Jeremy Bolt

Jeremy Bolt is a British film producer who often works with Paul W. S. Anderson at Impact Pictures. ... more on Wikipedia

Jeremy Bolt Filmography

movie 2014 Outcast
movie 2014 Pompeii
movie 2014 Resident Evil 6
video movie 2012 Back from the Afterlife: Making 'Resident Evil: Retribution' as Himself
video movie 2012 Resident Evil: Retribution - Face of the Fan as Himself
video movie 2012 Death Race: Inferno
movie 2012 Resident Evil: Retribution
video movie 2011 Shallow Grave: The Burying of Shopping as Himself
video movie 2011 Undead Evolution: Making 'Resident Evil: Afterlife' as Himself
movie 2011 Lost Christmas
movie 2011 The Three Musketeers
video movie 2010 Program Alice: Activated as Himself
video movie 2010 Death Race 2
movie 2010 Resident Evil: Afterlife
movie 2009 Pandorum
video movie 2008 Band of the Sand: Actors Unite as Himself
video movie 2008 Beyond Raccoon City: Unearthing 'Resident Evil: Extinction' as Himself
video movie 2008 Death Race: Start Your Engines - Making a Death Race as Himself
video movie 2008 Resident Road Map: Reflections on the Future of the Series as Himself
video movie 2008 The Players: The Cast of 'Extinction' as Himself
movie 2008 Death Race
video movie 2007 Resident Evil: Diary of an Apocalypse as Himself
video movie 2007 Undead Boot Camp as Himself
movie 2007 Resident Evil: Extinction
video movie 2006 The Making of 'Event Horizon' as Himself
movie 2006 DOA: Dead or Alive
tv movie 2006 Drift
movie 2006 January 2nd
movie 2005 The Dark
movie 2005 The Truth About Love
video movie 2004 Corporate Malfeasance as Himself
video movie 2004 Game Babes as Himself
video movie 2004 Game Over: 'Resident Evil' Reanimated as Himself
movie 2004 Resident Evil: Apocalypse
video movie 2002 Playing Dead: 'Resident Evil' from Game to Screen as Himself
movie 2002 Resident Evil as Zombie
movie 2001 The Hole
tv movie 2000 The Sight
movie 2000 There's Only One Jimmy Grimble
movie 1998 Soldier as Enemy Soldier
movie 1998 Stiff Upper Lips
movie 1998 Vigo
movie 1997 Clancy's Kitchen
movie 1997 Event Horizon
movie 1994 Shopping
movie 1992 The Big Fish
movie 1992 The Turn of the Screw
tv movie 1990 The Strange Affliction of Anton Bruckner
movie 1989 The Rainbow
movie 1988 The Lair of the White Worm
movie Beautiful Bastard
movie No Prior History
movie The Count of Monte Cristo
movie Vincent

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Release date: December 2012 (initial release) Director: Roel Reiné Prequel: Death Race 2 Genre: Action Producers: Paul W. S. Anderson, Jeremy Bolt.

Get ready for an explosive, action-fueled ride when hardened criminals race for their freedom in vicious new vehicles and face off in the ultimate blood spor... / Resident Evil 5: La Venganza ...

You are watching an interview, clip, featurette or trailer from the film, RESIDENT EVIL: RETRIBUTION * WARNING * - This video MAY contain spoilers to the mov ...