Jane Wood

Jane Wood Filmography

movie 2011 Caecilia
video movie 2007 The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones: Love's Sweet Song as Chairwoman
movie 2004 Vera Drake as Prisoner
video movie 2003 She Stoops to Conquer as Mrs. Hardcastle
tv movie 2002 Shipman as Kath Shaw
tv movie 2000 Hero of the Hour as Mo
tv movie 2000 The Railway Children as Mrs Viney
tv movie 1997 Cold Enough for Snow as Heather at the Dry Cleaners
movie 1995 Persuasion as Nurse Rooke
tv series 1992 A Time to Dance as Landlady
tv movie 1991 Smack and Thistle as Mildred
tv movie 1989 Ball-Trap on the Cote Sauvage as Mrs. In-The-Trade
tv movie 1989 First and Last as Hill Farmer's Wife
tv movie 1989 Precious Bane as Mrs. Sarn
movie 1988 The Raggedy Rawney as Vie
movie 1987 Fraud!
movie 1985 She'll Be Wearing Pink Pyjamas as Judith
movie 1984 Lassiter as Mrs. Mary Becker
tv movie 1984 Sakharov as Witness at Trial
tv movie 1983 Nelly's Version as Hotel maid
movie 1973 The 14 as Sister Dolores
tv movie 1972 A Day Out as Wife
movie 1972 The Ragman's Daughter as Tony's Wife
tv series 1967 Ways with Words
tv series 1964 Crossroads as Judith Bradley

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Here we have Jane Lawrance who has just purchased a D.I.Y Pizza oven kit for her fiances birthday gift, and I bet he will be extremely happy with his present...

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Rehearsal: Jane Wood, Music Gallery, May 25, 2013 Still Life Composer: Brian Harman Videographer: Danilo Ursini Model: Nina Arsenault Pianist: Jane Wood ...