Jason Stuart

Jason Stuart (born Stuart Ted Greif; January 13, 1959) is an American actor and comedian. Born in the Bronx, New York, Stuart was raised in Los Angeles, California. He is openly gay. ... more on Wikipedia

Jason Stuart Filmography

movie 2014 American Bistro as Sheldon Crassus
movie 2014 Dirty as Manny Brown
movie 2014 Holy Land as Mr. H
movie 2014 Hush Up Sweet Charlotte as Mr. Wills
movie 2014 Love Is Strange as Officiant
tv movie 2014 Mentor as Jason
movie 2014 The Guest House as Ray
movie 2013 A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the White House as Himself
video movie 2013 Absolutely Jason Stuart as Himself
movie 2013 Big Gay Love as Dan#2
movie 2013 Glitter and Ribs as Taylor Swift's boy friend
movie 2013 Goodbye World as Apartment Manager
movie 2013 Out in the Open as Himself
movie 2013 Secrets & Toys as Lord Of Leather
movie 2013 The Spy Who Came to Brunch as Operations Director
movie 2012 BearCity 2: The Proposal as Scott-O
tv movie 2012 Home Invasion as Maurice Lapeer
movie 2012 K-11 as Laundry Trustee
movie 2012 Posey as Mark
movie 2012 Stigma as Counselor Fred
movie 2011 Finding Mr. Wright as Phillip
movie 2011 Monkey Man as Demetrius Delmonico
movie 2011 The Stand-In as Brian
movie 2011 Walk a Mile in My Pradas as Dr. Feist
video movie 2010 Drop Dead Gorgeous as Tim Honda
movie 2010 Frances: A Mother Divine as Jason Stuart
movie 2010 Gay Baby as Darryl
video movie 2010 Name-Dropping with Jason Stuart as Himself
video movie 2010 The Ice House 50th Anniversary All Star Comedy Review as Himself
tv movie 2010 The Pink House as Judge
movie 2009 American Primitive as Randolph
movie 2009 Family of Four as Nathan
tv movie 2009 Keep Dreaming as Mark
movie 2009 The Chronicles of Holly-Weird as Leo
movie 2009 The Kinda Sutra as Himself
movie 2009 The Pit and the Pendulum as Dimitri Divay
movie 2009 The Truth About Layla as Officer Leonard
movie 2008 Friends & Lovers: The Ski Trip 2 as Richard
movie 2008 San Saba as Dylan Clay
movie 2008 Seducing Spirits as David Wid
movie 2008 Stand Up Face the Fear as Himself
movie 2008 Twisted Faith as Father Reilly
tv series 2008 The Bob & Tom Show as Himself
movie 2007 Angels with Dirty Spaces as Bob Kamen
movie 2007 Jason Stuart: Making It to the Middle as Himself
tv movie 2007 Orlando's Bed and Breakfast as Lenny Greenbaum-Brooks
movie 2007 Ping Pong Playa as Doctor
video movie 2007 The Brewing of Coffee Date as Himself
video movie 2006 2006 Glitter Awards as Himself
tv movie 2006 40 Most Shocking Celebrity Mug Shots as Himself
movie 2006 Coffee Date as Clayton
movie 2006 God and Gays: Bridging the Gap as Himself
movie 2006 Outlaugh! as Himself - Stand-Up Comic
movie 2006 Puff, Puff, Pass as Chet
video movie 2005 2005 Glitter Awards as Himself - Presenter
movie 2005 Ghosts Never Sleep as Barry Speer
movie 2005 Gone Postal as Carl
tv movie 2005 Inside TV Land: Tickled Pink as Himself
video movie 2005 Now That's Funny as Himself
tv movie 2005 The Most Shocking Celebrity Moments of 2004 as Himself
tv series 2005 The Vegas Show with Sheena Easton & Brian McKnight as Himself
tv series 2005 Wisecrack as Himself
movie 2004 A Day Without a Mexican as Restauranteur
movie 2004 Space as Businessman
movie 2004 What Adam Knows as Bradshaw
tv series 2004 My Coolest Years as Himself
tv movie 2003 Night Shift as Himself
tv movie 2003 The Sausage Factory as Vet
movie 2002 Bad Boy as Photographer
movie 2002 Role of a Lifetime as Phillip
movie 2001 10 Attitudes as Josh Stevens
movie 2001 Long Road to Paradise as The Waiter
tv movie 2001 Me & My Needs as Karaoke Guy
movie 2000 Flamingo Dreams as Porn Director
movie 2000 Get Your Stuff as Jason
movie 1999 Lost & Found as Jewelry Store Clerk
movie 1999 Sam and Mike as Man at party
tv movie 1998 Gia as Booker #2
movie 1998 Southern Man as Joseph Ogle
movie 1997 Vegas Vacation as Buffet Guy
tv series 1997 Make Me Laugh as Himself
movie 1995 Cyber Bandits as Street vendor
movie 1995 Doin' It Right as Brother
tv movie 1995 Out There in Hollywood as Himself
tv movie 1991 N.Y.P.D. Mounted as Vincent
movie 1990 Eternity as James Harris News Team
movie 1990 Kindergarten Cop as Salon Male Hairstylist
movie 1990 Road Lawyers and Other Briefs as Man
tv series 1990 Real Personal as Himself
tv movie 1988 Stand-up Comics Take a Stand as Himself
movie 1987 Cross My Heart as Waiter
movie 1987 Emanon as Newsstand Man
movie 1987 P.A.N.I.C in Griffith Park as Dean
tv movie 1987 Roses Are for the Rich as D.J.
tv series 1987 Comedy Club as Himself
tv movie 1986 Can You Feel Me Dancing? as DeeJay
tv series 1986 Night Shift with Kevin Ferguson as Himself
movie 1985 The Lost Empire as Gay Dude
tv series 1985 Michael Nesmith in Television Parts as Young Taylor
tv series 1982 An Evening at the Improv as Himself
movie The Heart of a Woman as Richard

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