Jerry Williams

Jerry Williams Filmography

movie 2014 Fluffy 1947 as Young Grandpa
movie 2013 Flying Saucers Over Fetishland as Bruce Strange
video movie 2013 Voices from the Forest as Caleb Morris
movie 2013 Dreams in the Witch House
video movie 2012 Fang Bang as God
movie 2011 Breakfast Impossible: Series One as Tranny Mom Dad
movie 2011 Cow Tippers from Outer Space as Eric
video movie 2011 Deadly Dares: Truth or Dare Part IV as Mad Hatter
movie 2011 Saucer Sex Peep Show as Spango
video movie 2010 Flying Saucer Sexodus as Glenn
movie 2010 Major Power and the Robot from Saturn as Major Power
movie 2010 Star Trek Alpha Strike as Corso
movie 2010 Steampunk as Bare Chested Stud
tv series 2010 Astro Space Hero as Commodore Corso
movie 2010 Monster Zappers
movie 2010 Queen of the Cursed World
movie 2010 Trouser Snake
movie 2010 Zombie Hombre
movie 2009 Saucer Sex from Beyond as Spango
video movie 2009 Soul Robbers from Outer Space as Agent Marks
movie 2009 Alien Conspiracy Murders
video movie 2009 Cornball Classics
movie 2007 Misadventures in Space
movie 2007 Zeppo: Sinners from Beyond the Moon!
video movie 2006 Dance with a Vampire as Cook
video movie 2006 Into the Woods as College Professor
video movie 2006 Murderer as Sexy man on street
video movie 2006 Purvos
video movie 2005 Zombie Planet 2: Adam's Revenge
video movie 2004 Zombie Planet

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An absolutely stunning debut at The Cellars, Eastney by young singer songwriter Jerry Williams from Portsmouth. Jerry captivated the audience with an outstan...