Janet Carroll

Janet Carroll Filmography

tv movie 2011 Christmas Spirit as Betty
movie 2011 What Happens Next as Gloria
movie 2009 (Untitled) as Helen Finkelstein
movie 2009 College Debts as Grandma Clare
video movie 2009 The Art of War III: Retribution as Secretary General Barnes
movie 2007 Beyond the Quest as Julia Baron
movie 2005 Confession as Mother Superior
movie 2005 Living 'til the End as Constance Whilton
movie 2004 The Substitute Waiter as Janet
movie 2002 Changing Hearts as Mrs. Lane
movie 2002 Enough as Mrs. Hiller
movie 2002 The Marriage Undone as Judge Dunbar
movie 2001 All You Need as Jane Sabistan
movie 1999 Forces of Nature as Barbara Holmes
movie 1999 The Omega Code as Dorothy Thompson
movie 1999 Ugly Naked People as Gwenn Cohen
tv movie 1995 Betrayed: A Story of Three Women as Patty
movie 1995 Born to Be Wild as Judge Billings
movie 1995 Destiny Turns on the Radio as Escabel
movie 1995 Timemaster as Miss Spinell
tv movie 1993 This Joint Is Jumpin' as Herself
tv movie 1991 Daughters of Privilege as Gail Brody
tv movie 1991 One Special Victory
movie 1991 Talent for the Game as Rachel Bodeen
movie 1989 Family Business as Margie
movie 1989 The Platinum Triangle as Lt. Smith
tv movie 1989 When He's Not a Stranger as Counselor
movie 1988 Astronomy as Flora, Housewife
movie 1988 Memories of Me as Dorothy Davis
tv movie 1988 Sharing Richard
tv movie 1987 Bluffing It as Margaret Duggan
movie 1987 The Killing Time as Lila Daggett
tv movie 1986 Samaritan: The Mitch Snyder Story as Susan Baker
tv movie 1986 The Right of the People as Marjorie
movie 1985 Secret Admirer as Toni's Mother
tv series 1985 Double Dare as Lt. Samantha Warner
tv movie 1984 Getting Physical as Myra Gibley
tv series 1984 I Gave at the Office as Janet Holloway
movie 1983 Risky Business as Joel's Mother
tv movie 1981 Chicago Story

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Trailer for Sidney Lumet's film starring Sean Connery, Dustin Hoffman, Matthew Broderick, Rosanna DeSoto, Janet Carroll, Victoria Jackson, Rex Everhart, Sale.

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