Jean Mazzei

Jean Mazzei Filmography

movie 2009 Dialogues as Eve
movie 2001 Ashes to Ashes as Elaine Farkass
movie 2000 Her Urge as Fortune Teller
movie 2000 Stonewashed as Mrs. Alban
movie 1999 Cahoots as Donna

Jean Mazzei on Youtube

Jean and John Mazzei performing "Fire" at the Stork Club, Oakland, CA on December 30, 2009.

music video for jean mazzei.

Arrangement: John Mazzei, Vocals: Jean Mazzei, performances: Greg Denzler, Larry Hatchett, and Katja Rivera-Hodel.

One good lie is worth a thousand pictures. Honk when truth turns to lie and win coveted bubble wrap! Pat Holmes and Larry Hatchett lie to Gregory Denzler, Ta...