Jay Johnston

Jay Johnston (born October 22, 1968) is an American actor and comedian best known for his work as a writer and cast member on the HBO sketch comedy series Mr. Show and for playing the role of Officer Jay McPherson on The Sarah Silverman Program. ... more on Wikipedia

Jay Johnston Filmography

movie 2015 Something About Her as George
movie 2014 Hell & Back as Rick
movie 2013 The Brotherhood of the Traveling Rants as Himself
movie 2012 Beforel Orel: Trust as Coach Daniel Stopframe
movie 2011 Demoted as Kline
movie 2011 Earwolf Presents: The Perfect Drop as Himself
tv series 2011 American Heroine as Leslie
movie 2009 In Loving Memory of Chad as The Neighbor
movie 2009 Mia's Father as Dr. William Hardin
movie 2008 Girls Will Be Girls: The Jizz Party as Bill
movie 2007 Anisometropia as Nolan
tv movie 2007 Larry the Cable Guy's Christmas Spectacular as Mormon Guy
movie 2007 Project Clear Visions: The Anthrax Conspiracy as Michael Patrick
video movie 2007 The Sarah Silverman Program: Nuggets as Jay
tv series 2007 Powerloafing as Manager
tv movie 2006 Last Laugh '06 as Officer 'Shuggatitz'
tv movie 2006 Scream Awards 2006 as IRS Guy
movie 2006 Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny as Gang Member
movie 2005 Dirty Love as Waiter
movie 2004 Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy as Eyewitness News Member
tv movie 2004 Channel Surfing
tv movie 2004 Last Laugh '04 as Pervert
movie 2004 Nerd Hunter 3004 as Computer Nerd
tv movie 2004 Sweetwater Tides as Abbott Lewison
video movie 2004 Wake Up, Ron Burgundy: The Lost Movie as Eyewitness News Member
video movie 2003 Brainwarp as Guy Suave
video movie 2003 David Cross: Let America Laugh as Himself
video movie 2003 Tenacious D: The Complete Masterworks
movie 2002 Men in Black II as Younger Pizza Parlor MIB Agent
tv movie 2002 Next! as Various
movie 2002 The Master of Disguise as Rex
tv series 2002 Cedric the Entertainer Presents as Occasional Performer
tv movie 2001 2001 ABC World Stunt Awards as Himself
movie 2001 Agent 15 as Dr. Siletsky
movie 2001 Hitclown as Hitman
movie 2001 Hollywood Palms as Young Cop
movie 2001 Not Another Teen Movie as Roadie
tv movie 2001 Spring Break Lawyer as Fantasy Sequence Reporter
movie 2000 Desperate But Not Serious as Mustachioed Cop
movie 2000 The Independent as Soldier
movie 1999 Bicentennial Man as Charles
tv movie 1999 Ultimate Trek: Star Trek's Greatest Moments as Spock
movie 1998 Jack Frost as TV Weatherman
tv movie 1998 Mr. Show and the Incredible, Fantastical News Report as Various Characters
movie 1997 Skins as Big John
movie 1996 Desert as The Great Angel
tv movie 1996 Mr. Show with Bob and David: Fantastic Newness as Various Characters
movie 1996 Sham as Roman

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