Jeff Fahey

Jeffrey David "Jeff" Fahey (born November 29, 1952) is an American film and television actor. ... more on Wikipedia

Jeff Fahey Filmography

movie 2014 Skin Traffik as Jacob Andries
movie 2014 Stranded as Trick
movie 2014 Too Late as Roger
movie 2013 100 Degrees Below Zero as Steve Foster
movie 2013 Beneath as George Marsh
movie 2013 Easy Rider: The Ride Back as Wes Coast
tv movie 2013 Rewind as Ellis
video movie 2013 Sushi Girl: A Documentary as Himself
movie 2013 The Last Light as Harold
video movie 2013 Watch the Guitar with Jeff Fahey as Himself
tv movie 2012 Alien Tornado as Judd Walker
video movie 2012 Eldorado as Doc Martin
movie 2012 Guns, Girls and Gambling as The Cowboy
movie 2012 Hatfields and McCoys: Bad Blood as Devil Anse Hatfield
tv movie 2012 Lake Effects as Ray
movie 2012 Sushi Girl as Morris
movie 2012 The Sacred as George
movie 2011 Blacktino as Cooter
movie 2011 Dadgum, Texas as Robert E Lee Magee
movie 2011 Marriage Retreat as Craig Sullivan
tv movie 2010 Lost: Final Chapter as Frank Lapidus
movie 2010 Machete as Michael Booth
tv movie 2010 Perdidos unplugged: Temporada final as Himself
movie 2010 Terror Trap as Cleveland
video movie 2010 The Psycho Legacy as Himself
tv movie 2009 Lost: A Journey in Time as Frank Lapidus
tv movie 2009 Lost: Destiny Calls as Frank Lapidus
tv movie 2009 Lost: The Story of the Oceanic 6 as Frank Lapidus
movie 2009 The Miraculous Tale of the Children Dubois as Narrator
movie 2009 Brothers
movie 2008 Matchmaker Mary as Cameron Banks
movie 2007 Diablita as Bill Rockwell
movie 2007 Grindhouse as JT
movie 2007 Messages as Dr. Richard Murray
movie 2007 Planet Terror as J.T.
video movie 2007 The Horrorhound as Himself
tv movie 2006 Absolute Zero as Dr. David Kotzman
movie 2006 Only the Brave as Lt. William Terry
movie 2006 Scorpius Gigantus as Major Nick Reynolds
tv movie 2006 The Eden Formula as Dr. Harrison Parker
video movie 2006 The Hunt for Eagle One: Crash Point as Colonel Halloran
video movie 2005 A DVD History of the U.S. Constitution as Himself - Host
tv movie 2005 Crimson Force as Older Man
tv movie 2005 Icon as Harvey Blackledge
movie 2005 Killing Cupid as The Trainer
tv movie 2005 Locusts: The 8th Plague as Russ Snow
tv movie 2005 Manticore as Kramer
movie 2005 Split Second as Mr. Kudis
video movie 2004 Blue Demon as General Remora
movie 2004 Close Call as Elliot Krasner
video movie 2004 Corpses as Captain Winston
movie 2004 Darkhunters as Mr. Barlow
movie 2004 Day of Redemption as Frank Everly
movie 2004 No Witness as Senator Gene Haskell
movie 2003 Ghost Rock as Moses Logan
movie 2002 Fallen Angels as Dr. Richard Leighton
movie 2002 Inferno as Robert 'Jake' Wheeler
movie 2002 The Contract as Detective Tucci
movie 2002 Unspeakable as Governor
movie 2001 Blind Heat as Paul Burke
movie 2001 Choosing Matthias as Charlie
movie 2001 Cold Heart as Phil
movie 2001 Maniacts as Joe Spinelli
movie 2001 Out There as Agent Gary Booth
movie 2001 Outlaw as Jim Moran
movie 2000 Epicenter as FBI Agent Moore
movie 2000 Spin Cycle as Tall Vinnie
movie 2000 The Newcomers as Mack Weatherton
movie 2000 The Sculptress as Matthew Dobie
movie 1999 Dazzle as The Collector
movie 1999 Hijack as Eddie Lyman
movie 1999 No Tomorrow as Davis
movie 1999 Revelation as Thorold Stone
tv movie 1999 Time Served as Patrick Berlington
movie 1999 When Justice Fails as Tom Chaney
tv series 1999 The Seventh Scroll as Nick Harper
video movie 1998 Detour as Danny Devlin
movie 1998 Extramarital as Griffin
movie 1997 Catherine's Grove as Jack Doyle
tv movie 1997 Johnny 2.0 as Johnny Dalton
movie 1997 Lethal Tender as Det. David Chase
tv movie 1997 On the Line as Det. Dan Collins
tv movie 1997 Operation Delta Force as Captain Lang
movie 1997 The Underground as Brian Donnegan
movie 1997 Time Under Fire as Alan
video movie 1996 Darkman III: Die Darkman Die as Peter Rooker
tv movie 1996 Every Woman's Dream as Mitch Parker
movie 1996 Small Time as The Dutchman
video movie 1996 The Sweeper as Dale Goddard
movie 1995 Serpent's Lair as Tom Bennett
tv movie 1995 Sketch Artist II: Hands That See as Jack
tv movie 1995 The 9th Annual Genesis Awards as Himself - Presenter
tv movie 1995 Virtual Seduction as Liam Bass
movie 1994 Freefall as Dex Dellum
movie 1994 Temptation as Eddie Lanarsky
movie 1994 Woman of Desire as Jack Lynch
movie 1994 Wyatt Earp as Ike Clanton
tv movie 1993 Blindsided as Frank McKenna
tv movie 1993 In the Company of Darkness as Will McCaid
movie 1993 Quick as Muncie
movie 1993 The Hit List as Charlie Pike
tv movie 1992 Sketch Artist as Det. Jack Whitfield
movie 1992 The Lawnmower Man as Jobe Smith
movie 1991 Body Parts as Bill Chrushank
movie 1991 Iron Maze as Barry Mikowski
tv movie 1991 L'Amérique en otage as Hamilton Jordan
tv movie 1990 Curiosity Kills as Matthew Manus
movie 1990 Impulse as Stan
tv movie 1990 Parker Kane as Parker Kane
movie 1990 The Last of the Finest as Ricky Rodriguez
movie 1990 The Serpent of Death as Jake Bonner
movie 1990 White Hunter Black Heart as Pete Verrill
movie 1989 Minnamurra as Ben Creed
movie 1989 True Blood as Raymond Trueblood
movie 1988 Backfire as Donnie McAndrew
movie 1988 Split Decisions as Ray McGuinn
movie 1987 Riot on 42nd St. as Frank Tackler
movie 1986 Psycho III as Duane
movie 1985 Silverado as Tyree
tv movie 1985 The Execution of Raymond Graham as Raymond Graham
tv series 1968 One Life to Live as Gary Corelli

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