Jason Croot

Jason Croot Filmography

movie 2015 Botticelli Murders as Lawrence The Magnificent
movie 2015 Le Fear III: 3D as Pablo
movie 2015 The Descending of Fate as Paul
movie 2015 The Secret of Botticelli as Lawrence the Magnificent
movie 2014 Elevator Gods as Cobra
movie 2014 Le Fear II: Le Sequel as Chafarafa
movie 2014 Monsters on Main Street
movie 2014 My Horrible Love as Farmer Tom
movie 2014 Niccolò Machiavelli il Principe della politica as Ramiro De Lorqua
movie 2014 Prose & Cons as Luca
movie 2014 Vespucci as Juan De la Cosa
movie 2013 Music Therapy as Harry
movie 2013 Roberto as Roberto
movie 2012 Darkness Into Light as Mordecai
movie 2012 Demons and Doors as Marions Dad
movie 2012 Life Just Is as Walahfrid
video movie 2012 Little Creeps
movie 2012 Meeting Place as Bogdan
movie 2012 White City Spleen as Le Mari
movie 2011 Beach Vacancy
video movie 2011 El Rollo Higiénico
movie 2011 Get Ca$h as Fernando
movie 2011 Incidental Weekend as Will
movie 2011 Song of King Solomon as King Solomon
video movie 2011 The Making of Kentina as Dutch
movie 2011 White Admiral
tv series 2011 Sue Ellen
video movie 2010 Behind-the-Scenes of 'Thugs Mugs and Violence': A Director's Journey as Himself
movie 2010 Carmen's Kiss as Carmen's Chief Henchman
video movie 2010 Detroit Social Club: Northern Man as The Northern Man
movie 2010 Freight as Iosef
movie 2010 Kentina as Outlaw Dutch
movie 2010 Le Fear as Rasputin
movie 2010 Rough Cut as Vladmir
movie 2010 Minor League: A Football Story
movie 2009 A Life Wasted as Pete
movie 2009 Stray Baloon as Jayson
movie 2009 Thugs, Mugs and Violence.... as Ras
movie 2009 Truth or Fiction
movie 2009 Umbrage as Adam
movie 2008 Inbetween as Yorkie
movie 2008 LV 16 as Lv 15
video movie 2008 Max Von Sydow and Antonelli's Inbetween
tv series 2008 I'm Kylie's Body Double as Himself
movie 2006 Attack of the Leches as Lech 1
movie 2005 Broken as Harry
movie 2005 Sleepwalk
movie 2004 Alexander as Peasant
movie 2004 The Darkness of Your Dreams as Georgio
movie 2004 The Neighbour as Neighbour
tv movie 2002 Blood Strangers as School Teacher
tv movie 2001 Murder on the Orient Express as Train Guard
movie 2001 The Navigators as Worker
tv movie 2001 Vacuuming Completely Nude in Paradise as Gangster

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Get Cash clips Jason Croot and Denise Moreno http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2907429/

Entrevista a Jason Croot para El Rollo Higiénico. Jason Croot's Acting career started back in 2000, he completed a N.C.F.E in performing arts in his native c...

Hard boiled northern english indie star Jason Croot speaks on his role as Yorkie in Antonelli's new film Inbetween (Download Inbetween for free for limited t...

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