Jennifer Massey

The Apprentice 2 is the second season of The Apprentice, which began on September 9, 2004 on NBC. It featured 18 candidates, whereas the first season only featured 16. ... more on Wikipedia

Jennifer Massey Filmography

tv movie 2013 Company Town as Susan Mateo
movie 2013 Shenanigans as Mrs. O'Shea
movie 2013 The Writer's Dilemma as Libby Daricek
tv series 2013 Witches of East End as Whispering Guest
movie 2012 At Last as Carrie Wallace
tv movie 2012 Lake Effects as Jeanne
movie 2012 Last Spring as Julia
movie 2012 Won't Back Down as Valerie Bathgate
movie 2010 Liability as Karen
movie 2009 Number One with a Bullet as Carrie Singer
movie 2009 Please Forward as Jenny
movie 2008 All Roads Lead Away as Kate
video movie 2007 Beast of Burden as Sheriff Cumbey
movie 2007 Graduation as Barbara
movie 2007 Terminus as Vanessa Stopes
movie 2005 End of the Spear as Ginny Saint
movie 2005 Wedding Crashers as Woman
video movie 2003 Acting on Intuition as Interviewer
movie 2003 Solitude as Emily Jacobs
movie 2003 The Bridge Game as Ellen
movie 2002 Random Shooting in L.A. as Sophia
movie 2002 The Cricket Player as Susan Robbins
movie 2000 Ophelia Learns to Swim as The Doucher
movie 1999 The Joyriders as Nurse
movie 1999 The Wedding Project as Laurel
movie 1997 Winged as Elaine Botkins
movie 1996 Love Always as Lily Righetti
movie 1992 Center of the Web as Maggie
tv movie 1992 With Murder in Mind as Michelle

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Part of Shining Light on the Darkness, a seminar on Childhood Sexual Abuse, for Linnea Stevens' Girl Scout Gold Award Jennifer Massey is a therapist and the .

This is Jennifer Massey Practicing "Save a Place For Me" for our sons sons memorial service. Richard and Kate have lost everything: Job, home, lifestyle. Now, with everything they own packed into their battered old sta. Jack Reade is a mild-mannered academic who finally has a chance to publish his own Great American Novel. But just as he ...