Jeannie Pepper

Jeannie Pepper (born July 9, 1958 in Chicago, Illinois), is a pornographic actress. She began in the business in 1984 at age 26 and has appeared in over 200 adult films. She was still an active actress as recently as 2007, participating in the mature adult genre. ... more on Wikipedia

Jeannie Pepper Filmography

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video movie 2010 40+ and Horny
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video movie 2000 World's Luckiest Jock
video movie 1999 Eyes of Desire 2 as Workout Couple
video movie 1999 If She Ruled the World
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video movie 1999 Women on Top
video movie 1998 33 Girl Jam
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video movie 1990 Backing In
movie 1990 Bi and Beyond 5
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video movie 1990 Fantasy Nights as The Maid
movie 1990 Midnight Woman
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video movie 1990 The Luscious Baker Girls
movie 1990 The Shaving as Anise
movie 1990 The Whore as Carmel
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video movie 1988 Radio Bizarr
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video movie 1986 Bare Waves
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movie 1986 Black Bad Girls
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video movie 1986 Chocolate Kisses
movie 1986 Finger Friggin'
movie 1986 Hot Chocolate II
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movie 1986 In and Out of Africa
movie 1986 Las Vegas Serial Killer as Photographer's model
video movie 1986 Nudes at Eleven as Sheena
movie 1986 Psychiatrist
movie 1986 Red Hot Pepper
video movie 1986 Secret Dreams as Black Fish
movie 1986 Spies
movie 1986 The Wedding
movie 1985 Blonde on Black
movie 1985 Bodies by Jackie
video movie 1985 Cream Puff
video movie 1985 Erotic Zone as Cleopatra
movie 1985 Godemichets pour lesbiennes
video movie 1985 Hill St. Blacks as Hooker
movie 1985 Let Me Tell Ya 'Bout Black Chicks as Jeannie
video movie 1985 Lonesome Ladies 2
movie 1985 Strange Bedfellows
video movie 1985 Teresa, the Woman Who Loves Men 2 as Make Up Girl
movie 1985 What Are Friends For?
movie 1985 What Bottoms Are For
video movie 1984 Black Taboo as Theodora
movie 1984 Blowing Your Mind
video movie 1984 Golden Girls 18
video movie 1984 Golden Girls 25
video movie 1984 Hot Gypsy Love
video movie 1984 Suzy's Birthday Bang as Mary
movie 1983 Home Movies Ltd. 2
movie 1982 Chocolate Delights

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