Jeff Billings

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movie 2012 You Got This!
movie 2011 Odd Man Out
movie 2010 Salt Dogs
tv series 2010 My Future Girlfriend
movie 2008 City of the Real
movie 2008 Grim Determination
movie 2008 The Lake Passage
movie 2007 Ellipsis
movie 2007 The Curious Lives of Bottom Dwellers
movie 2006 1400 Hrs.
movie 2005 Purpose
movie 2005 The Last Sunrise

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Jeff Billings shares a peek at the Sergeants miniatures game right from the floor of the Origins Game Fair. To learn even more about the system and other rel...

1. Chance Thiessen, Trey Yates 8.04 Total 33.24 $8550 2. Chad Hassell, Brandon Brown 6.52 Total 35.06 $6412 3. Claire Taylor, Bode Baize 8.01 Total 35.26 ...

More video of me in a Black 2012 Boss 302 Laguna Seca.