the teen-aged author who (allegedly) wrote the book upon which this above-average TV movie was based. Jamie Smith-Jackson ...

Make it a Bionic Halloween with "The Vega Influence." It's "Bionic Woman" meets "The Andromeda Strain," with elements of "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" and ...

"The picture you see with your eyes closed." The trailer for Bug(1975) starring Bradford Dillman, Joanna Miles, Richard Gilliland, Jamie Smith-Jackson, Alan ...