Jennifer Bonior

Jennifer Bonior Filmography

movie 2014 Embalmer's Gray
movie 2014 Closer to God
movie 2013 Worm as Posey's Uncomfortable Guest
movie 2013 Cleaner Than Most
movie 2012 Attached as Party Goer Who Walks By
movie 2012 Deadline
movie 2011 Worm
video movie 2011 Shechita (Shuh-key-tuh)
movie 2010 M.I. as The Girl at the Door
movie 2010 Refrigerate After Opening as Girl in Freezer
movie 2009 Beautiful as You Are as Claudette Wilson
movie 2008 You Only Loved Me Twice as Lisa Hewitt
movie 2008 A Hundred Colors
video movie 2006 Catharsis

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From the upcoming Hotpipes' album "Dust" Available May 7th, 2013 - Directed by Jonathan Rogers Cinematography by Will Fox Produced by ...