Jerry Butler

Jerry Butler Filmography

video movie 2008 Assfucking in the 80's
video movie 2007 Big City Sex
video movie 2005 XXX Bra Busters in the 1980's
video movie 2003 Sexy Sluts: Been There, Done That as Himself
video movie 2002 Ultimate Ginger Lynn
movie 2001 Porn Star: The Legend of Ron Jeremy as Himself
video movie 1997 Cock Crazed Blondes
video movie 1996 Born for Sex
video movie 1996 Ram It Up as Himself
video movie 1995 Deep Inside Tyffany Million
video movie 1995 Hot Crotch Coochies
video movie 1995 Nikki's Nightlife
video movie 1994 Bloopers
video movie 1994 Let's Face It
video movie 1994 Tails from the Tower
video movie 1994 The Price Was Right
video movie 1993 Anal Attraction 2 as Guy on Bed
movie 1993 Best of Nina Hartley
video movie 1993 Deep Inside Nikki Dial
video movie 1993 Dial N Again
video movie 1993 Groupies
video movie 1993 Loads of Fun 4
video movie 1993 Murder by Sex
movie 1993 Nikki at Night as Brandon Wade
video movie 1993 One of Our Porn Stars Is Missing
video movie 1993 Savannah Superstar
video movie 1993 Wendy Is Watching
video movie 1992 An Evening at Club Josephine as Blake
video movie 1992 Another Dirty Western
video movie 1992 Best Butte in the West
video movie 1992 Blue Angel: Part II as Wally
video movie 1992 Blue Moon
video movie 1992 Boobs Butts and Bloopers 1 as Himself
video movie 1992 Business and Pleasure
video movie 1992 Buttwoman 3
movie 1992 Confessions 1
movie 1992 Confessions 2
video movie 1992 Dreams Come True
video movie 1992 Flashpoint
video movie 1992 Foxxxy Lady
video movie 1992 Gangbang Girl 6
video movie 1992 Gangbang Girl 7
video movie 1992 Gangbang Girl 8
movie 1992 Hannibal Lickter
video movie 1992 Head Again
video movie 1992 Honey I Blew Everybody
video movie 1992 Hotel Sex
video movie 1992 I Remember When...
video movie 1992 Layin' Down the Law
video movie 1992 Mad Maxine as Barty
video movie 1992 Masquerade
video movie 1992 Nookie Court
video movie 1992 Oriental Treatment: Part II (The Lost Empress)
video movie 1992 Peep Land
video movie 1992 Pubic Eye
video movie 1992 Puppy Love as Larry
video movie 1992 Quickies
video movie 1992 Raging Hormones
video movie 1992 Ready, Willing and Anal
video movie 1992 Return of the Bimbo
video movie 1992 Screwballs
movie 1992 Shades of Blue
movie 1992 Sodom and Gomorrah as Isaac
movie 1992 Sorority Pink 3
movie 1992 Swap
video movie 1992 The Coach's Daughter
video movie 1992 The Goddaughter: Part 3
video movie 1992 The Goddaughter: Part IV
video movie 1992 The Good, the Bad, and the D-Cup
video movie 1992 The Wright Stuff
video movie 1992 Tinsel Town Wives
video movie 1992 True Confessions of Tori Welles as Brian
video movie 1992 Wild Things 3
video movie 1991 AC/DC
movie 1991 Baccarat
movie 1991 Baccarat 2
video movie 1991 Call Girl
video movie 1991 Deep Inside Samantha Strong
movie 1991 Ground Zero L.A.
video movie 1991 Just Friends
video movie 1991 On Stage in Color
video movie 1991 Passages III as Amy's Pickup
video movie 1991 Passages IV: Success as Amy's Pickup
video movie 1991 Special Treatment
video movie 1991 The Adventures of Buttgirl and Wonder Wench
video movie 1991 The Devil's Agenda & Miss Jones
video movie 1991 The Harder Way
video movie 1991 V.I.C.E. II
video movie 1991 Wee Wee's Big Misadventure as Wee Wee
video movie 1990 A Taste of Viper
video movie 1990 Bar Flies as The Man
video movie 1990 Body Heat
movie 1990 Bun for the Money
movie 1990 Earth Girls Are Sleazy
video movie 1990 Fantasy Nights
video movie 1990 Good Enough to Eat as Crazy Caretaker
movie 1990 Immorals 2: The Good, the Bad and the Banged
video movie 1990 Inner Blues as Bruce
movie 1990 Jailhouse Blues
video movie 1990 Keisha
video movie 1990 King Tung Is the Egyptian Lover
movie 1990 Kinky Business II
video movie 1990 Ladies Room as 1970s Disco Stud
movie 1990 Live Bait
video movie 1990 Made in Hollywood
movie 1990 Midnight Woman
video movie 1990 My Wife Is a Call Girl
movie 1990 Night Cap
movie 1990 No Tell Motel
video movie 1990 Only the Best 3
movie 1990 Racquel Untamed
video movie 1990 Rear Admiral
movie 1990 Rear Burner
movie 1990 Sam's Fantasy
video movie 1990 Say Something Nasty
movie 1990 Sex About Town as Talk show host
movie 1990 Steal Breeze
video movie 1990 Supertung
movie 1990 The Maltese Phallus
video movie 1990 The Smart Ass Vacation
video movie 1990 The Wild One
movie 1990 Ticket to Ride
video movie 1990 Tit Tales
movie 1990 Torrid Without a Cause 2
movie 1990 Uncut Diamond
video movie 1990 Wanda Whips the Dragon Lady as Tom the cab driver
movie 1990 When Larry Ate Sally
video movie 1989 America's Most Wanted Girl
movie 1989 Aroused
video movie 1989 Backdoor Bonanza 9
video movie 1989 Bodies in Heat... the Sequel as Sandman
movie 1989 Breaking It 2
movie 1989 But Can She Type?
movie 1989 Butt's Motel 2 as Norman Butts
video movie 1989 Butts Motel as Norman Butts
movie 1989 Caught from Behind 11
video movie 1989 Cumshot Revue 5
movie 1989 Diamond in the Rough as Al Fox
video movie 1989 Future Lust
video movie 1989 Girls of Collectors
movie 1989 Good Evening Vietnam
movie 1989 Lay Down and Deliver
video movie 1989 Legal Tender as Crazed Killer
video movie 1989 Legends of Porn II
video movie 1989 Low Blows as Rob Lowest
video movie 1989 Made in Germany
video movie 1989 Paris Burnning as Mark
video movie 1989 Porn Star's Day Off
video movie 1989 Rain Woman as Martin
video movie 1989 Sharon Mitchell Non-stop
video movie 1989 Simply Irresistible
video movie 1989 Sinners 3 as Louis Holt
video movie 1989 Snow Black & the Seven Wienies as Thunderbird
movie 1989 Spellbound as Party guy
movie 1989 Strong Language
video movie 1989 The Case of the Cockney Cupcake as Lord Winston Picadilly
video movie 1989 The Hottest Ticket
video movie 1989 The Wacky World of X-Rated Bloopers as Himself
video movie 1989 The Wild Brat as Brat's Husband
video movie 1989 Those Lynn Girls
movie 1989 Torrid House as Scott Hayward
video movie 1989 Twenty Something 2: The Art Lovers
video movie 1989 Twentysomething 3 as TV Reporter
video movie 1989 Under the Law as Hawk
movie 1989 Up Up and Away as Captain Parker
movie 1989 When Love Came to Town
video movie 1989 XTV 1
video movie 1989 XTV 2
video movie 1988 Abracadabra
video movie 1988 Ali, Boobie and the 40-D's as Bob 'Boobie' Faith
video movie 1988 Amorous Adventures of Janette Littledove
movie 1988 Baby Face 2
movie 1988 Babylon Pink 3 as Campaign Manager
movie 1988 Back on Top
video movie 1988 Backdoor Lust
video movie 1988 Beauty and the Beast as Little John
movie 1988 Both Ends Burning
movie 1988 Breast Stroke
video movie 1988 Built for Sex
movie 1988 Careena 2: Star on the Rise
video movie 1988 Cheating American Style as Ben
video movie 1988 Debbie: 'Class of '88' as Mark's Friend
video movie 1988 Exposure as Studs Mackenzie
video movie 1988 Foolish Pleasures
video movie 1988 Fun in the Sun
movie 1988 Good Morning, Taija Rae
video movie 1988 Hotel California as Husband
video movie 1988 Kinky Vision II
movie 1988 La bottega del piacere
movie 1988 Leave It to Cleavage
movie 1988 Lethal Woman
movie 1988 Lethal Woman 2
video movie 1988 Lez'be Friends
video movie 1988 Limousine's Escort Girls as Don
movie 1988 Little Red Riding Hood as Hal
movie 1988 Lucky in Love 2
movie 1988 Mister Billion's Dollar Babies
video movie 1988 Moonlusting as David Madison
video movie 1988 Moonlusting II as David Madison
video movie 1988 Nina's Knockouts
movie 1988 No Way In
movie 1988 Partners in Crime
movie 1988 Peeping Tom as William Burke
movie 1988 Port Holes
movie 1988 Rachel Ryan RR
video movie 1988 Raw Talent III as Eddie Czeropski
movie 1988 Ruthless Women
video movie 1988 Sinners as Louis Holt
video movie 1988 Sinners 2 as Louis Holt
video movie 1988 Sins of Angel Kelly
video movie 1988 Sleazy Rider
video movie 1988 Squirt as Dr. Duggin
movie 1988 Stephanie's Outrageous
movie 1988 Sweet Spurt of Youth
video movie 1988 The Big Rock
movie 1988 The First of April as Morty
video movie 1988 Three Men and a Barbi as Jerry
movie 1988 Tropical Nights as Himself
video movie 1988 Twenty-Something as TV Reporter
video movie 1988 Twins
movie 1988 Unchain My Heart
video movie 1988 With Love, Littledove
video movie 1987 Afro Erotica 20
movie 1987 An Unnatural Act, Part II as Tom
movie 1987 Angel Gets Even
video movie 1987 Angel's Got to Have It
movie 1987 Babylon Pink 2 as Campaign Manager
video movie 1987 Barbara Dare's Prime Choice
video movie 1987 Broadway Fanny Rose
movie 1987 Careena: Young and Restless
video movie 1987 Dangerous When Wet as Unhappy Husband
movie 1987 Debbie Duz Dishes III
movie 1987 Deranged as Frank
movie 1987 Divorce Court Expose
movie 1987 Doctor Lust as Russ Rivers
video movie 1987 Don't Get Them Wet!!!! as Steve
movie 1987 Dynamic Vices as Joe
video movie 1987 Electric Blue 53 as Dr. Lamarr
video movie 1987 Flesh in Ecstasy 6: Elle Rio
movie 1987 Ginger in Ecstasy
movie 1987 Ginger's Hawaiian Scrapbook
movie 1987 Hard to Handle
video movie 1987 Jack Hammer as Peter Pussy
video movie 1987 Karate Girls
video movie 1987 Lucky Charm
video movie 1987 Lust Tango in Paris
movie 1987 Mad About You as Ralph
movie 1987 No One to Love
video movie 1987 Oral Majority 3: The Lust Continues...
video movie 1987 Passion Chain as Dr. Kenneth Dowd
movie 1987 Playpen as Prisoner
video movie 1987 Ramb-Ohh: The Sex Platoon as Mahatma
movie 1987 Raw Talent II as Eddie Czeropski
video movie 1987 Romeo and Juliet as Narcissistic Actor
movie 1987 Sexual Odyssey as Impotent patient
movie 1987 Sexy Delights II
movie 1987 She Comes in Colors
video movie 1987 Sinset Boulevard
movie 1987 Snake Eyes II as David
video movie 1987 Spoiled as Troy
video movie 1987 Strip-Search
movie 1987 Surf, Sand and Sex
video movie 1987 The Boss
video movie 1987 The Bottom Line
movie 1987 The Long Ranger
movie 1987 Traci's Big Trick
video movie 1987 Tracy Who?
movie 1987 Wet Dreams 2001
video movie 1987 Wet Shots: The Best of Taija Rae Volume 2
movie 1986 10 1/2 Weeks
video movie 1986 Amberella: 'Agent of L.U.S.T.' as Dr. Goldpecker
movie 1986 Bad Girls IV as John
video movie 1986 Best of Collector's Video
movie 1986 Beverly Hills Cox as Car Mechanic
video movie 1986 Blazing Mattresses as Sex Toy Salesman
video movie 1986 Born to Run: The Careena Collins Story
video movie 1986 Cat Alley as Ralph Martin
movie 1986 Confessions of a Middle-Aged Nympho
video movie 1986 Debbie Duz Dishes as Kirby
movie 1986 Debbie Goes to College as Frat Boy
movie 1986 Despicable Dames
video movie 1986 Dirty Dreams
movie 1986 Double Heat
movie 1986 Famous Ta-Tas
video movie 1986 Getting L.A.'d
video movie 1986 Ginger's Greatest Boy/Girl Hits as Jerry
video movie 1986 Girl Toys as Gordy Daniels
video movie 1986 Honeymoon Harlots
video movie 1986 Hot Gun as Marine Pilot
movie 1986 Hot Nights and Hard Bodies as Jeff
movie 1986 Hot Rocks as Steven
movie 1986 I Wanna Be a Bad Girl as Bobby
movie 1986 In & Out
movie 1986 In and Out in Beverly Hills as Psychiatrist
movie 1986 In and Out of Africa
movie 1986 Irresistible II
video movie 1986 Joanna Storm on Fire as Jeff
video movie 1986 Just the Two of Us
movie 1986 Little American Maid
movie 1986 Living in a Wet Dream
video movie 1986 Lust at Sea
movie 1986 Mardi Gras as Airline Pilot
video movie 1986 Material Girl
movie 1986 Naughty Girls Like It Big
video movie 1986 Nudes at Eleven as Randy Goonie
video movie 1986 Nymphette
video movie 1986 Only the Best 1
movie 1986 Play Me Again Vanessa
movie 1986 Pleasure Maze
video movie 1986 Porn in the U.S.A. as 5-way Guy
movie 1986 Private Fantasies VI
video movie 1986 Rated Sex as Ken
video movie 1986 Rears as Bernie the Barfly
movie 1986 Red Hot Pepper
video movie 1986 Rockey X as Rockey
movie 1986 Scandals: Tracey Adams as Rick
video movie 1986 Sex F/X
movie 1986 Sex Life of a Porn Star
video movie 1986 Sexy as Larry
video movie 1986 She Loves... The Four-X Feeling
video movie 1986 St. X-Where
movie 1986 Star Angel as Luke Frame
video movie 1986 Sweat
movie 1986 Sweet Summer as Jerry
movie 1986 Taboo III as Jimmy Scott
movie 1986 The Brat as Mort
movie 1986 The Debutante
video movie 1986 The Ginger Effect as Brian
video movie 1986 The Girls on F Street as Ray
movie 1986 The Hot Box Invasion as Ken
movie 1986 The Many Shades of Amber
video movie 1986 This Stud's for You
movie 1986 Thrill of It
video movie 1986 Tounge Twisters
video movie 1986 Unnatural Phenomenon as Obnoxious party guest
movie 1986 Unnatural Phenomenon 2
video movie 1986 Visions of Jeannie as Ken
video movie 1986 W-PINK II as TV Show Host
movie 1986 Wild Nurses in Lust
video movie 1986 WPINK-tv 2
video movie 1985 A Night for Legends: First Annual XRCO Adult Film Awards
video movie 1985 A Taste of Cherry
video movie 1985 Adult 45 as Jerry
video movie 1985 Alien Lust
video movie 1985 Amber's Desires
movie 1985 Beverly Hills Exposed as Mike
movie 1985 Bootsie as Eddie Curran
movie 1985 Bordello: House of the Rising Sun as Cary
movie 1985 Can't Get Enough
video movie 1985 Christy Canyon
video movie 1985 Cream Puff
video movie 1985 Cumshot Revue 2
video movie 1985 D.O.D.: Dick of Death as James Blonde
movie 1985 Debbie Does Dallas III: [The Final Chapter] as Michael
movie 1985 Dial a Dick
movie 1985 Don't Tell Daddy
video movie 1985 Dr. Strange Sex as Nuclear Physicist
video movie 1985 Erotic Zone as Al
movie 1985 Evils of the Night as Eddie
video movie 1985 Flash Trance
video movie 1985 Glory
movie 1985 Late After Dark
video movie 1985 Legacy of Lust as Pete
movie 1985 Legs
movie 1985 Looking for Mr. Goodsex as Dan Ashley
movie 1985 Lucky in Love as Jason
movie 1985 Naked Scents as Joe Steed
video movie 1985 Older Men with Young Girls as Guy in Bar with Sunglasses
video movie 1985 One Night in Bangkok
movie 1985 Private Fantasies V as Jimmy
video movie 1985 Rock Hard as Phil
movie 1985 Rubdown
movie 1985 Satin Dolls
movie 1985 Shacking Up
movie 1985 Shauna: Every Man's Fantasy
movie 1985 She's So Fine! as Roger
movie 1985 Snake Eyes as Tom Blaine
video movie 1985 Star Gazers as Mike
movie 1985 Starved for Affection
movie 1985 Strange Bedfellows as Genius
movie 1985 Superstars of Porn 2
movie 1985 Swedish Erotica 61
movie 1985 Swedish Erotica 62
movie 1985 Taboo IV: The Younger Generation as Paul Scott
video movie 1985 The Animal in Me as Dr. Morgan
video movie 1985 The Initiation of Cynthia
movie 1985 The Sperminator as Grant or Brad
video movie 1985 Wet, Wild & Wicked
movie 1985 What Are Friends For?
movie 1985 What Bottoms Are For
video movie 1985 Whore of the Worlds as Orgy Guy
movie 1985 Women at Play as Wayne Dunbar
movie 1985 Xstasy
movie 1984 A Little Bit of... Hanky Panky as Rapist
video movie 1984 Bad Girls III as Drag Queen
movie 1984 Burlexxx as Doctor Coldfinger
movie 1984 Cummin' Alive
video movie 1984 Femme as Photographer
movie 1984 First Time at Cherry High as Snake
movie 1984 G-strings
movie 1984 Good Girls, Bad Girls as Mystery Man
movie 1984 Great Sexpectations as Young Stud
movie 1984 Hostage Girls
movie 1984 Jack 'n Jill 2 as Josh
movie 1984 Kinky Business as Vince Russell
movie 1984 Lady Lust
movie 1984 Maid in Manhattan as Rick Rawlings
video movie 1984 Momma's Boy as Brandon
movie 1984 Panty Raid as Peter
movie 1984 Passionate Lee
movie 1984 Pleasure Channel
movie 1984 Preppies as Dick Foster
video movie 1984 Pretty As You Feel
movie 1984 Pussycat Galore
movie 1984 Raw Talent as Eddie Czeropski
video movie 1984 Return to Alpha Blue as Griffin
movie 1984 Sex Spa U.S.A. as Joe Clinton
video movie 1984 Space Virgins as Kevin
movie 1984 Surrender in Paradise as Arthur
video movie 1984 The Best Little Whorehouse in San Francisco as Mr. Brown
movie 1984 The Pink Lagoon: A Sex Romp in Paradise as Arthur
movie 1984 The T & A Team as Jerry
movie 1984 Throat... 12 Years After as Kevin
movie 1984 Viva Vanessa
video movie 1984 Vixens in Heat
movie 1984 Wild in the Sheets
movie 1983 Flash Pants as Bill
movie 1983 Getting Lucky
movie 1983 Glitter as David Preston
movie 1983 In Love as Andy Whitman
movie 1983 Night Hunger as Billy
video movie 1983 Once Upon a Secretary as Steve
movie 1983 Piggy's as Horny High Schooler
movie 1983 Silk Satin Sex as Stranger at Party
movie 1983 Succulent
video movie 1983 Whose Fantasy Is This Anyway? as Guy in Second Fantasy
movie 1982 Basket Case as Casey Greeter #1
movie 1982 Blue Jeans as Tony
movie 1982 Double Pleasure
movie 1982 Oh Those Nurses! as Marine Corporal
movie 1981 Angel Buns as Angel Dick
movie 1981 Delicious as Henry
movie 1981 Little Darlin's as Mike
movie 1981 Manhattan Mistress as Ben
movie 1981 Pandora's Mirror as Muscle Man #2
movie 1981 Roommates as Eddie
movie 1981 Velvet High as Jimmy
movie 1980 Young, Wild and Wonderful
movie 1978 Woman in Love: A Story of Madame Bovary as Handy Andy

Jerry Butler on Youtube

Sweeping romantic (and sexy) melodrama from Chuck Vincent, stars Kelly Nichols and Jerry Butler. Really well made tear-jerker, and how about that theme ...

STEREO*. Jerry Butler sings the superb self-penned, "He Will Break Your Heart", from 1960. Better known as a Bobby Vee song in the UK.

Jerry Butler & Betty Everett - Let It Be Me.

Record: Vee-Jay 280 and Falcon 1013 and Abner 1013 ... Year: 1958.