Jason Gray-Stanford

Jason Gray-Stanford Filmography

movie 2014 Earth to Echo as Dr. Lawrence Madsen
movie 2014 Red Sky as Arliss Skidmore
movie 2013 Phantom as Sasha
tv movie 2013 The Husband She Met Online as Craig Miller
movie 2012 Caroline and Jackie as James
movie 2011 Being Bin Laden as Amir
tv movie 2011 Lucky Christmas as Mike
movie 2009 Otis E. as Officer Nelson
video movie 2008 Upstaged
tv series 2008 Puppy Love as Andy
tv movie 2007 Lost in the Dark as Roy Evans
movie 2006 Flags of Our Fathers as Lieutenant Schrier
movie 2006 Lonely Hearts as Officer Chetnick
tv movie 2005 Baker Street Babylon: The Bizarre Afterlife of Sherlock Holmes as Sherlock Holmes
movie 2001 A Beautiful Mind as Ainsley
movie 2001 Last Wedding as Matthew
movie 1999 Mystery, Alaska as Bobby Michan
video movie 1998 Mummies Alive! The Legend Begins
tv movie 1998 The Escape as Young Guard
video movie 1998 The Mighty Kong as Ricky
tv movie 1997 Contagious as E.R. Doctor #3
tv movie 1997 Doomsday Rock as Sgt. Thompson
tv movie 1997 Hostile Force as Arne
tv series 1997 Extreme Dinosaurs as Bullzeye
tv series 1997 Mummies Alive! as Additional Voices
video movie 1996 Fatal Fury 2 as Joe Higashi
video movie 1996 Key: The Metal Idol as Tsukiyama
video movie 1996 Super Kid as Big Boy
movie 1995 Dangerous Indiscretion as Video Store Clerk
video movie 1995 Fatal Fury 1 as Joe Higashi
video movie 1995 Onikirimaru as Ogre Slayer
tv movie 1995 The Surrogate as Curtis
movie 1994 Garou Densetsu as Joe Higashi
video movie 1993 Boku no chikyû on mamotte as Haruhiko Kazama
video movie 1993 Fatal Fury 2: The New Battle as Joe Higashi
video movie 1993 Ningyo no kizu as Yuta
video movie 1993 Ranma ½ as Shinnosuke
video movie 1992 Fatal Fury: Legend of the Hungry Wolf as Joe Higashi
video movie 1992 Green Legend Ran as Ran
tv series 1989 Dragon Ball Z as Raditz
tv series 1988 Yoroiden Samurai Troopers as Gash
tv series 1986 Mezon Ikkoku as Yusaku Godai
movie The Last Best Place as Sean

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http://www.movieweb.com - "Phantom" (2013) Trailer Source: http://www.movieweb.com/movie/phantom/trailer Phantom (2013) Starring: Ed Harris, David ...

Elizabeth Berkley ("Saved by the Bell") stars with Jason Gray-Stanford ("Monk") in the World Premiere of "Lucky Christmas," a Hallmark Channel Original Movie...

Actor Jason Gray-Stanford from "Monk." He and producer Fern Field are working on a new project, "Grammar Bee," to help promote the correct use of English.

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