Jeanette Nolan

Jeanette Nolan (December 30, 1911 ? June 5, 1998) was an American actress, born in Los Angeles, California. ... more on Wikipedia

Jeanette Nolan Filmography

tv movie 1999 The 71st Annual Academy Awards as Herself - Memorial Tribute
movie 1998 The Horse Whisperer as Grandma Ellen Booker
movie 1996 Going Home as Emma
tv series 1989 Oklahoma Passage as Miz Hannah
movie 1987 Street Justice as Mrs. Chandler
movie 1984 Cloak & Dagger as Eunice MacCready
tv movie 1982 The Wild Women of Chastity Gulch as Gertrude
tv movie 1981 All the Way Home as Jessie
tv movie 1981 Goliath Awaits as Mrs. Bartholomew
movie 1981 The Fox and the Hound as Widow Tweed
movie 1981 True Confessions as Mrs. Spellacy
tv movie 1980 The Hustler of Muscle Beach as Rose MacIntosh
tv movie 1979 Better Late Than Never as Lavinia Leventhal
tv movie 1979 When the West Was Fun: A Western Reunion as Herself
movie 1978 Avalanche as Florence Shelby
tv movie 1978 Lassie: A New Beginning as Ada Stratton
movie 1978 The Manitou as Mrs. Winconis
movie 1977 The Rescuers as Ellie Mae
tv movie 1976 Law and Order as Margaret O'Malley
tv movie 1976 The New Daughters of Joshua Cabe as Essie Cargo
movie 1976 The Winds of Autumn as Ora Mae Hankins
tv movie 1975 Babe as Hannah Marie Didrikson
tv movie 1975 The Desperate Miles as Mrs. Larkin
movie 1975 The Sky's the Limit as Gertie
tv movie 1974 Hijack! as Mrs. Briscoe
movie 1973 Peege as Peege
tv movie 1972 Say Goodbye, Maggie Cole as Mrs. Downey
tv movie 1971 The Boy from Dead Man's Bayou
movie 1968 Did You Hear the One About the Traveling Saleslady? as Ma Webb
tv movie 1967 Sullivan's Empire as Miss Wingate
movie 1967 The Reluctant Astronaut as Mrs. Fleming
movie 1966 Chamber of Horrors as Mrs. Ewing Perryman
movie 1965 My Blood Runs Cold as Sarah Merriday
tv movie 1964 Special for Women: The Menace of Age as Barbara Lawson
movie 1963 Twilight of Honor as Amy Clinton
movie 1962 The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance as Nora Ericson
movie 1961 The Great Impostor as Ma Demara
movie 1961 Two Rode Together as Mrs. Mary McCandless
movie 1960 Psycho as Norma Bates
movie 1959 The Rabbit Trap as Mrs. Colt
movie 1958 The Deep Six as Mrs. Austen
movie 1958 Wild Heritage as Ma Bascomb
movie 1957 April Love as Henrietta Bruce
movie 1957 The Guns of Fort Petticoat as Cora Melavan
movie 1957 The Halliday Brand as Nante
movie 1956 7th Cavalry as Charlotte Reynolds
tv movie 1956 Carolyn as Mrs. Tuttle
movie 1956 Everything But the Truth as Miss Adelaide Dabney
movie 1956 Tribute to a Bad Man as Mrs. L.A. Peterson
movie 1955 A Lawless Street as Mrs. Dingo Brion
movie 1953 The Big Heat as Bertha Duncan
movie 1952 Hangman's Knot as Mrs. Margaret Harris
movie 1952 The Happy Time as Felice Bonnard
movie 1951 The Secret of Convict Lake as Harriet Purcell
movie 1950 Kim as Foster Mother
movie 1950 No Sad Songs for Me as Mona Frene
movie 1950 Saddle Tramp as Ma Higgins
movie 1949 Abandoned as Major Ross
movie 1948 Macbeth as Lady Macbeth
movie 1948 Words and Music as Mrs. Hart

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