Jenna Harrison

Jenna Harrison Filmography

movie 2015 Kickback as News Reporter
movie 2014 Where There's a Will as Grace O'Herne
movie 2013 The Magnificent Eleven as Jodie
tv movie 2012 Endeavour as Miss Sylvia Tench
movie 2012 Riot as Sarah
movie 2011 Endless as Lucy
tv movie 2011 William & Catherine: A Royal Romance as Jenna Kirk
movie 2010 Just for the Record as Sophie
video movie 2009 Against the Dark as Dorothy
movie 2009 The Magic Hour as Matty
movie 2008 Telling Lies as Faith Munro
movie 2007 Natasha as Christine Loomis
movie 2006 Heroes and Villains as Hannah
tv movie 2005 12 Days of Terror as Alice
movie 2004 (Past Present Future) Imperfect as Milly
tv movie 2002 Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister as Clara Van Den Meer
tv movie 2002 Stranded as Emily Montrose
movie 2001 My Brother Tom as Jessica
tv movie 2001 Submerged as Betty Cole

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GB 2001 d: Dom Rotheroe starring Jenna Harrison and Ben Whishaw. Story about two abused teenagers falling in love with each other.

Hello everybody! this is my first self-made vid, so feel free to comment/rate. enjoy! song: Clint Mansell_Lux Aeterna.