Jeff Larson

Jeff Larson Filmography

movie 2014 Family Christmas as Danny
movie 2014 Chasing Hayes
movie 2013 Hookah as Tommy
movie 2013 Love as Reporter
movie 2013 Lovelace as Red Carpet Guest
movie 2013 Saturday Night Zero as Skater Bro
tv series 2013 Friendly Advice
movie 2012 Alienated as Preppy Student
tv movie 2012 Blue Lagoon: The Awakening as Football Player
movie 2012 Canine Sex Scandal as Reporter Jeff Mutt
movie 2012 Chuy's Bag as Stoner Guy
movie 2012 Finding Emily as Brad
movie 2012 Finding Pan as Messenger
movie 2012 Friendly Advice as Jordan
movie 2012 I Still Believe as John
movie 2012 Jack and Jill as Jack
movie 2012 Lego: Pathways as Pirate
movie 2012 Odysseus: The Jetman King of Ithaca's Journey to Troy as Narrator
movie 2012 Pop Up as Steve
tv movie 2012 Retribution as Danny's Friend
movie 2012 Splinter Cell: The Real Sam Fisher as Guard
movie 2012 The Life of Jesse Johnson as Chacha
movie 2012 We Killed John Tucker as John Tucker
video movie 2012 Prenatal Dance with Menina
movie 2011 Leave It on the Floor as Dancer
movie 2011 Movin' On
movie 2010 Brogas as Jeff
movie 2010 Widow and Wasp as Bar Member
movie 2010 Eugene's War
movie 2010 The Glass Window
movie 2009 Collide as Clerk
movie 2009 The Christmas Story

Jeff Larson on Youtube

BET Halloween Film A Chris Stokes Film AZ Films Brian and Barrett Films Trailer edited by Jeff Larson.

Jeff Larson "Close Circle" available on CD and download. 11 new tracks - Due 07.22.14. Guests: Gerry Beckley - Dewey Bunnell (America), Jeff Pevar, and more ...

What is the Break Free Project? Find out! This is the Trailer for the upcoming feature documentary about the musical tour of three women and one man in an RV.

This was a spec Trailer created for a pitch at Warner Brothers I put together. This film concept has now been purchased by Fox and is in production. Check it...