Jed Prouty

Jed Prouty Filmography

movie 1964 The Big Parade of Comedy as Actor Outside Theater
movie 1950 Guilty Bystander as Dr. Elder
movie 1947 Citizen Saint as Cabrini-Doubtful
movie 1947 Mr. Bell as Willis J. Watson
movie 1942 It Happened in Flatbush as The Judge
movie 1942 Moonlight Masquerade as Robert Forrester
movie 1942 Mug Town as Mack Steward
movie 1942 Obliging Young Lady as Judge Rufus
movie 1942 Scattergood Rides High as Mr. Van Pelt
movie 1942 The Affairs of Jimmy Valentine as Maxwell B. Titus
movie 1942 The Old Homestead as Councilman Bell
movie 1941 Bachelor Daddy as C. J. Chase
movie 1941 Father Steps Out as J. B. Matthews
movie 1941 Go West, Young Lady as Judge Harmon
movie 1941 Look Who's Laughing as Mayor Duncan
movie 1941 Pot o' Gold as Mr. Louderman
movie 1941 Roar of the Press as Gordon MacEwan
movie 1941 Unexpected Uncle as Sanderson, Kerrigan Shoes
movie 1940 Barnyard Follies as Sam Spitz
movie 1940 Remedy for Riches as D.B. Emerson Vanderveer
movie 1940 The Lone Wolf Keeps a Date as Captain Moon
movie 1940 Young as You Feel as John Jones
movie 1939 Coat Tales
movie 1939 Everybody's Baby as John Jones
movie 1939 Exile Express as Hanley
movie 1939 Hollywood Cavalcade as Chief of Police
movie 1939 I'll Tell the World as Father
movie 1939 Quick Millions as John Jones
movie 1939 Second Fiddle as Undetermined Secondary Role
movie 1939 The Gracie Allen Murder Case as Uncle Ambrose
movie 1939 The Jones Family in Hollywood as John Jones
movie 1939 Too Busy to Work as John Jones
movie 1938 A Trip to Paris as John Jones
movie 1938 Danger on the Air as Harry Jones, Radio Company Boss
movie 1938 Down on the Farm as John Jones
movie 1938 Goodbye Broadway as J.A. Higgins
movie 1938 Hunting Trouble
movie 1938 Keep Smiling as Jerome Lawson
movie 1938 Love on a Budget as John Jones
movie 1938 Safety in Numbers as John Jones
movie 1938 The Duke of West Point as Mr. Drew
movie 1938 Walking Down Broadway as F. R. Randall
movie 1937 A Star Is Born as Artie Carver
movie 1937 Big Business as John Jones
movie 1937 Borrowing Trouble as John Jones
movie 1937 Dangerous Holiday as Gifford
movie 1937 Hot Water as John Jones
movie 1937 Life Begins in College as Oliver Stearns Sr.
movie 1937 Off to the Races as John Jones
movie 1937 One Hundred Men and a Girl as Bitters
movie 1937 Small Town Boy as Otis Armstrong
movie 1937 Sophie Lang Goes West as J.H. Blaine
movie 1937 The Crime Nobody Saw as William Underhill
movie 1937 You Can't Have Everything as Mr. Whiteman
movie 1936 Back to Nature as Mr. John Jones
movie 1936 Can This Be Dixie? as Ed Grant
movie 1936 Champagne Charlie as Quinn
movie 1936 College Holiday as Sheriff John J. Trimble
movie 1936 Educating Father as John Jones
movie 1936 Every Saturday Night as Mr. Evers
movie 1936 Happy Go Lucky as Charles Gorham
movie 1936 His Brother's Wife as Bill Arnold
movie 1936 Libeled Lady as Dickson
movie 1936 Little Miss Nobody as Hector Smythe
movie 1936 Special Investigator as Dr. Vic Reynolds
movie 1936 The Texas Rangers as District Attorney Dave Twitchell
movie 1936 Under Your Spell as Mr. Twerp
movie 1935 $10 Raise
movie 1935 Ah, Wilderness! as Nat's Office Worker
movie 1935 Alibi Ike as Jewelry Merchant
movie 1935 Black Sheep as Orville Schmelling
movie 1935 George White's 1935 Scandals as Al Lee
movie 1935 Let 'em Have It as Bit
movie 1935 Life Begins at Forty as Charles Beagle
movie 1935 Navy Wife as Dr. Barratt
movie 1934 Bachelor of Arts as Alumnus
movie 1934 His Greatest Gamble as Roulette Player
movie 1934 Hollywood Party as Theatre Manager
movie 1934 I Believed in You as Joe Long i.e. Lang
movie 1934 Love Time as First Policeman
movie 1934 Murder on the Blackboard as Dr. Levine
movie 1934 Music in the Air as Kirschner
movie 1934 One Hour Late as Mr. Finch
movie 1934 Private Scandal as H.R. Robbins
movie 1934 The Life of Vergie Winters as Reverend
movie 1933 Central Airport as Hotel Desk Clerk #1
movie 1933 College Coach as Campfire Boy Leader
movie 1933 Jimmy and Sally as E.W. Marlowe
movie 1933 She Had to Say Yes as Mr. Goran
movie 1933 Skyway as Calvin Baker
movie 1933 The Big Bluff
movie 1933 The Secret of Madame Blanche as Stubby - the Troupe Manager
movie 1932 70,000 Witnesses as Newspaper Editor
movie 1932 Business and Pleasure as Ben Wackstle
movie 1932 Hold 'Em Jail as Warden Clark
movie 1932 Manhattan Tower as Mr. Hoyt
movie 1932 The Bride's Bereavement; or, The Snake in the Grass
movie 1932 The Conquerors as Auctioneer
movie 1932 The Purchase Price as Elks Crossing Jeweller
movie 1931 Annabelle's Affairs as Bolson
movie 1931 Night Nurse as Archie - Father-to-Be
movie 1931 Strangers May Kiss as Harry
movie 1931 The Age for Love as Floyd Evans
movie 1931 The Secret Call as Jim Neligan
movie 1930 Paid as Policeman Williams
movie 1930 The Devil's Holiday as Kent Carr
movie 1930 The Florodora Girl as Old Man Dell
movie 1930 True to the Navy as Dance Hall Manager
movie 1929 His Captive Woman as Fatty Fargo
movie 1929 It's a Great Life as Mr. David Parker
movie 1929 Sonny Boy as Phil
movie 1929 The Broadway Melody as Uncle Jed
movie 1929 The Fall of Eve as Tom Ford Sr
movie 1929 The Girl in the Show as Newton Wampler
movie 1929 Two Weeks Off as Harry
movie 1929 Why Leave Home? as George
movie 1928 Domestic Meddlers as Jonsey
movie 1928 Name the Woman as Sam Palmer
movie 1928 The Grain of Dust
movie 1927 No Place to Go as Uncle Edgar
movie 1927 Orchids and Ermine as Leander Blom
movie 1927 Smile, Brother, Smile as High-powered Salesman
movie 1927 The Gingham Girl as Hayden
movie 1927 The Siren as Geoffrey Fuller
movie 1926 Bred in Old Kentucky as Jake Trumbull
movie 1926 Don Juan's Three Nights as Lippi
movie 1926 Ella Cinders as Mayor
movie 1926 Everybody's Acting as Bridwell Potter
movie 1926 Her Second Chance as Stable Boy
movie 1926 Miss Nobody as The Farmer
movie 1926 The Mystery Club as Amos Herriman
movie 1926 Unknown Treasures as Remus
movie 1925 Scarlet Saint as Mr. Tridon
movie 1925 The Coast of Folly as Cholly Knickerbocker
movie 1925 The Knockout as 'Mac' MacMahon
movie 1925 The Unguarded Hour as Gus O'Rorick, a Yeggman
movie 1923 Souls for Sale as Magnus
movie 1923 The Girl of the Golden West as Nick
movie 1923 The Gold Diggers as Barney Barnett
movie 1922 Kick In as Jimmy Monahan
movie 1921 Experience as Good Nature
movie 1921 Room and Board as Robert Osborne
movie 1921 The Conquest of Canaan as Norbert Flintcroft
movie 1921 The Great Adventure as Mr. Witt
movie 1919 Her Game as Bobby McAllister
movie 1919 Sadie Love as James Wakeley

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While on their honeymoon, a reporter and his new bride stumble upon a ring of fifth columnists.

Caesar Kluck, soft-drink magnate, is found dead in the office of a big radio-broadcasting company. Benjamin Franklin Butts, a sound engineer, discovers that ...

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