Jen Nikolaisen

Jen Nikolaisen Filmography

movie 2014 Lucky Dog as Jennifer
tv series 2014 We Are Angels as Leah
tv movie 2013 Bad Nannies as Brit
movie 2013 Barrel 28 as Amanda
movie 2013 The Republic of Two as Lonna
movie 2012 Gabe the Cupid Dog as Vet Nurse
tv movie 2012 Retribution as Ronnie
movie 2011 A Warrior's Journey 3D as Doctor
video movie 2011 Chubduction as Crystal T.
movie 2011 Delia as Delia
tv movie 2011 We're Not Together as Diane
tv movie 2010 Iris Expanding as Iris Donovan
movie 2009 Represent as Jessica
movie 2009 The 6 Month Rule as Kelly
movie 2008 A Four Cent Carol as Mrs. Cratchit
movie 2008 Booth Girls as Emily
video movie 2008 Boston Strangler: The Untold Story as Jennifer Mitchum
video movie 2008 Bundy: An American Icon as Stephanie
movie 2008 Corpse Run as Kei
movie 2008 Love Royale as Kiki
movie 2008 The Golden Egg as Susan
movie 2007 Little Black Dress (& Heels) as Shelly
movie 2006 Mr. Tempest Is Here as Ms. Grimes
movie 2004 Afternoon Delight as Kay
movie 2004 The Hillz as Suanne
movie 2004 Thérèse: The Story of Saint Thérèse of Lisieux as Celine Martin
video movie 2003 Final Examination as Rachel Kincaid
movie 2000 Floater as Girl

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