Jason Asuncion

Jason Asuncion Filmography

movie 2015 Seventh Son as Mongolian
movie 2014 Peelers as Farmer John
movie 2013 Don't Be a Hero as Corrupt Cop
movie 2013 Dreams Come True as The Stranger
movie 2013 Man of Steel as Chinese Market Vendor
movie 2013 Mayfly as Dr. Michael Uberto
movie 2013 Midnight Stallion as Heavy set cowboy
movie 2013 Pour Retourner as Convict
movie 2013 Scammerhead as Fumicore
movie 2013 Wait Up for You as Brainwashed father
movie 2012 Fraternal: Episode 1 as Bodyguard
movie 2012 Hard-Bitten as Wesley
movie 2012 Idiots Product & Money 2 as Lead Policeman
movie 2012 Killers in the Forest as Henry
movie 2011 Book of Kings as Detective 1
movie Bloody Knuckles as Brutis
movie Janitors the Movie as Joe

Jason Asuncion on Youtube

CFCY San Diego October Camp 2009 Trailer to talk 2 Jason Asuncion Vincent Bautista Michelle Galgana Missy Manrique.

Coffee Commercial.